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Sakurai Talks Inclusion Of Duck Hunt In Smash Bros, 8-Player Smash Planned For Melee, And More

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has sat down with Japanese publication Famitsu to talk about all things Super Smash Bros. Sakurai says the inclusion of Duck Hunt Dog was something he thought long and hard about, but he liked the uniqueness of the character. He went on to say that the original Duck Hunt could be one of the best-selling shooting games in the world as it was bundled with the NES in the United States back in the day.

Masahiro Sakurai also revealed that they had planned eight player Smash Bros in Super Smash Bros Melee, but he conceded that it was technically impossible and they barely managed it on the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. “It was a thing I considered when thinking about the follow-up for the first Smash,” Sakurai noted. Sadly, “it was more than impossible” based on technical performance. This time around, it was “achieved just barely. In 8-Player Smash, the stage selection is limited, stage gimmics are changed [no bosses for example] and so on.”

Sakurai also noted the unique selling points of each version which is Smash Run on the Nintendo 3DS and Smash Tour on Wii U. “The big exclusive features for each version, Smash Run and Smash Tour, were decided at the beginning.” Both modes use the unique characteristics of their hardware. Sakurai also states, “Game options depend on hardware’s performance and those were changed during development.”

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39 thoughts on “Sakurai Talks Inclusion Of Duck Hunt In Smash Bros, 8-Player Smash Planned For Melee, And More”

  1. Now that Sakurai reminds me of melee. Nintendo should hurry the fuck up and release GCN games in the virtual console since i would buy some GC games day one.

    1. Just buy the Gamecube games used on eBay if you want them so bad. Nintendo probably thinks the same thing when people nag about that.

    2. I’d definitely buy Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem on the eShop Day 1 if that’s one of the games released on the first day of GCN VC.

  2. I guess that if they would have made the Wii a truly next gen console and not just a modify GameCube we could have had 8 player Smash a long time ago.

    1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

      Dang, if the Wii was a next-gen console, a bit less powerful compared to the current Wii U, imagine what this gen’s Smash would look like.

  3. Smash tour is one of the dumbest idea they had. Adventure mode would have been better. Picture playing adevnture mode with 2 people. Their idea for class is mediocre too.

    1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

      It tried to do waaaaay too much. The screen was a clusterfuck of information no one cared about. Collecting stat boosts that made little difference, stealing players’ characters, assigning items, colliding with characters on the map but fighting against everyone, etc. It felt completely shoehorned into the game.

    2. Smash tour on 3ds, more like Mario party. Smash run on wiiu, with all 4 players in the same arena. Problem solve stupid Nintendo.

    1. Agreed, stuff like Smash Tour does not sell the game.

      What DON’T sell Smash Bros.:
      >Smash Tour
      >Smash Run (I love Smash Run btw)
      >User-generated content (Stage Builder, Snapshots, replays… sad but true :/ )
      >Adventure Mode (it’s worksome and consumes programming resources and time)
      >Movies (because it can be easily found on the internet)

      What REALLY sells Smash Bros.:

      >Nintendo characters
      >Multiplayer (8-player Smash is fantastic)
      >Mario, Sonic, Mega Man and Pac-Man on the same game
      >Trophies and collectibles
      >Decent single player offer (Classic, events and the minigames are enough)
      >Online features

      1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

        My thoughts exactly. I enjoyed the Underground Maze in Melee and similarly enjoyed Smash Run’s 5-min beginning (the final battles were lame). Smash Tour is unplayable. It’s that bad.

          1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

            Same. I find it hard to believe they had this mode planned from the beginning and never once in development decided to take it out.

        1. Smash Run replaced the original free-for-alls for me in the 3DS, I already enjoyed Kirby Air Ride’s City Trial (the game mode that inspired Smash Run), I love the idea of preparing your character to a final competition, I only missed a rules setup option and a free run mode, just like Air Ride.

          1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

            Yeah just a simple rules setup would have improved it tremendously. I would have preferred 10-15 minutes to explore the cavern.

    1. Come on, a Mario party type mode for smash would’ve been cool, but smash tour just didn’t pull it off. It’s not boring, it just didn’t make any sense and it’s performance is nothing but random bullshit that’s too insane for even a braineace to piece together.

  4. Would any of you believe that I havent played any of the Master and Crazy hand challenges or Smash Tour? lol I just hop directly in Smash and Online.

  5. “original Duck Hunt could be one of the best-selling shooting games in the world as it was bundled with the NES”

    I agree that Duck Hunt was probably the best selling shooting game. But I don’t consider a game as a “best seller” when it’s bundled with a console. People were buying the console, not the game. I feel the same about Wii Sports. It came bundled with the Wii. But Nintendo claimed it was the best selling game ever. Unless it was sold separately, I think not.

  6. I simply cannot agree with Smash Tour and Smash Run being selling points- I was bored with SR after 3, well, runs, and only played it more because it’s the most effective way of getting all the alternate special moves and Mii gear, and though I don’t yet have the Wii U version, from what I saw during the 50-fact extravaganza Direct, ST actually looks worse. I play Smash for a fun take on fighting games, not a tacked-on board game. The development time for those should have gone to an adventure-style mode like Melee’s adventure or even SSE from Brawl, OR another character or two… *coughcoughKrystalcough*

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