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TIME Lists Their Top 10 Games Of 2014

Influential news publication TIME has jumped the gun a little early and published their favourite games of 2014. As you would expect there’s a couple of Nintendo related titles on the list with the sublime Mario Kart 8 placed at number five and Shovel Knight at number eight. Here’s their top ten games of 2014.

10. Velocity 2X
9. Sunset Overdrive
8. Shovel Knight
7. Monument Valley
6. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
5. Mario Kart 8
4. Hearthstone
3. Dark Souls II
2. Alien: Isolation
1. 80 Days

100 thoughts on “TIME Lists Their Top 10 Games Of 2014”

          1. Its an iOS game NC, its more of an interactive story than a game, but it has a great story behind it, 1800’s steam punk background.

      1. Well velocity 2x is a free game I got on psn and a mediocre one too
        I played through 10 lvls in like 10 mins and it just wasn’t fun so to think that is a top game maybe for the causal gamer and Alien too compared to all the games this year isnt as great as the others. I actually haven’t heard anything special or great about alien at all so very surprising.

              1. Got confuzed between the both. So it happens. Ill buy u an ice cream so u can work on your jawjacking alley way back of the car routine.

        1. Because of the little information Aonuma shared,a 1 min trailer showing nothing….still i know it will be good :D.So man wanna play smash i got it yesterday and had some matches(lost all the times i m with 0 wins lol) but i m getting used to competive smash more.Also the guy i was playing with was a counter+grab maniac.

          1. Thats what they all say because they failed to recognize what a fucking “teaser” trailer is. lol Look at Uncharted 4. They didnt show shit either and for all we know, that scene of Drake awaking up on a shore at night could be a pre-rendered cutscene and not real time like the Zelda Wii U reveal.

        1. The game is on iPad, I’ve heard, but I have a normal Android tablet. So, doesn’t really help…

          I don’t really play on PC much anymore, only for multiplayer games with friends, like Payday etc.

    1. True. But seeing the games on this list makes me wonder they already know whats coming out around December and is not interested.

  1. 80 days was great, but not really that memorable imo. My list would be
    10. Destiny
    9. Wasteland 2
    8. Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea ep. 2
    7. Velocity 2X
    6. Dark Souls II
    5. Shadow of Mordor
    4. Smash Wii U
    3. Far Cry 4
    2. Bayonetta 2
    1. Dragon Age Inquisition

        1. Lmao when it loses i can already feel your butthurt. It’s gonna be hilarious to see your rants on “mainstream media” and “Nintendo haters”

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            You two should get a room, breed, and then create your hybrid child that would eclipse the dedication you two have my lightyears…

            -Codename: Shuhei Stranga-


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  2. COD should be on top! But.. Assassin’s Creed is sooo good too! Why aren’t those games in the list???!!! I can’t trust this! There’s not Watch Dogs either!

  3. i see dark souls 2 and I think nice one but then i learn that the top spot is an i phone game…. sigh. (I bet there are some decent ones out there and I am about to look up this 80 days game after this comment )

  4. Clearly Microsoft paid to get a mention of one of their games on their. infamouse: rip off overdrive is ok I guess but game of the year ? No Bayonetta ? An iPhone game #1 ? Whack list but what you expect from casual and mainstream gaming ?

    1. SSO isn’t an inFamous ripoff idiot. And if you didn’t know by now there are actually games on the iPhone that aren’t casual?? Seems like you’re just too salty over Bayo not being top.

      1. Don’t bother bruh. I love nintendo as much as the next guy, but the folks on here are just bitter irrational fanboys who act just as bad as xbox and ps fans on ign. they fail to realize that this is just others opinion..nothing to be taken seriously about.

  5. It’s articsls like this that screw with people who are out of the know.. They think this is definitive therefore going out and buying stuff on this list… Missing out on other great (better) games. Have no problem with some of these choices but there are just better games than some of these. Matter of opinion I guess

  6. No Bayonetta 2 or Smash Bros.? Microsoft must have paid TIME to put as less Wii U exclusives as much as possible.

  7. All trash games beside MK8. People just accept this crap cause they are so easy to beat. And because most peoe suck at games they beat one easy crap game and pretend it’s good. Only cause they have not the skill to beat an actual difficult and engaging game

  8. Mario Kart 8 is definitely one of my favorite games. It’s a LOT better than 7 imo. I know people complain about the roster, but it’s great to me. I like most of the baby characters and the new characters and I just love how beautiful each course looks. My only issue is that coin. It shouldn’t be an item, really. It pops up way too much. Other than that though, it’s amazing. :)

  9. 10. Super Smash Bros for 3DS
    09. Mario Kart 8
    08. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
    07. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (before Ubishit pissed me off with the last fucking straw known as Watch Dogshit!)
    06. Pokemon X
    05. Pokemon Y
    04. Bayonetta
    03. Pokemon Omega Ruby
    02. Bayonetta 2
    01. Hyrule Warriors

    This is my list & I’m sticking to it!

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