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GAME Is Now Stocking Wave 2 Amiibo Figures


UK retailer GAME are now stocking the second wave of Amiibo figures so if you want them you’d better be quick about it. Nintendo of America has already said that sales of Amiibo are approximately equal to sales of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, so they’re clearly selling like hot cakes. Go grab yours at GAME.

Thanks, Lee R

16 thoughts on “GAME Is Now Stocking Wave 2 Amiibo Figures”

  1. The missle move in Smash is Luigi’s Amibo pose? They shouldn’t have based the entire Amibo off one single move. Other than that I will be sure to buy these..

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  3. Conflicting stuff been said at game . I went into One and they said released next week … Little Mac may be this waves villager – as he’s sold out online (pre-orders) on game website and NINTENDO store UK

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