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Capcom Announced Devil May Cry Collaboration For Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

It looks as though Capcom is working through its franchises as the company has announced a Devil May Cry collaboration for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Capcom says that now in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, your Felynes can rock Dante’s jacket and wield the electrifying Alastor. We heard last week that there’s also a Street Fighter 2 collaboration for the game.

33 thoughts on “Capcom Announced Devil May Cry Collaboration For Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate”

    1. Don’t get your hopes up. DMC is dead, Megaman is shamefully butchered, Resident Evil has fallen into the Call of Duty plague and the rest are just milked as fuck for Crapcom’s usual add on scams.

      1. You forgot street fighter milking of the same shit every 6 months,monster hunter is the same and not a real consoloe game yet and prefer to reuse the psp engine.Lost planet ruined.

        People can call me anything they want i m stating facts,and that is capcom is done for.They should just be bought to some1 else at least so hopefully they can revive all those great franchises.Remember onimusha? yeah me niether.

                1. I wouldn’t have minded if they kept him that way. Sure, he looked like he was on meth or whatever, but he was still pretty awesome.

        1. Please capcom put zombies from resident evil as little monsters and put a new category of weapons called modern guns,so we can fight monsters as big boss fought rathalos in peace walker……………………………………………………………………….0.0

        2. Thank Arceus of the heavens that Capcom is using the actual Dante from the Devil May Cry series rather than that god-awful DMC reboot that I hope has been retconned completely in-house…

        3. At this point in time, I’ve lost track of the collaborations they’ve done now and included into Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

          And I love that.

        4. I think I’ll get this game. I’ve heard good things about Monster Hunter. But seriously, the MH3U demo made me unsure what to think…

        5. And all of this are DLCs… honestly, Capcom. Make a new game about those characters instead of this bullshit! But we all know that this won’t happen and because you support only the Elite (SF5 for PS4 and PC only). What a shame and fail.

        6. Capcom hasn’t even announced a release date (in the west) for this game yet. No offence to them, but wtf are they waiting for? Honestly I’m really sick of waiting for this game. Just give us a release date already. And why didn’t the original MH4 get released in North America? Sometimes Capcom doesn’t make any sense. They could have easily sold a million copies of that game over here. The game has been out for over a year in Japan, and they continue to tease thier western audience with bullshit cat cosplay.

          Capcom has destroyed there other I.P’s becouse of bad managment and bad business, and it’s probably only a matter of time before they destroy this one as well. You can only keep your western audience on the edge of thier seat for so long. Eventually they will fall off and move on.

        7. Because why release the game for the WiiU , when they can just do that !!!! Seriously , this company should go away already . In the same way Atari ans THQ have gone ….

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