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Miyamoto: Next Mario Will Most Likely Be On Nintendo’s Next Console

Those hoping for another mainline Mario title for Wii U may come away slightly disappointed as Shigeru Miyamoto says that it will most likely be on Nintendo’s next home console. We’ve already had the wonderful Super Mario 3D World so I’m sure we can be patient and wait, though it’s going to be difficult.

Since we first created Mario, people have compared him to Mickey Mouse. I’ve always said Mickey Mouse evolved with each evolution in animation. You saw Mickey Mouse each step of the way. From early on, I wanted Mario to be that character in the digital world, so that with each digital evolution, he was there to usher in the next era. I think that maybe when we release the next hardware system, you can look forward to seeing Mario take on a new role or in a new game.

126 thoughts on “Miyamoto: Next Mario Will Most Likely Be On Nintendo’s Next Console”

    1. Yeah, but if Nintendo anounces a new Mario game for the WiiU everyone will start bashing them with “Nintendo is milking Mario, another Mario game, it’s another rehash, it’s the same game, Mario is now a yearly franchise” etc, etc, and nobody will be happy, ever.

    2. There’s already two Mario games and I think the general public would not want another Mario anytime soon. Besides, if the next Mario is gonna be a launch title for Nintendo’s next gen console much like Mario 64 was, if its done amazingly (and I’m hoping its Mario Galaxy 3; solo game with a side trilogy edition) it’ll kick off the next system to a fantastic start.

      Right now, Wii U needs a lot more different IPs and games that haven’t seen the light of day for YEARS like Kid Icarus/F-Zero/Star Fox/Metroid and should take a little break from Mario.

      1. Yea, I agree with this. However he never really said there wouldn’t be another Mario on the Wii U. I’m not really sure how they came to that conclusion even. I still believe there will be another one..

      2. I agree with everything you say. But it got me thinking that maybe Nintendo will fill the lack of Wii U Mario with HD remasters of Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, and/or Super Mario Sunshine.

        I skipped the Wii for PC gaming & just got my Wii U this summer for Mario Kart 8. So personally I’d love it if they put off a new Mario game for a few years, but also remaster Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. This way they don’t spend too much time on Mario so as to allow for the franchises you listed above, as well an new IP.

    3. I actually support them. They need to put Mario aside and dust off some other IPs. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t want to see a true return to form for the Metroid series. Honestly, Nintendo has so much to work with here.

      1. It sounds more like the next big evolution of Mario will be on the Wii U predecessor. I might just be over thinking it but he did compare it to mickey saying that mickey evolves over time… Maybe that huge jump we took from 2D Mario to 3D Mario is what he was referring to. I mean come on, its freaking Mario.

            1. Actually, we are. Look at the graphical jump now. Its hardly any different from last gen. Last gen was a big jump and the gen before that and the one before that one too.

              Right now this gen has been the most disappointing with all of these false overhyped garbage aiming to trick the stupid to buy the game first before reviews expose those games being the opposite of what companies promised like Ubishit embargo the reviews until after release day because they know people are on to their laziness and lies. The only company that’s even trying to change/evolve gaming is Nintendo. The other two are merely conducting a dick measuring pissing contest over fucking graphical power forgetting that PC has already destroyed whatever their consoles got and can “barely” do at its peak. 1080p/60FPS on PS4…my ass.

  1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    Makes sense, there has always been one main Mario game per generation.

    Though some idiots will probably say the Wii U is coming to an end and this “confirms” it…

  2. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    Also to clarify for the supreme idiots, not one but TWO Mario games are coming out for Wii U: Mario Maker and Mario Party 10.

    Mr. Miyamoto-san is referring to any main series Mario, specifically the New Super Mario Bros. series
    Notice how each system has only one installment of the series
    New Super Mario Bros.
    New Super Mario Bros.Wii
    New Super Mario Bros 2
    New Super Mario Bros.U

    ALL came out on different systems

      1. 2006: New Super Mario Bros., 2009: New Mario Bros. Wii, 2012: New Mario Bros. 2/U

        COD since 2003 has spammed a “new” game every fucking year like EA Sports. You tell me which is the worst kind of rehashing.

    1. I wouldn’t consider Mario party and maker “Mario” games. A party board game and level designer are apples and oranges from a “‘Mario game”

  3. You realize he is talking about the evolution of the character. Nowhere in that quote does it say No more Mario on Wii U. Only that the he will evolve with their next system. Way to read something into nothing.

  4. That’s a damn lie, Galaxy 3 is going to come out on the Wii U and they are going to remake Sunshine from the Gamecube. I don’t believe him.

  5. I hope this happens. This is the smartest thing Nintendo has done in a while.

    What is the number one thing everyone complains about when a new system is released? “These games are terrible.” “Where’s Mario or Zelda?” “What ever happened to Nintendo releasing a Mario game with a system launch?”

    This assures all of us that a new 3D Mario game could be there for the next system launch, and it’s about time. I remember having Super Mario World come with my Super Nintendo in 1992, I remember how happy I was to play N64 with Mario 64 despite there being like 5 games at launch. This will be a system seller if it happens, and you know Nintendo showcases a system’s capabilities better than anyone. Graphics, controls, features, all will be configured to perfection.

  6. I’m kind of disappointing with this news. Not trying to be stupid about it either saying their abandoning the Wii U or anything, but I was honestly really hoping for a better Mario game than SM3DW. It’s great don’t get me wrong, but I miss Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy. I just want something bigger than SM3DW.

  7. Wow. Totally misleading title. Not at any point did he say the next Mario game would be on the next console. He simply said that we can expect Mario to make the jump to the next console with a new game, as we’d all expect.

    To everyone thinking otherwise, OPEN YOUR EYES AND READ. Easily one of the most idiotic comment threads I’ve ever seen. Did you ONLY read the title?

  8. Err… I feel like you may or may not have misinterpreted what he said, plus Mario’s way too important for Nintendo to just wait a few years or more to release a new main line game.

  9. Even though I wanted either a sequel to sunshine or mario 64 or just a whole brand new console, I will be sure to wait.
    I like this. They’re building more of their other titles and not having mario with 80 games in a generation to shove it down the casual throat.

  10. I get some are gonna get pissed for this news but as for me, as much as I love Mario and wanted to see Mario Galaxy 3 happen, I don’t mind this at all for a few reasons:

    1. The general public often complains about Nintendo always making too many Mario games (even though its untrue if you count the primary Mario games, not its spin offs) so putting off the next Mario game for next gen (possibly as a launch title like Mario 64) so it would have plenty of brainstorming time to introduce yet another groundbreaking change for the series while giving Wii U now more variety of other Nintendo/2nd party games is a wise move.

    2. As already mentioned, the next Mario game will have more time to brainstorm new ideas and directions to take the series to.

    3. For the Wii U platform, it needs all of the original games it can get outside of Mario. We already have Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros. U with Luigi DLC, Super Smash Bros. 4, Mario Party 10, Mario Kart 8, I think we can live another 4 years without Mario so we can have a new Zelda, possibly a new F-Zero/Ice Climbers/Earthbound/Kid Icarus, Metroid, Yoshi, Star Fox, Pikmin, Wario World/Land sequel as well as exploring new IPs like Splatoon.

    In retrospect, a few years without another Mario game will not kill us or the system’s sales. Look at SNES, 64, GameCube and fucking Wii from 2007 to 2010 between Mario Galaxy games, WE CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT MARIO FOR A WHILE. CALM YOUR TITS! lol

  11. Is it me or did he not say there won’t be more Mario for Wii U, just that he’ll be in a different role/kind of game on the next system..? That’s how I interpret this, anyway..

  12. I think the next hardware Nintendo has could be interesting, but I want them to do a few things , seeing how Sony and now Microsoft are actually going for Game Streaming, Nintendo could be the only company out their next gen that has a console built with actually hardware capable of running better looking games without the cloud.

    Here’s a short list of things I feel Nintendo needs to do or put into the next gen consoles:

    1. Powerful hardware, and not last generation hardware but AMD’s next gen hardware like say the R9 490x or something like that. Also, they need to add an 8-Core CPU PowerPC to give devs some power to go behind and also use GDDR5 RAM, say about 10GB of it should do the trick.

    2. No Gimmicky Controller, and this is coming from someone who actually enjoyed the gimmicks of the Wii remote, Balance Pad and Wii U Gamepad. I feel that Nintendo needs to focus on less gimmicky controllers but still try to be creative with the controller like say add a mini touch screen that’s about the size of 3DS XL screen.

    3. The name for the next gen console NEEDS to be different from the Wii brand because many people (sadly) are still confused whether or not the Wii U is an add on or it’s own thing. Maybe something like the UNES (Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System) and continuing on with that brand of console which will get not just Newer Gamers on board but the retro guys too because they’ll love the name as it’d be a sequel to the SNES, which is still my number 1 favourite Nintendo console to date.

    4. Allow to download and install games onto the next gen console for a better boost in the games performance. If Nintendo joined up with Steam to create the online service and have the console run with a Steam like OS then a lot of people might get on board with the console, but also allow the ability to sell the game on by allowing the Game Store owners to add in say a new code for the game for the next person.

    5. a bigger harddrive, because with the falling prices of HDD now a days, Nintendo could use a boost with say a 6TB HDD in their system which would actually interest a lot of people seeing how the PS5 and NextBox might just use cloud storage, meaning they might only need a smaller HDD.

  13. Man! I don’t even classify Super Mario 3D World as a true Mario game (in the same sense that Sunshine and Galaxy are). The Wii got 2 Galaxy games, and Wii U gets none basically. Another bad move by Nintendo.

  14. I don’t by it, this next year marks the 30th anniversary of mario, they have something else mario in the works besides mario maker, I think they just want to surprise us.

    1. Yep. If there was a new 3d Mario about to be announced, Miyamoto would try to divert your attention. Miyamoto is tricky. Game journalists are easily duped by his genius..

  15. In fact, all he says is “with the next hardware, expect Mario to take on a new role or be in a new game”.

    How the hell did you get “wont be another Mario on the Wii U” from that??

    I think your pulling straws here..

  16. They probably just realize that the wii u isn’t going to sell an optimal amount of units, so they want to wait and try again with their next console. If the next console sells more units, then naturally they can sell more copies of the game when people already have the console to play it on.

  17. BAIT ARTICLE! BAIT ARTICLE! BAIT ARTICLE! He isn’t saying that the next Mario will be in a brand new home console, he’s saying that when you see him in a new game in the next generation he will evolve more.

  18. Um…where in this article does Miyamoto say the next Mario game will most likely be on Nintendo’s next console? Miyamoto is saying he wants to use Mario to push the next console and redefine how we play Mario…My Nintendo News I thought you were above the clickiest of click bait.

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  20. To be honest, I think a new Mario game should be |ATLEAST| one of the first titles in the new console. Mario is there most famous mascot, and a new console means a fresh start. We don’t need a Mario title every 3 months, but I just think it’s a nessecity to have it. I was hoping they would make a good Kirby title, and another Zelda 3-Dementional game with Toon Link.

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