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Here’s Thirty Minutes Of Bravely Second Footage

Wondering what the Bravely Second demo for the Nintendo 3DS is like? Well Tilmen from Nintendomination has you covered. The Bravely Second demo has just arrived on the Japanese Nintendo 3DS eShop and the full game is due to be released in April. Sadly we’ve still yet to hear whether the game will be coming to the west.

24 thoughts on “Here’s Thirty Minutes Of Bravely Second Footage”

  1. The games probably gonna be good ad long as it doesn’t fuck up like the first one did and almost completely ruin itself.

        1. Have you actually played this game? It’s great up until ch 5 everything from 5 to 7 is some of the worse jrpg I’ve ever played.

            1. Yes the continous backtracking that adds almost nothing to the story. The most offensive part about it is that the game is actually good before it almost completely kills itself.

            1. The game is 8 chapter long, chapters 5-7 have you completely redo chapter 1- 4 , 3 times for no reason and the game justifis this by have the character come up with the most bullshit excuse as to why they keep doing the samething over and over, making the the most tediuos draw out garbage i have ever seen in a jrpg. so before you call someone a brainless troll and say they’ve never played the game, you should know what youre talking about first.

                    1. Look up literally any video or text walkthough for the game, Or instead talking shit about how others haven’t played the game, you actually play it for your self.

              1. Yea, your absolutely right. In my opinion the game ends after the fifth chapter. That backtracking was a real let down. It’s just not fun going back through the same dungeons, fighting the same bosses.

                It was a clear attempt to pad out the game. But it didn’t need the padding. It would have been plenty long enough if they just would have ended it after the fifth chapter.

                I do believe they got so much negative feedback about chapter 5-7 that they will not repeat that mistake. Hopefully the overworld is bigger as well. What made bravely default fun was dicovering new areas in every chapter. The second you have to back track is the second you stop having fun with the game.

  2. Massive spoilers ahead, but I believe most people will have heard this much by now: In the fifth chapter the first one’s story basically becomes “We need to repeat what we did in the first four chapter several times in the hope it actually helps “, including encouraging you to redo all the side-mission fights. This results in you having to run through all the same dungeons multiple times in order to fight beefed-up versions of the same bosses, with only some minor changes in dialogue.

    You can finish the game sooner but to get the “true ending” (Including the preview for Bravely Second) you have to go through this cycle four times. The only saving grace is that you can turn off random encounters completely, but it’s still pretty tedious running through the same dungoens several times in order to hear dialgoue that will either be the exact same as it was before, or have interesting extra character development in it. (It doesn’t help tha tthe true ending is also a bit of a let down IMO)

  3. Waiting for Xenoblade X, I m done buying games from square enix, ubisoft and capcom.I mean there bad games , if they actually make a good game and I mean very good revews everywhere I will get it.Like kh3 and ff15 whicg I m sure I will like.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with Ubisoft, but Capcom and Square still makes good games. MH4 in my opinion will be the best hanheld game of 2015. Only Majoras Mask will come close to it’s bad assery. Square obviously has Bravely Second, which will be very good.

      However, just when in the hell will Bravely Second make it to the west? Square (and Capcom) has a stupid habit of releasing games in Japan months, even years before a western release.

      Square doesn’t understand that a simultaneous worldwide release will always result in a better launch. When you wait months to release game thats already been released, it kills the hype. You have to avoid spoilers, and it feels like an old game by the time it’s available. I will never understand the logic behind this practice.

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