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Happy Birthday, Satoru Iwata

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is celebrating his 55th Birthday today so I’d like to take some time out to wish him a very Happy Birthday. There’s been a few that have been disappointed at some of Satoru Iwata’s decisions, but there’s no doubt that he’s done a great job at delivering high quality AAA titles. Both Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros are two of the highest rated games this year so he’s clearly doing something right. Happy Birthday, Satoru Iwata!

213 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Satoru Iwata”

      1. Hello? Galaxy used the same gameplay setup as 64 and 64’s open world isn’t that vastly huge. Now, imagine Galaxy 3 taking 64’s open world concept and expand it in HD with huge potential and content, it’ll overshadow what made 64 brilliant with Galaxy’s own beautiful sense of brilliance itself along with planetoids and anti-gravity mechanic to play around with.

          1. Like what? Galaxy needs a closure and I’m sure that if they’re working on the final game, they’ll make it bigger and better for the sake of utiliIng HD at its fullest potential with a few new ideas and nostalgic throwbacks. Galaxy 2 was like an add on of the first game or what Galaxy 1 should’ve had like Yoshi and I get why you don’t want another game. But its too beautiful and boundless to just bury it in the sand without having one last go with the third offering. I’m all open for either Galaxy 3 or Sunshine 2 (hopefully Sunshine 2 with get it right this time) but then again if its Sunshine 2, you will still say its too familiar to the original game thus starting the whole “repetitiveness” BS all over again with another game. lol

            1. I’ve never played Sunshine before. :P I enjoyed Galaxy. But there were a couple of things I didn’t like. I kind of like the anti gravity thing. And the power ups were really great. I enjoyed the Good Egg Galaxy, Beach Bowl Galaxy, Ghostly Galaxy, Toy Time Galaxy, The Honeyhive Galaxy and my personal favorite, Gusty Garden Galaxy. I didn’t like most of the other levels. Especially The Freezeflame and Bouy Base. And I definitely didn’t like the final battle with Bowser. The actual level getting to him was more of a challenge than he was. I liked 3D World way more than Galaxy. I enjoyed like 90% of the levels and the multiplayer is just so much fun. Galaxy is great but it just didn’t like most of its levels. I found myself wanting to get out of some of those levels rather than playing them tbh. Lol. I haven’t played Galaxy 2. But from what I can tell, it looks better than Galaxy. And I’ll get around to it eventually.

              1. Excuse me but you don’t like Bouy Base? I happen to like that level and it’s the only level with one of the best soundtracks of the game. It’s upbeat and epic tune drives me to play this level to the end and I enjoyed it because of the music. ^_^ Freezeflame is a mixed bag for me but I love the skating part of it. :)

                1. Actually, I think I might be confusing Bouy Base with another level I hated. Lol. I don’t really remember everything cause I haven’t played it in so long.

                    1. Oh. Well, that was alright. But Gusty Garden and Toy Time Galaxy is where it’s at. Lol. Spring Mario ftw.

                      1. I dont like the Spring Mario power up for two reasons: 1. Its a pain in the ass to control and 2. That power up is exclusive for Wario and only works with Wario. lol

                        1. Yeah, it is a pain to control. But I just like how you can bounce. Lol. My favorite power up is probably the red star that you use while in the observatory. I wish you could use it in some levels but I suppose it would be cheating. I hope they bring back some of these awesome power ups in the next game. :D

                            1. Oh… Well. I guess I do want another Galaxy. XD BUT. I hope it’s perfect. I hope almost every level is as good as Gusty Garden Galaxy. And I hope it’s not just the same thing as the first game. :|

                              1. You forget, this is Nintendo. They usually deliver their best and manage to wow and surprise us. :) Galaxy sure did in its time and still does now. Galaxy 3 in glorious HD with boundless potential will be incredible. It might overshadow the next Zelda’s level of massive epic open world and gameplay. :3

                                    1. I was referring to the fact that you said Mario Galaxy 3 will overshadow Zelda U. What did you think I meant?

                                1. It’s not about challenge. It’s just that I didn’t like most levels. They felt like more of a chore to do imo. I remember “beating” the game and then Rosalina telling me I needed to collect more Stars to face Bowser. And I just sighed. And then she put up this ridiculous amount for me to collect and that made me sigh some more. I went through a lot of levels I didn’t really like only to face off with disappointing easy Bowser. Lol.

                                    1. Yeah, I was quite bored with Galaxy tbh. But I loved some of the levels. And the power ups.

                                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                No, something new means a new series, not Mario, Mario must remain a platformer for all eternity…

                                    2. I WANT SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE 2! I’ve wanted a sequel to that game for YEARS. I loved the tropical beaches and island music. And the gameplay.

                                      1. I always thought Sunshine was the weaker of the 3d Marios. It was still an amazing game, and i wouldn’t complain about a sequel..

                                      1. Exactly!

                                        Use the Super Mario 3D World engine and remake/remaster (not sure which word to use) mario 64, sunshine and the galaxy games. call it Mario 3D HD collection or somthing lol!

                                        i’ll def buy that!

                                  1. Yea, thats what i’ve been saying. Use 64’s open world gameplay, in the galaxy universe. It would be a shame not to see Mario Galaxy in HD. Look what they have done with Zelda and Mario Kart. Just imagine how good Galaxy 3 would look.

                                    1. Galaxy 3 in HD or the whole trilogy remastered in HD will be heaven for Mario fans and with Galaxy 3 utilizing the hardware and deliver a more massive open world gameplay 64 style like what they’re doing for the next Zelda game will be beyond epic. ^_^ I’m hoping Galaxy 3 will be inspired by 64’s open world concept. The potential is there.

                            2. Happy birthday, Iwata-san, and we’re all glad you’re feeling better! Visceral surgery is a much less pleasant way to lose weight than Wii Fit…

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  And all those Mario games are still better than Xbot garbage and most of the Sonyan corrupted ones…

                                2. Unlike COD and Sonic for that matter, Mario presents enough change to not screw up its own fundamentals but remains true to its foundation and remains refreshing for newer generations who never experienced old school Mario games like Bros. 2 multiple characters as seen in 3D World.

                                3. It’s so easy to target Mario, and complain about rehashes. But in all honesty, Mario games are some of the funnest games I have ever played. I hope they never stop “rehashing” Maro games.

                            3. Happy Birthday! Not like you’ll ever see this but it’s okay.

                              I’m just now noticing that prototype gamepad with 3DS circle pads and no NFC spot.

                              Thank the gods they didn’t go with that as a final concept. I don’t know what I’d do with myself having to use the 3DS circle pads on a console controller. One of my worst nightmares, lol.

                                  1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                                    And you are an expert in the field?
                                    Just GTFO before you make a fool of yourself, though you have gone this far…

                                    1. Do I have to be an analyst to see what mistakes Nintendo has done under Iwata? Not gonna argue further ’cause this is supposed to be a happy occasion…

                                      1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                                        So you are an expert just from what you read here?

                                        Lmao, guess that means I’m a lawyer cause I read about the Oscar Pistorious trial, so I’ll start by suing you for excessive bullshit from your oral area

                                      2. We get it. Wii U. I know. I’ve seen it and agree about it and certainly need a better leader than Iwata. But undermining the fact that you think yourself as a better person without even sharing HOW & WHY you think so only transparent your level of pathetically worn out outlook on reality and situations.

                                        Dude, you should calm down and let this all play out the way it should. He would likely step down eventually if his approval drops worst than this year. The reason why he got off lucky this year is because. 1. His current condition and 2. There’s no one else ATM who can replace him. Give it time for him to either get with the program and stop dicking around with Wii U further or willingly step out. But I gotta give him credit that he did take responsibility by cutting his own pay and keep his staff. As a CEO, that’s a surprisingly wise thing to do and you don’t see most CEO’s do that out of sense of respect. CEO’s would just usually and heartlessly outsource labor and fire some good people without reason or care.

                                        1. Which is why it’s believed in some circles that some corporate assholes are just sociopaths that use their jobs as a way to make people suffer instead of going out & killing them instead.

                                    1. Have one Vita and after almost three years it still hasn’t justified its purchase. No way would I buy it over again or recommend it to anybody in its current form/price.

                                              1. “A chain of ‘lol’s can be used in this context” – Oh really? So I can laugh out loud out loud out loud…indefinitely? Who makes up these rules? You? Ha, sounds like it! Ok boss.
                                                BTW, I think you mean’t ‘lols’*, not ‘lol’s. Easy mistake to make.

                                              2. When using Internet phrases in these aspects we do not relate to current real life situations.

                                                The plural form of the phrase ‘lol’ is ‘lol’s. Thus, ‘lolololol’ is considered ‘lol’s. Using your term will simply mean ‘lols’, which is not the plural form of ‘lol’.

                                              3. There is no such thing as a plural of lol as far as I am aware. Why would you need more than one lol? Therefore I do not think that ‘lol’s’ is the plural of ‘lololol’ as you said. Otherwise people would just use lol’s instead! But they don’t. They use lololol for emphasis not to pluralize it.
                                                But whatever. I just don’t like people on the internet who feel it is their duty to correct every mistake people make in their grammar. People are different you know, some more gifted with language than others. As long as they make an effort and what they write can be understood, then that is fine with me. You are just being pedantic.
                                                I am considered dyslexic by my university but that does not stop me studying computer science. You won’t find me correcting others math I see though, unless requested.

                                  2. No. Don Mattrick from Microsoft IS the worst CEO (Xbox DOne DRM reveal/E3). Hell, even Mark Zuckenburg is fucking up his own FB user base with that separate messenger app BS. Google is kissing NSA’s ass by selling off their own users of their private information, Walmart is terrible towards their employees, BP with its handling of oil spill crisis and don’t even get me started on Papa Johns with their anti-equality attitude while selling the most disgusting overpriced pizzas.

                                  3. Iwata was the brains behind the Wii and the DS. Together they sold over 260 million units. Also an ungodly amount of software sold on both devices. He was also the brains behind the gameboy advance, which also sold very well…

                                    He made bad decisions with the Wii U. The biggest being the name. But to ignore everything else he has done for Nintendo is just simply,……foolish.

                              1. What a douche you are! How about you get the fuck off this comment section you tremendous tit wank!
                                Iwata is doing a great job, putting creatively about all else and bringing us truly unique and high quality titles.
                                Keep going Iwata, I for one appreciate your integrity.

                                  1. Great come back…really creative. Now I see why you don’t appreciate Iwata. Go and play CoD. Grey and brown are obviously your colours

                                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                        Mentioning the same thing again I see…

                                        Maybe that’s all you Xbots ever play on our sacred consoles which is why you bash them…

                                      2. Those games are original! LoL. Do you even understand what original means? Or integrity? You either need to go back to school, or stay in school.

                                    1. Yea, they should have only made the first two. However you cant blame them being that the first two NSMB sold a combined total of 60 million copies. Which is just absolutely mind blowing. NSMB 2 has sold ten million now I believe…

                                      1. I cant blame them. Its successful and therefore, they may not stop at NSMBU. XP COD however, is losing steam fast. From between 2009 to 2013 with that POS Ghosts, they lost more than 10 million potential/hardcore fans like myself due to the annoying spam releases every year and severe lack of innovation and no, Advanced Warfare didnt change or improve shit so I believe its gonna continue dropping more sales in another few years until Activision decides to either give the fucking series a break or pull the plug permanently.

                              2. And you, stop cosplaying a Sony CEO who failed to keep his own online services and employees/consumers secured from hackers. lol

                                But honestly, the latest hack attack with threats against Sony employees is pretty fucking serious. But Sony needs to get their shit together and put a strong ass security in their ecommerce.

                            4. Happy birthday Iwata! Please bring us more awesome games! Nintendo Blood, annonymous, Joe P please just go away. You’re poisoning the comments section

                            5. Iwata is the man hes funny silly and don’t fuck around when it comes to getting aaa nintendo games out and unique hardware.

                              Ds 3ds wii and wii u are gaming marvels.

                                1. You wish drone. Xb1 and ps4 are full of causal players only playing a few matches of madden and cod a week and watching tv and movies. What a fuckin joke.

                                  A pc software company and a falling electronic company hahaha

                                          1. Only the hardcore players of wii sports wii play and fit maxed out the game im sure.

                                            A casual cod player couldn’t earn shit on a wii sports wii play or wii party games

                                  1. Actually the top played games have been DA Inquisition for both platforms recently.

                                    Sony isn’t failing, they have a strategic forecast and plans going forward to profitability in 2016-2017

                            6. Iwata’s has inspired Nintendo’s philosophy to put fun at the top of the agenda when creating games, even is the face of great pressure from financiers and stock holders. In a world like ours is today, this needs to be commended.
                              Anyone thinking Iwata is not doing a fantastic job is someone who does not know what they are talking about, it is that simple.

                                  1. Wii U is lacking compared to past consoles. IMHO And this is coming from an owner of all of them.And no Iwata’s philosophy is profoundly different

                                    1. I’ve owned them all also mate, my first being the NES. My favorite to date is the Wii U, so make of that what you will.
                                      His philosophy is not different. Listen to his interviews or read his comments on the topic please.

                                      1. That’s just down to opinion I guess! :)

                                        Actions speak louder than words. I read the interviews, but what he says isn’t reflected in what he does

                                    2. The only consoles that come close to beating Wii U were the NES and SNES. N64 was the worst imo, followed by the Wii.
                                      Wii U, gamecube, and SNES are Nintendo best consoles (with honorable mention to the NES for starting it all). Wii U beats gamecube imo, but both have similar appeals. SNES maybe beats Wii U, but not for innovation, just for it’s huge library and immense RPG library.
                                      Iwata has overseen the Gamecube, Wii and Wii U. How is that a failure? Even the Wii which I didn’t particularly like was a HUGE financial success when everyone was saying it was the end for Nintendo. Iwata not deserve credit for that? I guess not eh.

                                      1. The Wii was a success because it attracted casuals. But in the long term it ruined Nintendo’s reputation among hardcore gamers and made third parties unsupportive of them.

                                        The GC wasn’t designed by Iwata, so it’s not counted. The Wii was lacking in many aspects as a 7th gen console. So far, the Wii U has yet to deliver in sales and quality (imo), but with Zelda, Star Fox, Splatoon etc I’m sure that’ll change so let’s see! I hope next gen Nintendo does court third parties to their system though

                                        1. Na. Hardcore gamers were not interested in the Gamecube first, not the Wii, mainly because of the shape and colour.
                                          The Wii was lacking in many aspects due to the failure of the GameCube. They simply did not have the resources to complete with Sony and MS at that point, so they got creative, as they always do. This was overseen by Iwata, against all odds, and for that I think he deserves all the credit

                                    3. No shitty 3rd rate party games I can live with because looking at how it’s been done this year with lies and scams of what they attempt to make the games seem like but wasn’t in the end, I don’t want their BS con arts to happen on Nintendo’s soil and to think, I was excited to buy Watchdogs and Destiny until I learn they were nothing but lies and scams watered down compare to what they originally showed and could’ve been much more.

                                      Thank god for Nintendo to remain in the market and stay true to what video gaming is truly about and I’m not talking about shittons upon shittons of boring ass overused rehashes of the same realism, the same level of violence, the same fucking ideas and the same old BS shooting mechanics. Shooting games now have become the worst kind of Mary Sue I’ve ever seen and I’m sick of seeing the same crap. Realistic shooting bits with needless gore, cliche writing and sex all over it.

                            7. to the dipshit critics of Iwata: you bring a new level ignorance to something you know absolutely NOTHING about: Japanese corporate business.

                              so, just dont. please…

                                  1. I don’t. How could have done better than the Wii? Huge success. And the Wii U is so much fun. I think you are wrong

                                    1. Ah, the old argument on sales and quality. Just because the Wii sold well does not make it a good console. The Wii U is mediocre compared to the older Ninty consoles so far, at least that’s what I think

                                        1. I wouldn’t worry about it. The human race is pretty much a cancer at this point. It’s Easter Island all over again

                                      1. “the old argument on sales and quality.”. What are your arguments against that then? At least I backed up my comments with arguments. You simply just commented.
                                        Wii U mediocre? What logic is there behind this comment? Mario 3D world, best mario in like forever…really. Pikmin 3 is fantastic. Wonderful 101 amazing, Bayonetta 2, Rayman, Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong. All the best games in their respective series ever released, and I’ve played them all. All system sellers for me aswell. I could list more great games aswell.
                                        What is your ‘old argument’ going to be? “no 3rd party games”. TBH, they can keep um. I don’t buy Nintendo for them anyway. I got my PC for that if something takes my fancy, which tbh is not very often.

                            8. @JoeP: me? do i work in Japan? no, i don’t. that’s why i wouldn’t even try to make an intelligent comment on who would be a better CEO for a billion dollar foreign company.

                              my opinion on Iwata? probably some things could have been done better. but, the bottom line is: he turned the 3DS into a success, and we all remember how that device started off. and the WiiU is starting to turn around as well.

                              out of the big 3, he easily tops Sony and Microsoft’s big dogs.

                              come to think of it, everone knows who Iwata is. can the same be said for the other guys? sorry, i dont think so.

                              1. Of course everyone knows who Iwata is, he’s the only spokesperson Nintendo has been using for years apart from Reggie.

                                Phil Spencer and Shuhei have done exceedingly well imo. Phil has regained Xbox’s reputation among the gamera and Shuhei is leading the incredible selling PS4.

                                But the thing is, Iwata repeated the same mistakes for Wii U as with the 3DS. It seems that he didn’t learn from past mistakes. That’s worrisome

                                When compared with other Japanese CEOs like Yamauchi and Yoshida I feel that Iwata is… Subpar. He doesn’t adapt to situations quickly.

                                But that’s just my opinion.

                                  1. Ouch, they got you there… You should learn the difference between digital and analog triggers.

                                    A digital input can only read two commands at one time. On/Off.

                                    A analog input can gauge the pressure and distance from one end to the other. Which for racing games can be useful to accelerate at a steady pace, slow down or go faster. It could also be programmed to include multiple functions to one trigger button based on the amount of pressure used on it.

                                    The reason they are making fun of you is because you had said the Wii U’s gamepad has everything and more. The Wii U’s gamepad only has digital triggers, when almost every other console controller has analog triggers as well. Even the Gamecube controller had analog triggers.

                                    Although it really is no big deal, since analog triggers are rarely ever taken advantage of besides in racing games for the most part.

                                    1. oh that’s a good thing that means the buttons won’t wear out you press it it clicks none of that in between shit like 360 controllers when you go to push the button down but you don’t repress it all the way and it doesn’t register because it’s wearing out yeah that’s great dated technology from dreamcast… 1999

                                      1. Either triggers can wear out, analog or digital. You’re talking about a console when how an analog trigger interacts does not have much to do with the console itself, but how it would work with the games on them.

                                        You really don’t understand how signals work and it isn’t neurological surgery here we’re talking about. You didn’t really get what I said. So I’d suggest it is best you don’t try talking about subjects you simply do not understand.

                                        Nothing to be ashamed of, we can’t know everything.

                                        Sigh… I don’t want to get started on the Dreamcast, so I’ll keep it short. There was nothing dated about it, the Dreamcast pushed forward every thing you use in every console today, even in 1999 it had basically all the features the Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One use now.

                                        The only thing you’re right about is analog being older. What you don’t know since you wont bother to learn about the differences between analog and digital signals, is that even though analog is older it’s more advanced than digital, digital is just cheaper to use and easier to deal with. You can always do more with analogue signals.

                            9. Its funny how they gove credit to Iwata for Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros WiiU/3DS you do realize that he doesnt really make any complicated decisions for those games as they come out no matter what. The company is going to move on its path no matter what. Its just seems to be doing better because you managed to wait a couple years for those games to finally come out.

                              1. You obviously don’t understand how the world works. Games like MK8 and Smash Bros don’t just ‘come out no matter what’. They certainly aren’t guaranteed to be fantastic games and released to a deadline. They are complex projects that need all sort of managing and supervising. Even if Iwata isn’t directly the manager or the supervisor for these games, he manages the supervisors, and he is ultimately responsible for the games, whether good or bad.

                            10. OMG! Happy Birthday Satoru Iwata! Today is my brother’s birthday as well and I myself share a birthday with Shigeru Miyamoto! :D

                              What an interesting coincidence!!!

                              I should check to see if my brother and suster share birthdays with other famous Nintedo figures lol!

                            11. Happy birthday Satoru Iwata! Have a good 55th birthday and can’t wait to see more of what your creating!

                            12. Happy Birthday Iwata-san. Glad all is good with you and health. Oh and ” Please Understand ” that you are the man 😉

                            13. Happy Birthday Satoru Iwata. Whether you love him. hate him or indifferent to him, you cannot overlook the major success of the DS, Wii and now the 3DS, in which he was the head of. Have a happy birthday and I hope you gain the weight that you lost through your illness and stay strong. Don’t listen to the haters, you are a great man and a kind one at that…

                            14. i wish iwata a happy birthday, sure he has made a few mistakes but he did make nintendo what is is today (not the only person to shape nintendo but he took part of that, good and bad)

                            15. He’s doing something right since there are a rediculous number of fantastic games already for both Wii U and 3DS, but he’s doing something wrong since there’s hardly no 3rd party support and an essential game pad with no essential functions, plus no one I’ve shown my Wii U to had a clue what it was, but everyone was excited about Mario Kart once they tried it out.

                            16. i hope u got what u wanted for your birthday iwata happy birthday as for your gift please understand, enjoy your birthday

                            17. Happy belated Birthday, Mr. Iwata! Now beat the shit out of the marketing teams across the globe. Most of them suck at their jobs! And if they don’t shape up, fire them! Or put them in a role that they can actually be good at.

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