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Hyrule Warriors New Update And Twilight Princess DLC Available Now

Nintendo has released a new update for Hyrule Warriors, version 1.4.0, which increases the maximum warrior level to 150 and allows players to carry up to 999 of a single type of material. The latest patch also adds new mixtures to the Apothecary and new medals. In addition, users can now receive amiibo presents by touching an amiibo to the Wii U GamePad while on the title screen to get a random bonus. An amiibo can grant only one present a day, and up to five presents can be obtained by using five different amiibo.

The Twilight Princess pack has also been released, making it possible to play as Midna in her true form and use the Mirror of Twilight. Priced at $7.99, the DLC pack allows players to use the Copy Rod weapon when playing as Zelda. It also introduces a new Adventure Mode map and new costumes for Link and Zelda. Hyrule Warriors is available in stores and on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U.

57 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors New Update And Twilight Princess DLC Available Now”

        1. The adventure mode more than made up for the rather short story.
          I was hoping for more continuation to the story with these DLC’s, but so far it looks like its more than worth it to get the “season pass”.

    1. It is such a great game! I am not even playing Smash Bros or Bayonetta 1/2 because this game has me so hooked up! Very challenging.

    2. Yeah but look at how much they’ve given to this game so far! It actually makes more sense for Nintendo, because they don’t have the third party support to fill in the blanks

    3. Money milking can be said to be money milking if the testicales of the being who made the game was cut off in the 1960´s in the university of SanFransisco. If these rumours can be said to be true, it is true that using those testicales and seaman from them can be created world most talented/greatest fanboy fusing together with computer processing unit. That creation is codenamed “COMMANDER”.

    4. So let me get this right…New content that is purely zelda based, cheap price for dlc, and above all the fan girl/guy dream roster is milking this…..shi- I need to get out more often cause clearly you haven’t. Come back to use when you a little mmm Smarter.

    1. Umm, yeah…

      Please, do something with your life, or waste away: time is money (and bitches), so I guess its more of a personal preferance really…

      1. Yeah and people call me an asshole. If this guy likes being a loner for 175 hours than him be a loner. Your just a depressed broke down bitch who has no money and bitches.

      2. Ouch. I’m in college and very social with my friends. But I squeeze in video games because it’s my favorite hobby. And it’s the only game I played since it came out. Sorry that you’re an ignorant fuckboy.

  1. Ugh fucking why( this dlc came out pretty fast though) but why at a time like this??? Just let my friend barrow this game yesterday for 20 bucks. Now his broke ass gets to enjoy this and i don’t.

          1. Yeah I know just read it. Posted this while trying to playing Mario kart online at the same time. Was supposed to be your mom. But on well a fail it is.

      1. I see. Although it’s a shame that I can’t get this DLC even if I wanted to. I don’t know when I’ll have my Wii U connected to the internet.

  2. Whyyyy!!! Why 5 amiibo max each Day??? I got 11 already and I was sure that I could take advantage of them in Hyrule Warriors… Look like Nintendo dont want you to buy more than 5 of them :( I’m really sad. And dont do the same mistake I’ve made… Not starting with Link… Now I need to wait 24hour to get his new weapon!!!

  3. It says in the Nintendo Shop that I have purchased all the DLC, but The Twilight map and all that stuff isn’t showing up.. :/

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  6. Strange, I’ve half expected people to make Rule 34 of Postman Link on Pixiv and I saw nothing but funny pictures. But it’s only a matter of time until the yaoi fangirls (or the bara fanboys to a lesser extent) get their grubby hands working on it. *shudders*

  7. I feel sorry for the ones that foolishly bought one of the single DLC packs & suddenly decided they wanted to go ahead & get all of the packs because they now have to pay more money than those of us that got the season pass. Sure it’s only a few dollars saved but you never know when a few dollars might be needed for your next meal because you won’t get paid til the day after the day you are starving.

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