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Bravely Second Demo Set To Arrive In Japan On December 10

Square Enix has unveiled a new Bravely Second demo will be hitting the Japanese eShop next week. Due to arrive on December 10, the demo will be an original standalone story and feature The Three Musketeers as introduced in the Tokyo Game Show trailer earlier this year. As was the case with the Bravely Default demo, which hit the western 3DS eShop last year, those who download the special episode will be able to carry over some items into the final game. Music from Supercell’s Ryo will also feature briefly in the demo, along with some voiced characters.

Square Enix has yet to announce whether the game will hop on over to the west, but with how well Bravely Default was received we can only hope we receive confirmation of a date soon. Bravely Second will release for Japan this winter.

9 thoughts on “Bravely Second Demo Set To Arrive In Japan On December 10”

  1. I can’t believe I forgot about this…..hopefully the success of the first game will prompt a quicker import….i don’t think I can wait 2 years for the second one….

  2. time to dust off my Japanese “[region free] 3ds” the first game was awesome! (yes i’m being serious i actually have a region free system)

  3. The game is amazing, but I didn’t like the demo. The demo does not do a good job representing the game. The demo is all fetch quests, when in the real game there is not one fetch quest. It can throw some people off..

    1. Thankfully the demo actually made me want to get the game as I was going to skip it entirely. I love how they did the New Game Plus feature. A damn shame Xenoblade Chronicles’s New Game Plus didn’t work the same way.

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  5. I hope I don’t have to wait long for the sequel. Luckily, I didn’t become a fan of the first game til it was close to finally releasing so I was able to avoid the long ass wait everyone else outside of Japan had to deal with.

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