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Yokai Watch 2: Headliner Hits 1 Million Pre-Orders In Japan

Popular ghost-hunting title Yokai Watch 2: Headliner has managed to top one million pre-orders in Japan before its release on December 13. Headliner – or Shinuchi in Japanese – is the third version of the game and features a new ghost named Dark Nyan, new quests, the ability to befriend five Kaima ghost leaders and new bosses within the game’s “Busters” mode. It follows both Ganso and Honke which launched back in July for Japan on the 3DS.

At the tail-end of October, reports filtered in that the game had seen over 230k in pre-order sales, but now with only three days to go until its release sales have quadrupled. In fact, the franchise has gone from strength to strength in 2014 with sales of Yokai Watch 2 tipping the scales with over 3 million copies. However, it’s yet to make it to western audiences, though publisher Level-5 has stated that it may hop on over by 2015.

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