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Earthbound Forever Heading To Wii U?


This seems like a long stretch but Amazon has apparently put up a description for the February issue of Game Informer. What’s interesting is the cover game is apparently Earthbound Forever. It seems pretty far-fetched but stranger things have happened in the past. The description says the game is coming to Wii U in 2016.

Thanks, Ichi

139 thoughts on “Earthbound Forever Heading To Wii U?”

    1. Fuzzy Pickles

      I don’t see this happening because Nintendo doesn’t care about the Mother series, it doesn’t sell

      If they were going to make something like that it would be like a smaller title on 3DS or something

      1. The MOTHER series sells a ton actually! ….in Japan. But I think NOA is totally on board with supporting Earthbound. They made a huge fucking deal out of the fact that they brought it to the virtual console, that it actually caused quite a stir and probably ended up selling more because of it. I think this is totally possible, but I’ll hold my breath.

      2. Also, it has a cult following here in the west to the point where Mother 3 received a fan translation as well done as a professional translation. (Indeed, it was so well done, that professionals in the game industry and even Itoi himself praised the fan translation).

      3. The reason it didn’t sell well was imo Americans weren’t used to this style of humor and game so I think that’s why It sold well in Japan but not America

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        It refers to you humans and your inevitable place on this earth in which you are all bound together with no escape ever…

    2. Nintendo pays companies to publish mistakes like these and keep Nintendo hype going, just like that 0BVIOUSLY FAKE #PaperMario5 sh1t

      Fake until proven nonfake

      And earthbound 4ever? Please Nintendo specializes in remakes, no new earthbound until mother 3 is first remade/released damnit

      1. No DLC beyond Mewtwo, as per the lead designer for Smash. Too much work to balance, and it makes the game feel incomplete (his words, not mine).

    1. Let’s say this posting from Amazon is indeed true. Why would a Magazine like GI report on a fanmade project, let alone put it on their cover? (Yes, naming the Issue after the game means they put that game on the cover) not to mention that the description brings up an interview with itoi the creator of the Mother series.

      I hope this post is indeed true, and we get a full fledge remake. Amazon better not be trolling.

      1. GI has reported on fan games before, I can recall that at least one Sonic fan game was covered and a full interview with the developers. Hopefully this isn’t the case since Earthbound/Mother series could really do with a full remastered collection.

  1. Wait… This is crazy :o Really hope it’s true.
    First Majora’s Mask, now a new Earthbound game? Nintendo is actually listening to its fans. Next up: F-Zero, Pokemon Snap, and Metroid.

  2. I’m not quite sure why but that 2016 part is what makes it seem the most fake to me. Why would it take that long..? …unless they use 3D environments and models similar to the EarthBound VC release trailer. That’d be soooo epic!

    1. They spent 4 years on Majora’s Mask for the 3DS and the original was done in about a year, so yeah. Depends on how much updating they do if it’s a remake. Considering Ocarina 3D, Wind Waker 3D, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and even Majora’s Mask, it seems like Nintendo’s really giving their remakes some serious overhaul

      1. I’ve had a feeling that something new and EarthBound related was going to happen since around the time of the VC release. They created a Miiverse community called Onett Times (*or something like that, it’s in my favorites) that’s supposedly news and stuff for the EarthBound series as a whole- yet it only has one post. They just kind of abandoned it, but didn’t delete it. Also at E3 when Jose Otero asked Reggie about the MOTHER 3 hint in their video he said he “wasn’t ready to make another announcement just yet”. Rather this story is fake or not I feel like SOMETHING EarthBound/MOTHER related has to be in the works.

  3. I feel like Nintendo has gotten to this point where they understand that giving the die hard fans exactly what they want will move consoles….people thought for a long time that we wouldn’t get a new Star Fox or a Majora’s remake…..but we did. And people are friggin pumped as hell for both. Throwing an Earthbound out there…or a new metroid, a new f-zero, or even a new pokemon snap coul easily sell the Wii U….I think if by chance this is real, nintendo will dominate, it’ll be a little late to the party, but I think sales will pick up even more than thy will for next years lineup.

              1. I about pee’d myself when they announced Yakuza 5 localization, so glad Sony said screw waiting around for Sega. I’ve been wanting to play it for so long… Good thing I didn’t get rid of my PS3.

                I wish they would do that with Phantasy Star Online.

                Resident Evil Revaltions 2 is coming to PS Vita also, woot!

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    -Please refrain from mentioning Call of Duty and Electron garbage within this base as it’s forbidden by law according to Section 45-K-

                  2. Ok now name the good PS4 exclusives not a game that came out on the PS3 last year that was only bumped up to a higher resolution and btw those MULTIPLATS are also available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC……….dumbass

                    1. Why do people always say this? Literally who gives a shit if they’re available on other platforms. He asked what games were on the PLAYSTATION 4. It doesn’t matter if GTA V is on PS3. It’s still counts as a PS4 game. Btw, none of those games are on the Wii U. And what’s the fucking point of even telling you the games if you’re just gonna say they’re all bad anyways?

                    2. @HollowGrapeJ Because I have review scores from those mediocre/garbage PS4 exclusives that backs up my claim and the whole point of my argument is why get a PS4 if all it has to offer is 3rd party multiplats that can be found on cheaper consoles which includes the Xbox One and a gaming PC? And I can give two or three shits if any of those multiplats are on the Wii U because as you know Nintendo fans mainly buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo exclusives




                      1. That doesn’t mean anything. That’s just your opinion. Throwing around review scores doesn’t prove shit. I can throw you all those 9/10’s The Last of Us got and you would still call it a garbage game. You’re not being reasonable. We get it. You don’t like the PS4. You don’t need to constantly bash it all the time. You complain about trolls bashing the Wii U and yet you do the same towards PS4. And yes, there are Nintendo gamers out there that give a shit about those missing games. A game isn’t garbage just because it isn’t made by Nintendo. And stop making excuses! God damn. If you’re gonna complain, try to at least come up with a reasonable argument. Instead of “X game sucks.”

                      2. As if the Wii U doesn’t have a bunch of games on it right now that were already on the Wii or other consoles also? Does it make Smash Bros. NSMBU, Bayonetta 2, WW HD or Mario Kart 8 any worse of a game, no it doesn’t. So why do so many retarded fans say this about other consoles in disputes over the Wii U?

                        I guess because Bayonetta used to be a multiplat game, it isn’t worth playing Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U because it was on other consoles?
                        That is the type of thinking you’re trying to project. I get so tired of some of you fans constantly acting like Nintendo never does these things or no one could say the same stupid thing about the Wii U.

                        People get WW HD on Wii U and it’s the greatest thing in the world. You guys see the PS4 getting HD remakes also, then you flip a switch, bitching and moaning about them saying they suck. Going on about how all they did was improve the graphics..? How ass backwards can your reasoning be?

                        What are companies supposed to stop making their most beloved series?

                        You want PS4 exclusive games that haven’t been on PS3 and that aren’t just remasters, sure here you go. Huge majority of them releasing in 2015. I could include the exclusives that released this year also on PS4 that weren’t on PS3 but I’ll spare you cause I’m already making you look foolish enough as it is.

                        The Order 1886
                        Let it Die
                        Until Dawn
                        Without Memory
                        Deep Down
                        No Man’s Sky
                        Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
                        The Tomorrow Children

                        Again, that isn’t including a bunch of exclusive sequels to already huge franchises that are to come, like Ratchet & Clank, Yakuza, God of War, Uncharted, Persona ect. which I should be able to count but based on you retarded logic, I can’t. Even with that, I was still able to refute the fact you think the PS4 has barely any exclusive games or any coming.

                        Yet all I see anyone post here for Wii U is the same games over and over, not even all of them that are coming, usually just the same five games..

                        Now let’s list what the Wii U has coming next year.

                        Yoshi’s Wooly World
                        Mario Maker
                        Project Giant Robot
                        Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
                        Project Guard
                        Xenoblade Chronicles

                        Now let’s use the same stupid logic you apply to the PS4, since you can’t include games that have been on older Nintendo system beside the Wii U.

                        Project Giant Robot
                        Project Guard

                        I think I’ve made my point.

    1. Please let this be true. We’ve waited far too long for this. It took us all that time just to get EarthBound, give us the full experience, please

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    3. This is so ridiculously fake. There’s not even a link to the Amazon page, it’s just an image found on NeoGAF. Do you have any idea how easy it is to Photoshop something like this?

      Not to mention, why would they be talking about their 2016 lineup in February? They have Kirby, Yoshi, Mario Maker, Splatoon, Zelda, Star Fox, and the two Project games to promote for 2015, so they really wouldn’t be trying to shift attention away from those games.

      I’m calling absolute BS.

    4. Well the description says it’s getting more than just a new coat of paint, so they are really doing full on remakes of these games, so that could be why it’ll be 2016, if they are redoing all the graphics and maybe extra content for 3 games… not to mention they don’t want to release it against other big titles I’m sure.. probably early spring release or something

    5. I believe this is true. Here’s why:
      Nintendo Digital event E3 2014: during the robot chicken sketch an angry journalist begs for 2 games. Mother 3 and Star Fox.. we got Star Fox announced. That journalist was nothing but foreshadowing.

    6. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

      If this is true, it could be a sign that Nintendo decided to listen to fan’s wishes.
      We wanted Hoenn remakes, we got it, we wanted Starfox, we got it, we wanted a Majora’s Mask remake, we got it.

    7. I mean, they know good and well we wanted Mother 3, giving us a remake of the trilogy is total fanservice. I’d have even more money to give them for a trilogy remake. It would be at the top of my priority list.

    8. I mean think this rumor is true because Nintendo have already given us 2 of the most wanted Nintendo IPs already (Starfox and Majora’s Mask) and fans (including myself) have been clamoring for a Mother 3 remake for quite some time. If this holds to be true the Wii U will already be off to a very promising start for 2016

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    10. I can remember reading about a group of fans starting to remake the game because no one else would take it on. I think so many people want a certain series and if it doesnt come about then the people make it happpen!

      1. They didn’t remake it, they translated Mother 3 (Earthbound 2) to English, and another group went on and started making a sequal: Mother 4 (Earthbound 3.) They also got their blessing from Itoi, I haven’t heard much since then.

    11. Pretty mostly fake.

      Itoi already said that he no longer will work with the Mother IP again. He isn’t even a game designer.

      I this thing come true, It will not have a single finger from Itoi himself.

      1. Yes I would call fake my self as well, but remember the digital event, they are aware of mother 3, plus mother 1 never made it to the states. So if they wanted to make fanbase happy, for the final time this is it. True itoi isn’t a designer, but did that stop him from making mother and who knows anything can happen

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      But why does it have to be 2016? You mean I have to suffer in this pathetic world a whole year before I get my hands on this possible greatest game ever? Oh well, I guess Nintendo’s other games will have to keep me busy.

    14. I always wondered how well Earthbound did on the Wii U virtual console? I know it’s one of the games on Nintendo’s best sellers list, but how many people downloaded it? I’ll be downloading it for a second time after christmas onto my niece’s Wii U that I bought for her. Everybody should own EARTHBOUND.

    15. I don’t know why people think Nintendo is NOT going to make these games. I Believe they will make an Earthbound remake. I also believe they will make another Metroid and F-Zero too. It was obvious at E3 when the fans in the skit were asking for Mother 3 and Starfox.

      So far Nintendo has made everything the fans have asked for. I don’t know why they would stop now, especially after all the momentum they have gained.

    16. At least it’s coming from a credible source… Unlike those “Amiibos and GC adapter no longer being produced” accusations.

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    19. No, just no. I’d rather not get my hopes high in an uncertain leak, only to get disappointed in the end. I’d rather wait a little longer until there are more signs of its legitimacy instead of believing it from the start.

    20. If this is for real, I’ll buy this in an instant.

      I already own an original SNES copy of the second game (no box or manual), and the WiiU virtual console version … but for a chance to finally play the first and third games in enhanced, rebalanced forms (I’ve heard the original was rough), I’ll totally buy Earthbound again.

      … yeah, yeah … I know I’m just being “Part of the Problem”.

      All I want is good Games. If that means remake collections along side new hotness like Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade X, I’m not complaining. Bring on the Metrod Forever collection, finally giving us the Enhanced Metroid 2 and HD Super Metroid (touch nothing but the aesthetics … the game is Perfect) the Trilogy deserves.

    21. If they really make this, I hope they make Mother 1 easier. I mean, allow people to see the enemies walking around like in Earthbound (Mother 2). I HATE that random attack crap from enemies that are invisible. I like to have the chance to outrun them.

      1. All in all, if this turns out to be true, it’s the greatest news I’ve ever read on MyNintendoNews. I’ll never forget how disappointed I was back when Nintendo cancelled production of Earthbound 64. Ever since then I’ve been hoping for another game.

          1. I think it did. At least, that’s what I seem to recall hearing. But still, it would have been SO much cooler on a major console instead of a handheld.

            Hey everybody, I just remembered something. I remember reading several months ago (here on MyNintendoNews) that Shigesato Itoi was doing something special regarding Earthbound. Or, hinting about something. I wonder if this is what he was hinting about?

    22. As much as I wish it was true, we all know that there have been dozens of “Earthbound Forevers” in the past. Let’s face it, the Mother community has probably been led to disappointments more than any other fanbase in the world. I’d like to stay hopeful, though. Unfortunately, I can’t quite say that I’m POLLYANNA about the possibilities! I’m sorry, that was a terrible joke.

      1. Idk. I get a bigger vibe from this one. This year is the 25th anniversary of MOTHER and MOTHER 3’s 10th anniversary is 2016 so announcing this beginning of next year would make up for the lack of celebration. It makes sense somewhat.

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