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Walmart Apparently Lists Paper Mario For Wii U

A new Paper Mario should hopefully be coming to one Nintendo system or another eventually. Interestingly Walmart has now started listing the game for the Wii U. Sadly it appears to be a pretty basic listing with no concrete information and juicy details and it now appears to be removed. I’m not entirely sure how accurate they are for leaks, but this should keep Paper Mario fans happy.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

63 thoughts on “Walmart Apparently Lists Paper Mario For Wii U”

  1. Paper Mario is one of my favorite series. I REALLY hope this one (or whichever one they hopefully make for Wii U) is more like TTYD/PM64. TTYD is one of the greatest RPG’s period.

    1. Yes I agree with you, I enjoyed all the games. Sticker star and the wii version were fun and okay, but they never had the same charm as the 64 and TTYD did. TTYD is my absolute favorite, everything about it was really fun. I just hope they go back to those roots when making the next one. :)

    2. I completely agree! I did not like super paper Mario or sticker star very much but the first two are my favourite games off all time.

  2. It’s going to come to the WiiU eventually, no doubt. I just hope it will be more like the N64 or GC one with RPG elements and an entertaining story. I wasn’t too happy with the Wii and 3DS Paper Mario games, honestly.

    1. Eh, I actually preferred the Super Paper Mario *holds up flame shield*

      But I’m perfectly fine with a classic Paper Mario game! I hope they release the original 2 for a Wii U VC too :D

  3. Intelligent systems already confirmed they’re working on a wii u game besides fire emblem x shin megami tensei, so hopefully it’s this! They’ve had a paper mario on every home console since n64 so, who knows!

  4. Seeing as paper mario wii was par mediocre and Paper Mario 3DS was one of the the worst games in the entire Mario series, I don’t even give a crap to be honest, even if it is true, I wont be buying it…..

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  7. If it’s not like 64 or TTYD then no buy from me. Super Paper Mario was ok but barely a paper mario game at all and Sticker Star was a trainwreck. I don’t understand why Nintendo can’t just give us another game like the first two, the always have to try and innovate and shit and its annoying.

      1. Not to mention boring level design, annoying characters, lack of humor, and Kersti being even more annoying than ten Navi’s put together.

        1. Past paper Mario games had great humour, some of the best Mario plots, solid RPG gameplay (or in Super Paper Mario’s case platforming), and brought some great innovations to the Mario series. This one didn’t have any of that

  8. At this point, it needs to be better than Sticker Star since that game was as repulsive as Yoshi’s New Island. Hell, please bring pack the interesting party members and the great storytelling why don’t you, Intelligent Systems!

  9. YES!!! YES!!!
    Please be an actual RPG, like the first 2 games. I seriously hope that, if this game exists, it is based off the first 2 games. TTYD was good! Bowser’s Inside Story was good! Why did they have to change the whole turn based/ rpg elements of the last two paper mario games?
    Because, I honestly can’t handle anymore let-downs.

  10. I don’t get why people hated the third game, honestly. Once you got past the ‘It’s different from the first two’ fact, it had the same fabulous humor, interesting characters, and diversity of gameplay that the first two had. Sticker Star, I can understand; that game was a train wreck, and it had me worried that it would sell so abysmally that it’d end the series. This, though, gives me hope for the future :D As long as it isn’t like Sticker Star, I’ll be happy.

    1. Boring pixel triangle and square shape characters boring dull levels with almost no color the humor was ok but everything else was pretty boring every character and level from start to finish

  11. TTYD seriously needs a proper sequel. Don’t get me wrong, SPM was still great, but I personally prefer PM64/TTYD’s gameplay over the Wii iteration. Cross your dang ass fingers and hope this news is true!

  12. I wonder if I should get my hopes up for this being in the vein of Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door. If I do that, and it turns out to be another experiment like Super Paper Mario, the thing won’t stand a chance.

  13. Oh there for sure going to make one for the Wii U I called nintendo and said can you make a paper mario game for the Wii U similar to the first 2 and they said they’ll do it! If Some of u don’t believe me call nintendo press 0 and say exactly what I said for the Hope of Paper Mario U

  14. I hope its like the first three. Unlike some I actually loved Super Paper Mario and its actually my fav in the series (dat amazing story tho) but yeah, Sticker Star can go **** itself. This is great news if true though!

    1. I would rank SPM below the first 2, but you’re right that it’s still a very fun game.

      Sticker Star….that game can go screw itself. Biggest disappointment I’ve ever seen from Intelligent Systems.

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      1. I seriously doubt it. Mario is getting very old and Nintendo isn’t helping by making so many damn Mario games.

        1. Considering that any game with Mario’s face on it continues to sell well, I doubt it. If he wasn’t selling, Nintendo wouldn’t make so many.

  16. Hope that maybe it could be hinting at a wii u game. I mean i know that eventually there’s going to be one in the future. The first two were great, the 3rd was good, and to be honest I liked Sticker Star. Its not as good as the others but for a handheld system I thought it was alright. Its not worth all the hate its getting.

  17. Super paper mario wasn’t terrible, but I missed the goofiness of the partners, yes, you got the pixels, but they wernt partners who you could grow a bond to. As for sticker star, I won’t give it too much hate. The lack of partners, need for “ammunition” in the form of stickers and a lack of a leveling system pulled away from tradition, but as one might say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If a paper mario game does, in fact, release for the wii U, I would suspect that it will hold elements from all 4 previous, but it’s nintendo, and they’ll always twist the game to something that most will enjoy, but no matter what, you can’t please everyone. There hasn’t been a bad paper mario game yet, just games that appealed to different style gamers. Not hype till an official announcement, but I’ll keep my eyes open and ears perked

  18. OH GOD!!! OH GOOOOOOD!!!
    Please be like the old RPG Paper Mario games, the ones with turn-based combats and that stood up like masterpieces of their genre, pleaaaase!

  19. With Paper Mario coming back to consoles (hopefully), I hope for a great experience, and one that makes me forget that loathsome 3DS game.

  20. I played Paper Mario on Wii and loved it. I don’t understand people’s problem with it, unless they just went in with the wrong expectations.

  21. it better have partners that participate and attack in battles like the first 2 paper mario games, turn based combat, experience points, badges, the final boss should not be bowser, have audience mechanics like pmttyd, u can switch your partner in front or behind u, switch between storys of mario and partners, peach, bowser or other characters there going to do in this game and be stickerless i loved pmttyd and pm 64

  22. I agree bowser should not be the final boss, he was the final boss in sticker star and dream team, but mario rpgs should have unique final bosses. btw i hate sticker star

  23. Oh I wish it was the Super Paper Mario, I don’t understand why people are bitching about it! It was a change for the platformer Genre and also the story and Nerr2Babe program it was amazing! should include all bosses like Shadow Queen and Count Bleck.

  24. Yes, the gameplay wasn’t as intuitive as Paper Mario or Thousand Year Door, but y’all are lying if you say the story — the beautiful f*cking story — wasn’t excellent in Super Paper Mario. Sticker Star isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be either, but it didn’t quite satisfy me as much as the first three. There were a lot of good ideas during the pre-release stage of Sticker Star that did not make it in the finalized version.

    Assuming a new Paper Mario title is really going to happen, I’d really enjoy a combination of gameplay styles from all four games. More importantly, however, please no Bowser as the main villain! A new story, new characters and new settings would make me die a happy man.

  25. I honestly prefer super paper mario because it did something new and did it very well using the wii remote to its fullest by using pixels and items with motion control required

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