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Smash Bros Error Code Could Potentially Brick The Wii U

It has come to my attention that certain people have been receiving error code 160-0103 on Super Smash Bros Wii U. This particular error seems to come about when users decide to quit an online match. The error code appears and says there’s a problem with system memory. Users have tried to discover what’s wrong with the system memory and have gone about deleting game data, but this makes no difference. Some people have already said that they may need to format their Wii U or send it to Nintendo customer for repair. However, it does seem as though this could be fixed with a simple game update.

“I was playing For Glory mode yesterday morning then I was in a mode with a horrible amount of lag (I’m talking 2fps here) So, I did the unthinkable and quit the match. I tried to enter another match and it says “wait 10 minutes”, so I got offline and started playing challenge mode. I turn the game off for about 6 hours.”

“I turn the game on, I go through all the menus fine. I start a local Multiplayer match make to screen selection and BAM! I’m hit with this error code it say there is a problem with the system memory.
So, I try some other games and they work fine. Then I try deleting my Smash Bros.’s data. The save data and Shared data are erased easily, but with I try deleting the Update Data I get a similar error about system memory.”

“This location in my Wii U memory has problem reading the update data. So I know that the next option is to either format my Wii U or send it in for repairs neither is an optimal solution.”

Thanks, Enjoi05 and Ivan

158 thoughts on “Smash Bros Error Code Could Potentially Brick The Wii U”

      1. Ok, why are you here then? If you think the console was terrible since launch, there’s no reason for you to be around here, unless you actually like the console.

          1. Ok, I can understand and respect your opinion. Still, I would disagree, because in my opinion, the Wii U has many good games now, and call me easy to please perhaps, but I found the gamepad innovative even with Nintendo Land.

      1. Step 1: Close the application, install the latest system software and game update, and restart the system.

        Step 2: If a PS Camera is connected to the system, remove it and reboot the system, then go to [Settings] > [User] > [Login Settings] and turn “Enable Face Recognition” OFF.

        Step 3: If you have upgraded the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) in your console, please re-install the original HDD.

        Step 4: If the error occurs again, back up your saved data, and then go to [Settings] > [Initialization] and choose [Initialize PS4].

        Step 5: If the error continues and occurs with every application, or as soon as the application starts, please contact PlayStation Support.

        1. Yea none of those are a permanent solution. I’ve had to have my PS4 replaced twice because that error eventually bricks the system.

          Haven’t had to have my Wii U replace at all.

          1. Step 4: If the error occurs again, back up your saved data, and then go to [Settings] > [Initialization] and choose [Initialize PS4].

    1. And how is a “game” update determine a hardware’s failure? This shit happens all the time on PC so what’s the difference? Bad software can damage other software and hardware, no matter how good or bad you fool.

    1. Iwata… you have been marked as the wild beast of prophetic relics.. You will be dismantled into a shell of your former self though one may argue you are already a shell of ones self. Ravaged by illness this Nintendo messiah, the leper king if you will, has brought to ruin what was once a land flowing with milk and honey. Beautiful it once was to the eyes of all. Now Nintendo has been brought to wasteland of casual nonsense and the holy ghost of what was once third party support. Sasori urges you you to repend of your sins for the Federations sake. You may therefore partake in the generous offering of Selina Ruiz…

  1. I did the same thing (quit due to horrible lag) and didn’t get an error… Though having to wait ten minutes sucks ass

    1. And this proves that the online isn’t almighty like how some fanboys think it is. They say “online isn’t broken”, “there is no lag” blah blah. There is lag for many people out there. Just like how there is lag on the 3ds, on a sony console and a microsoft console.

      1. Lag in fighting games is very common, in other games they tend to have servers that find people and try to host the event online. smash all depends on all people’s connection, the 3ds does not have great online with some games, the wii u tends to have strong connection with the internet as do most online consoles

      2. It’s pointess to play it online. The Nintendo Network is fucking awful. Nintendo has no clue what they are doing when it comes to online gaming.

        1. at leats im not paying like some people coughcoughMICROSOFTcoughcough or getting hacked for my credit card info almost every two months sony

          1. The first, last, and only time that we’ve happened was in the Great Hack of 2009.

            Trust me, anything and everything can be hacked, if the hackers care enough about a specific something

          1. PSN? Oh I know about it very perfectly..back in 2011 when it suffered a terrible hack attack because Sony had to be so fucking stupid to not update its security and firewall since its introduction…in 2007…

            Yeah I got two free games for the trouble but still hasn’t washed away that nasty memory and history is repeating itself again on PS4 but this time you waste $50 for another 1-2 month PSN shut down to happen.

  2. Don’t quit online matches until a solution has been found. Just wait it out or throw yourself out of the arena to end the match sooner.

    1. Throwing yourself out gives you a ban… (or can). I understand the lag problem, but I think it’s best to play out that match and drop the opponent for a new one.

  3. People have to realize that nintendo basically has you locked like if they’re your parents. Not only with smash and there rules online but also on miiverse. They have so many things that aren’t fixed that could potentially make you lose everything you worked hard for with a game and even the system. It’s crazy.

    1. All company have there guidelines, even sony and micro. Not going to lie wish Nintendo would make account system. Miiverse isn’t a big deal with its rules people say stupid things. Right now smash is only game that’s affected by this a patch will come to fix the error

  4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Only the civilian garbage will be affected as they are the weak within the empire that cnanot fight to the end…

  5. I never experienced any problem of this kind when quiting an online match. The only problem is that you have to wait 10 minutes before playing online again. This may have something to do with either a specific game update or a specific console update

    1. its not just Nintendo fans its crap tons of people sony, Nintendo, pc, and micro, the game was complete glitched up crap

            1. after rayman I pretty much didn’t much follow ubisoft any more, and after crap like unity, watch dogs, and the crew( which I;m pretty sure is not going to be any good) I don’t buy into them anymore. Bloodborn, 1886, MKX, scalebound, spaltoon, ect will keep me happy

      1. And when it happens to Nintendo, the world fucking explodes. When it happened to Halo, Batman, AC, Call of Duty, Destiny and few others, oh everyone stays quiet and says it’s okay because…reasons.

        1. A, they have all been fixed.
          B, people weren’t quiet about it.
          C, Those bugs didn’t kill your $200+ console.

          Keep trying, kid.

          1. A. No shit because Nintendo is quick to fix issues unlike Sony letting a firewall-less PSN get hack raped in the ass multiple times

            B. Again, no shit.

            C. Of course it didn’t but the PSN hacks surely killed your personal information off to those jackasses to use for identity theft and frauds…

            Keep trying loser. PSN sucks in security and should’ve stayed free for that matter. $50 for another server shut ass.

    2. This is nothing like AC which is worse. It’s plagued on launch day while Smash Bros. got a glitch from an update. Hell, Arkham Origins is a lot worse. Not only the problem was never fixed on time but WB decided to do the DLC first, exposing their greedy priorities.

  6. so why is 1 major glitch with nintendo all any1 talks about and yet the millions of glitches with sony and 3rd party companies pass by is it cuz those are the ones expected so people accept that sony and 3rd parties produce low quality software so its ok? resident evil revelations bricked my brother’s ps3. the last of us destroyed my ps3 hard drive i had to replace it to fix my system. why dont any1 mention those glitches? i for 1 accept that glitches are just part of gaming why does nintendo have to be perfect when others are far from perfect they will fix the problem soon. i will still remain a fan and customer people blow things out of proportion its pathetic at times guess im just forgiving of mistakes they happen.

      1. well i get that bust still seems more like troll bait to fuel the flames of the pathetic console wars. personally i think nintendo is allowed to make mistakes like any1 else and people are blowing this out of proportion its very few that have even experienced the glitch u could count them on your fingers.

        1. Well everyone has to realize that every game company isn’t perfect. All companies has done things wrong and are still doing things wrong (some more than others). Ubisoft is doing many things wrong along with EA, activision etc. Nintendo has it’s flaws same with sony and microsoft. Click bait or not it’s still a problem with Nintendo just like how other sites are reporting the Unity issue. Just like how in a few hours ign with cover these stories… Maybe one than the other. It’s just that game companies do wrong things. They think they’re doing something right yet they aren’t. You can defend them and say this is a click bait but if it doesnt get noted and a new person figures it out and tries to look online for the potential answer, he won’t be able to see that others have experienced the same issue. Thus bringing him to be upset with nintendo and potentially giving up and selling the wii u for another console. Finding flaws in companies to me is a plus because it can show what you’re dealing with ahead of time before picking up their product.

          1. i do agree i accept that no company is perfect every1 has flaws. but i accept them and still like them i grew upto nintendo and still enjoy curling up to a good zelda game. the difference between a fan and a fanboy is that a fan will point out and accept the flaws of a company and move on and not dwell on them where as a fanboy will will defend all the flaws and glitches to the bitter end and try to come up with excuses to explain them. personally if a game is good i dont care what system its for i will play it and enjoy it. i still enjoy nintendo’s games to this day and im in my 30’s. i dont need bloody gun shooting games to feel adult give me a fun difficult platformer any day like tropical freeze and im happy with it

      1. i have no idea what cuased it but i kept getting some error code and no games would boot up so i called sony and they said it sounded like corrupted firmware and i said but i havnt updated firmware for like 3 months the only thing i updated was the last of us then thats when the issue happened. so they told me step by step how to replace the hard drive and it did fix the problem but i sold the last of us after i wasnt risking a repeat performance.

    1. That’s because the Wiitarded whiteknights shits talk the unfinished/broken/glitchfested games that everyone else releases but hold Nintendo on a pedestal because they supposedly release Finish/Complete/glitch less games.

      Blame our community for that.

        1. It might be in the console but the software is what activates it. I’ve never gotten error codes for quiting Mario Kart, why smash? Plus the 3DS smash, as shuhei mention also has bugs.

    2. Yup. Noticed when PS4 was bricked upon arrival that negative news lasted 2 days. Yet if the Wii U bricked at launched it would had lasted months. Sony can get away with bricks and gliched system. The media will make excuses for them.

  7. Problem with system memory is likely talking about what’s in the RAM at the point in time, not storage memory like the SSD or HDD so deleting data from the system is probably a waste of time

        1. Yes he did on a previous article SCKr brought up. He was getting his ass whipped. Then later he said smash was boring. That was about 12 hours 35min and 17 seconds ago.

  8. Lol this is nothing new to me. I’ve been seeing that system memory error for like 3 months. My Wii U has so many issues. It’s definitely in need of a repair. :P
    Seriously though, Nintendo needs to fix that. That’s a very bad thing to run into…

  9. I never quit matches no matter how laggy they are, because I know it will bite me in the butt later.

    There should be an option to report laggy matches, so you can quit matches, but keep your record clean.

  10. all he has to do is back up his save files and reformat his system. as long as he registered his system…he should be good. if not, he needs to register is system. i love how people are using this opportunity to talk shit about the wii u, funny because this is a RARE occurrence. But with other systems, shit is a common occurrence, especially if your system has a hdd in it.

    1. You can’t back up save files from Wii U unless you’re going to shell out big bucks for an external hard drive, the Wii U doesn’t allow you to save data on SD cards or regular USB drives.

      1. “Big bucks for an external hard drive”…..hardly. A 1TB external hard drive goes for the price of a brand new game.

      2. You can get external hard drives for like $50. Its old tech and they keep getting cheaper. SSDs are what’s expensive these days.

  11. America has shitty internet. There’s the lag problem. Capitalism at it finest. I’ve played SSB Wii U nonstop for about two weeks and not one problem. I am always skeptical of shit like this being a hit piece to shit on Nintendo. A couple glitched games and the sky is falling.

    1. If Ubisoft or EA have glitches its alright. Let it be Nintendo then its another story that will last for months.

  12. LMFAO Nintendo are the biggest joke of all time!This just proves that Smash was RUSHED just like every other Wii U first party game!
    Wii U is dead,Zelda,X,Star Fox will NOT save the Gimmick U so why are Nintendo still making games for it?

    1. Nintendo was here before shitstation and cockbox and will be here after. Cockbox can’t give there shit away. Shitstation has nothing but remakes and overrated graphics. Little Big Planet 3 graphics are a joke! Nintendo and PC for real gamers.

      1. Wow suddenly Nintendo fans become graphics whores after talking shit about PS/Xbox’s power for so long. So hypocritical

          1. Look, the LBP 3 has a style of its own, imo it’s already reached its maximum graphics. What more do you want?

  13. Xbox Live was hacked hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah shitty company ms isnt video games just trash


    Hahahahahah. Hahah hahaha

    Hahajaja hahah hhh hh aa hahahahah

  14. What a surprise, Sakurai’s lazy games are full of game- and conosle-breaking bugs and glitches.
    Getting all of these confirmations of what I’ve been telling you people and that you all got so bitchy over is so delicious, I can’t help but gloat on the fact that I saw this shit coming from a mile.

  15. I got the same error when trying to start the game, so I can’t even play. I can delete my save and the update, but not the game.
    System up to date.

    I wrote Nintendo, three days ago, no answer yet.

  16. I remember early this year, my Wii U would act up on me.

    Whenever I tried to turn on the power, the red light would consistently flash without turning blue. The problem made me do everything in my power to fix it outside of striking my console or sending it to repairs. It would occur about 33% of the time, and no AC Adapter change, reset, or internal battery switch would change anything.

    And then after a system update, the problem COMPLETELY disappeared.

    Luckily for me, I didn’t ship it out to Nintendo to get it repaired. My guess is that my Wii U simply had some sort of software instability, something that a future update most likely cleans up.

  17. My Wii U has already frozen twice, once in Lego City Undercover while I was scaling the red bridge for a challenge and once in The Wonderful 101 when I was fighting the final boss.

  18. I’m getting tired of this gen everything is so fucked. Next year we had better have finished games from both First and Third party developers because this is getting ridiculous, everything is rush and unfinished, I am done pre-ordering games I’ll just buy these games at launch my god.

  19. I rarely get horrible lag when playing online. Maybe 3 really bad games since it released. Other then that its been a rompin stompin good time for me!

  20. hey heres an easy fix DONT PLAY ONLINE TILL ITS FIXED plus for all you guys saying nintendo online sucks WELL AT LEAST ITS FREE AND AT LEAST OUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION ISNT CONSTANTLY BEING STOLEN has happened to microsoft and sony respectively so at least nintendo is proven safe all THANKS TO THE EXTRA STEP OF THE NINTENDO NETWORK ID


    It’s already confirmed that SM4SH is not causing the issue since other games have caused it as well. It’s been dated since November 2012 that this error has existed. It just happened to really REALLY few people.

    Grow up, just like Xbox and PS, Nintendo also has a few faulty consoles in between the 7 million+ it has sold so far since launch. It wasn’t acknowledged until literally yesterday because everyone wants SM4SH to fail so badly when it’s not even it’s fault. Nintendo has to address this formally yes I agree and I hope it gets resolved. But we don’t know how many people are experiencing it truthfully. So don’t point fingers at the game because most people who own this game have been playing it without issues.

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