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Miyamoto Speaks About That Mario Movie Leak

Remember when Sony Pictures was hacked and details emerged that they were planning a Mario movie? Well Shigeru Miyamoto has played down those rumours by stating that he regularly gets pitches about a Super Mario Bros movie from numerous companies and it’s nothing unusual. He also said that he doesn’t have a “vision that the next iteration of “Mario” is going to be in film.”

I heard something about that this morning. What’s interesting is that over the past 20 years, people come to us on a fairly regular basis about creating “Mario” movies. There are times that those ideas end right when they bring them to us, and other times we’ll listen to presentations. It’s not very unusual, and it’s something we’ve been doing for a very long time. I don’t particularly have a vision that the next iteration of “Mario” is going to be in film.

27 thoughts on “Miyamoto Speaks About That Mario Movie Leak”

    1. Clears what up? If you really understand the message, then you’ll realize it’s a classic “avoid the answer” type of answer where the details are vague and more left to the interpretation of the reader or listener. He confirmed that firms approach them all the time for movie iterations, he confirmed they sometimes listen to presentations, and at the end he pretty much just said “In my personal opinion, I wouldn’t like to see Mario in a film anytime soon.” But what does that mean for the rest of the COMPANY? Just because he stated his opinion, doesn’t mean his vote counts as the entire BOARD of directors.

      Nintendo most likely did have plans for a Mario animated movie with Sony, as of now, who knows anymore with their leak, but if it was there it was most likely some conceptual trailer they made in order to present to Nintendo and they were either one of those companies they let present their idea and rejected, or let them present and accepted.

      All higher-ups, especially Reggie Fils Aime, are taught to talk like this, to avoid legal problems and neutralize situations, it’s just a technique.

  1. I can see why he wouldnt want to do a Mario film or even a Zelda film. Mainly becuase theyre about a single person going on a journey and not a whole group of characters.

    1. on the contrary, Link is frequently accompanied by a companion who, especially in recent years(Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword) is quite the characters themselves

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    My thoughts on this that It’s a great idea for both Sony pictures. But as a Comcast/NBCUniversal Fanboy I would like for Nintendo to make a deal With Universal pictures for a nintendo Cinematics Universe

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  4. If Nintendo do movie they better stay far away for live action I want them all anime or maybe a cgi but no real life movie of Nintendo characters no! fuck that shit.

  5. Nintendo should work with Disney to bring this to fruition, obviously. And I think more than Super Mario Bros or Legend of Zelda, the Metroid series would be the best choice to adapt into a movie franchise. Mario would make a good CGI movie for kids, but honestly, despite it’s rich mythology I just can’t see how a LoZ movie would work. Link would be incredibly hard to cast. He’s got that quiet, boyish innocence, but he’s also tough-as-balls. Just hearing him speak would be weird though.

      1. Disney makes good movies. Just look at the Marvel movies. There is a ton of talent over there.

        And if Nintendo were to make a Mario movie, I seriously doubt they would use Sony of all people. They would use a company with more credibility when it comes to making movies. Sony has too many flops, and disappointments to risk it…

  6. … didn’t we already know this? What exactly is new about this other than the acknowledgement that he has heard the rumors?

  7. This proves that no matter how many fans beg Nintendo for something, they still won’t listen unless it’s their own idea. If only I knew this as a kid. I could have saved myself a lot of letters and writers cramp.

  8. Chaika The Coffin Princess

    I would love a human metroid movie just like the trailer from metroid other M (not the game the trailer was so awesome)

  9. Eternal Ridley Prime

    If there is to ever be another Mario movie, I’d rather Nintendo work with Disney instead of Sony. Sony hasn’t been on a good role with making movies for stuff they didn’t originally create themselves. *cough*Spider-Manmoviesfloppingafteronly1or2films*cough*

    1. Eternal Ridley Prime

      Which is sad since I actually enjoyed these Spider-Man movies by Sony but they always fucked it up at some point. With the original Spider-Man movies by them, Spider-Man 3 was utter garbage because they made the same mistake that Batman & Robin made by having more than two fucking villains & screwing over the 3rd baddie by turning him into a mindless lackey when in the comics that villain was one of the smartest, and one of the most dangerous, of Batman’s enemies!

      For the reboot, they already started it off badly by taking out an integral line to Peter from his Uncle Ben that is a big factor as to why Peter even became the hero known as Spider-Man. But their biggest mistake came with the sequel by making Harry into the Green Goblin first instead of his father.

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