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Nintendo Pocket Football Club And Mario vs. Donkey Kong Boxed Retail Versions Available January 16 For Europe

Nintendo of Europe will be releasing boxed versions of Nintendo Pocket Football Club and a dual Mario vs. Donkey Kong pack at retail early next year. But there’s an odd catch with these two releases – though you’ll receive the physical box art, no game card is included. Instead consumers will find a download code inside the box which can then be redeemed on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Nintendo Pocket Football Club was launched for the 3DS back in April as an eShop-only download and came with a special discount for those who purchased the game within the first month of its launch. The dual pack for Mario vs. Donkey Kong offers up last year’s release Minis on the Move and Minis March Again! – a DSiWare title from 2009.

While many of us are, perhaps, scratching our heads over the boxed versions, it’s an interesting move from Nintendo in order to target those who wouldn’t necessarily buy digital games on the eShop. Both Nintendo Pocket Football Club and the combined Mario vs. Donkey Kong pack will be available to purchase at retail stores on January 16, 2015.

15 thoughts on “Nintendo Pocket Football Club And Mario vs. Donkey Kong Boxed Retail Versions Available January 16 For Europe”

  1. Eh? We can already buy download codes in UK shops, which is ridiculous enough. Now we’re getting a box to put them in?

    That’s just wasteful.

    1. It’s not really a waste, I think it’s a good move. Think about the people who DON’T own a 3DS.. I believe this is targeted towards them. We can access the eshop anytime, no problem, but what about the people who don’t own a 3DS?

      Also, football is BIG in the UK, the pocket football game might entice people into buying a 3DS.

      Finally, maybe some people just prefer buying download codes instead of using their debit card or buying a £10 eshop card where the remaining £1.30 would pretty much be redundant and can’t even get it refunded :)

      Broaden your perspectives people :)

      1. It’s all well and good saying it’s aimed people who don’t have a 3DS but they aren’t what you’d call system sellers.

        The only reason I can see to buy the game box is as a gift.

        That aside, I’ve seen posters in Game advertising eshop only titles and having the gift card shaped cards hanging next to it. So that really doesn’t make a difference.

        I just don’t see the point in having a box especially since it has “No game card in the box” written all over it.

  2. Oh gods… I feel bad for the people who buy this expecting a physical game card. This… I honestly don’t understand the point. The only reason I could honestly see is advertising the games. A LOT of people don’t bother with eShop exclusive games or their releases. This puts them on shelves where people can see them. Unfortunately, it is deceitful and I honestly think it’s a horrible idea.
    Ah well. I don’t need to worry until NoA starts with it. Good luck to those who buy it expecting a game card.

    1. And yes, I can see it specifically says that it is Download Code Only on the box. Doesn’t mean everyone will see it, and it doesn’t excuse the fact that it is clearly an attempt to sell digital downloads to people who want physical copies.

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