Julie from Nintendo has taken to Miiverse to announce that the company is investigating 160-0103 and 160-1710 error codes. The error was previously thought to be related to the recently released Super Smash Bros on the Wii U. However, it has turned out that it’s a hardware related problem. Hopefully a patch is in the works.

A small percentage of consumers playing Wii U may experience error codes (160-0103 and 160-1710) that could affect the ability of the system to function properly. We are investigating this issue now. Until the solution is available, anyone that experiences these error codes can call the Nintendo contact center at 1-800-255-3700 for help and repair.

Thanks, Michelle and Hopa



    • yah … but why does My Nintendo News quote them as saying “However, it has turned out that it’s a hardware related problem.”

      ummm… you can’t patch hardware. a patch would solve a software related problem.


      • You have heard of firmware, right? It’s software that handles the hardware. I think what they mean by a hardware problem is it’s the software on the hardware that forms the programming of the console as a system. That’s what would cause the error. Firmware I think affects the part of the software that directly deals with the system’s programming, like the functionality of the console in the form of the system scripts. It’s not literally hardware.


    • What if it’s the lizard squad? They went after Sony and Microsoft but that’s if it’s the same problem. Probably problems with the programming between game and system.


      • It doesn`T have anything to do with hacks.

        It must have something to do with that special arm-cpu cores which are used for OS. The ARM-cpu controls everything. Without that Arm, the PowerPC-cores would simply be useless.

        So that means, if one Arm-core fails or doesn`T get the right data (arm is known for such problems sadly)- the data cannot be FEEDED to the PowerPC-cpu, which drive the games. And that may lead to corrupt memory/destroying of the filesystem.


  1. “We are investigating this Error code, please be patient” “We are investigating gaming market, please understand” “We are investigating our relations with 3rd parties, please understand” etc.

    And Nintendo fanboys will always find excuses like:

    “Well its good the game got released early, so i understand they didnt investigate all the errors, bugs and glitches, besides Ms is anticonsumer and Sony is Nintendo wannabe they are worse! URHG!”

    “Gaming market has been brainwashed by gaming media to take down Nintendo to 3rd party developer because……..because they hate Nintendo and how they are a perfect genius company that does good and brings peace to our world!Urhg”

    “3rd parties have allied against Nintendo because, Mario is better than……than COD even though they are from different genres and….people should only play like one game on their expensive system and Mario is that title and no place for other games! We dont need AAA crap, atleast we have NSMB series URHG!”


  2. It’s stupid people are trying to say this has always been happening and its just became a big deal because more people are playing because of smash. I’ve used Wii u almost daily since March and this happened to me yesterday


  3. I would like to know WTF did these morons get the notion that we Nintendo fanboys act like they do on their own 3rd rate party games when it has the same problems but unlike ours, THEIRS is intentional.

    I’m not condoning their mistakes one bit because no matter what or how we see it, it’s serious. But I can also trust Nintendo on resolving that matter because, at least, they do care for consumer satisfactions and work on a solution to fix their issues.

    What does the 3rd rate parties do? They see the games are incomplete but launch it broken anyway and then let those people who stupidly acknowledged but also wasted their weeks to months of time and their money on a faulty product to be fixed only to learn that it’s gonna keep repeating itself on future so called “AAA games” which does the “rinse and repeat” BS on realism and shooter genre endlessly and never test their damn game before releasing them. As for patching those problems, they take their damn sweet time to that but only after releasing some BS DLC that should’ve been in a fully priced game on day one.

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  4. I feel like I’ve been lucky with this issue. I’ve owned a Wii U since launch, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U since the day after it released, and I haven’t yet experienced the issue. I save everything to my hard drive, rather than the console’s memory, and I haven’t played the game online at all. Sounds like this is only a problem with rage-quitters and anyone with corrupted data.


    • The issue has nothing to do with smash. Are you seriously that scared to play the game because of these errors that people run into because they corrupted their save files? That’s what one of the errors is caused by. As long as you back out to the title screen you should be good and have no errors that appear.


      • What? Are you suggesting to me a fix for the aforementioned errors I stated? Or are you talking about the errors-which do not concern me – mentioned in the MNN post?


  5. i just bough smash for wii u, also for 3ds, should arrive within a week and by then this would be resolved. at least this problem seem to affect rage-quitters or in rare cases, someone with shitty internet that timed out (well its not so rare but it tends to happen a few times). good to see nintendo on the case and im not even sure if this was caused by smash, maybe its the console itself?


  6. Wow. I’m suddenly glad Sakurai has pissed me off with tons of things I wanted for Smash that aren’t there & decided to hold off on Super Smash Brothers 4 Wii U.


    • Cuz I would end up extremely fucking pissed if I had this error & my entire Wii U bricked up. Unless Nintendo is going to give me a full refund for every single thing I downloaded onto it or bring out a universal account system that allows us to use a cloud like system to get all of my shit back in the next month, I would be so fucking pissed. I had to deal with bullshit like that for the Wii, TWICE, and I don’t want to deal with it again. In fact, it would have given me a reason to get the PS4 sooner rather than later til the universal system came out.


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