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Nintendo Goes To War And Says Nintendo Platforms Have The Best Games Available

Nintendo of America has declared war on the other console manufactures by producing the infographic which you can see above. The company says there are more great games on Nintendo platforms than anywhere else and has stats and figures to prove it. Thankfully it’s all done in a nice way, but it does prove a point that the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS are home to some great games.

Thanks to those who sent this in.


296 thoughts on “Nintendo Goes To War And Says Nintendo Platforms Have The Best Games Available”

    1. Actually… Looking at it again seems like they’re calling them out! lol But they are right if they’re talking about 3rd Party games since they’ve been nothing glitch parties lately

      1. I don’t have a 3DS or Wii U unfortunately… But I have seen all of those games and I say you go for either Shovel Knight or Shantae and get the others later because those are great too!

      2. I have Azure Striker, it’s fun, the bosses are kinda a pain, but I recommend it, I think it’s still 9$ still and it looks great, but for a better game also get Shovel Knight, I still have to try it but it has better reviews.

      3. Shovel Knight and Cave Story will both give you your money’s worth. But if you want a Mega Man style game, get Azure Striker Gunvolt.
        Shantae Pirate’s Curse is a great game but it might confuse you at some points with certain puzzles.
        I don’t have any experience with Xeodrifter, so I can’t give a recommendation to it quite yet.

    1. I wouldnt get too excited if I were you. If Destiny, Watchdogs and even the broken Halo: Master Chief Edition proved anything, its that hype on these particular games from the particularly shortcut-taking selfish third parties are all for nothing but falsified ads for con arts like 1/2 Destiny for full price with another $40 for the other half of the game. At this point, I would wait for legit reviews of a game and a demo that doesnt charge you $30 to play in under 5 minutes (Ground Zeroes) to decide to buy a good game and I mean a game that doesn’t recycle itself like COD or make BS excuses to say “24FPS is the best optimization for cinematics” like Ubisoft to hide their laziness in their work.

        1. Like I said, be smart and don’t fall for the hype all too much. Wait until the insurance of many says that it’s a good game with plentiful of content value for $60 before buying.

          1. Bloodborne is a spiritual successor to Demons souls. Demon souls, dark souls and dark souls 2 have delivered and succeeded on the amount of content and quality. This game will be no different. If it fails then you can say i told you so all you want and give me an internet bitch slap (which won’t happen).

            1. I never said it will fail nor ever said the game would suck. I just said to be cautious because all of the hyped 2014 games this year were nothing but cons, white lies and disappointment in every category.

              1. Alien isolation says hi!, though I do agree theres been alot of overhypement, I heard titanfall was great actually, just could’nt get a fanbase going, probbly because all the hype was sadly manufactured.
                But yeah, games like destiny have turned out awful, I had my doubts about that game though due to all the people who’d left bungie, it’s sad seeing destiny because it was from the creators of halo, one of the most creative fps games since doom.

                I am VERY hyped for no mans sky though, primarily because it’s from an indie company, they can’t be faking this because it’d ruin their careers as soon as its started, if this was from a bigger name brand like EA or Sony, i’d be more sceptical.

                1. And goodbye because I bet Isolation’s good name and sales was affected because of the terrible Colonial Marines. Titanfall is merely an online only Black Ops 2 with mechs from many sci-fi franchises like Battlefield 2142.

                  Well, No Man Sky looks pretty radical but again, after 2014 from many third party’s BS, I wouldnt hold my breathe for that to be a game changer. I only trust Nintendo because they usually deliver kickass games that hardly disappoints me more than whatever 3rd rate party garbage I was stupid enough to buy except Bayonetta 2 which is so damn fun to play. :)

                  1. *Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive* Stranga: Bayonetta 2 is so damn fun to play! *If Bayonetta 2 was only on PS4 and Xbox One* Stranga: Who cares about that third party garbage? We got Nintendo games! 😆

                    1. Fool, I’m talking about games like AC, COD, EA-fucking-Sports, most games that are shallow to the core and recycle the same fucking material to please dumbass action/shooting/gore thirsty fools who don’t know half of what true gaming is.

                      1. But not all third parties are like that. And not everyone that owns a PS4 and Xbox One only play shooters and sports games.

                        1. Oh really? B|…How come its all I see everytime I meet someone with those consoles and all I see in stores is an orgy of shooters after shooters? Because its all about “graphics” and “shooters”.

                            1. Just only and mostly PS/Xbox “gamers” play such genre and they say Nintendo does too much platformers and “kiddy” shit when kids play the most generic “adult” shit like COD. I’ve said it before and now again: humanity now are nothing but hypocrite apes.

                              1. That still doesn’t mean it’s the only games they play. There are plenty of games to choose from. Do you really think that Call of Duty and Fifa were the only games people wanted when they got a PS4 or Xbox One? For all you know, a big chunk of those PS and Xbox gamers probably have a 3DS too. You should really stop using the CoD excuse. Pretty sure there are plenty of PS gamers that could care less about it.

                                  1. If CoD and Fifa are the only games they buy, then why is the PS4 and Xbox One getting so much third party support?

                                        1. You’re one to talk about Nintendo gamers talk all nonsense when its actually the opposite of that fact. Nintendo gamers are usually in their own world enjoying what they got. PS/Xbox on the other hand poke at each other about who has better specs, graphics and say Nintendo is for kids and usually rehash their games while at the same time do exactly what they call out Nintendo for doing the same when they don’t, at least not as ridiculously much as the third rate parties. For instance, there’s only 13 Mario Party games in 17 years since 1998. Call of Duty, there’s almost 25 of them in 11 years including remakes, spin offs, mobile/portable along side with home consoles. You tell me which if these has rehashed and spammed more of the same with any significant change?

                                          1. LOL. What does that have to do with anything? I already explained to you that not every PS and Xbox gamer cares about CoD. Like I said before… ALL TALK. Lol. Wii U fanboys be like: “I would buy *insert third party game here* if it came to Wii U. And when a game actually comes to the Wii U… “Uhh. They didn’t put the DLC! I’m mad that I can’t buy an extra costume so I’m not gonna buy the game anymore!” *company announces they won’t bring the next game to Wii U* “Oh, fuck them! Seriously, WTH? What did we do to deserve this?! I hate you guys.”

                              2. Don’t get your hopes so high man after this years lackluster and dishsapointing Train wreck
                                Watch Dogs
                                The Evil within
                                And more we have to be more sceptics about games
                                It’s sad that we have reach a point in gaming where we are waiting for the Next big game to be at least decent

                                1. I play Xbox as much as I play Wii U. Halo, and titan fall, as well as evil within and sunset overdrive were all amazing games. I got watchdogs on Wii U, as well as smash, bayoneta and Mario kart. I have just as much fun on either system…..that said desteny was a total fail. Sure it made lots of money..but it was just stupid.

                                  1. it’s just nonsense hating online thats happening with these games. There are far more people enjoying the game than hating it by a ridiculous amount.

                                  2. One thing that made me dislike Destiny is how much the game changed at the end game..trying to be something that for the first 95% of the game it was not.

                                2. The evil within was amazing! for all the wrong reasons, but i’m kinda glad it was’nt scary in a way, the whole thing felt like going into the mind of a cheesy 80s horror movie that crammed in all of the horror tropes, ring girl CHECK, asylums CHECK, villages CHECK.
                                  The characters were also so funny in their genericnes, the little ai freakouts like when I set a villager on fire and he ran in a circle into a nearby tree and died.
                                  It was’nt scary but i’ll be damned if playing it with a friend was’nt some of the most fun i’ve had playing a game all year XD.

                                  I’d also say, give it time for the next big games, I think we’re in the transitional period from last gen to next gen, everyones still figuring out the kinks of how to make the newer games, there’s not gonna be as big a difference but I think it’ll be atleast noticable, Nintendo are also ramping the wii u power up with stuff like zelda as well, which look more impressive graphically then some of the games on the xbone and ps4.

                            2. Oh don’t worry I do know how to keep my excitement in check (I did stupidly buy destiny though…and played it for two months) its just that even if this game is half as good as prev souls games then it still beats everything else easily :P

                                1. Far Cry 4? PS360/PS4/X1/PC?

                                  How is Mordor not hugely noticed? It’s Gamespot’s GOTY

                                  Just another DA name your point?

                                  1. Lol. Bringing up Far Cry 4 won’t really help. Doesn’t matter how good it is. It’s from Ubisoft and Stranga hates them.

                                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                            Still doesn’t change the fact that they damaged our empire’s superiority…

                                                      1. Have you even seen the Tropical Freeze review from gamespot? That alone is enough to prove you wrong.

                                                        1. So they gave one Wii U game a lower score than usual. So what? If someone doesn’t praise and worship all Nintendo games, they’re biased and they hate Nintendo? Please.

                                            1. Farcry 4 is basically a Farcry 3 reskin, Shadow of Mordor is a Arklam Batman copy for LOTR fans. Ive l played both and honestly enjoy them a lot but i cant help but see both games this way..

                                                          1. Yeah. That’s what you call a “punchline”. It’s like me saying with Xbox DOne’s slogan “Jump In” by rephrasing it this way: “Jump in and get burned” because Xbox DOne does combust into flames. lol

                                                      1. PS Experience shows off upcoming games and newly announced games in a mini E3 like showcase yeah it’s just like a Direct alright you narrow-minded bastard

                                                        1. Experience is like a conference, Directs are a series of mini presentations. Experience is closer to e3 than Directs are.

                                                          Wow, aggressive aren’t yea? Wasnt even trying to attack you lmao

                                                          1. Totally agree, it isn’t like Iwata is inviting people to every Nintendo Direct to try out games and ones that aren’t even finished yet. I think if anything it would be more comparable to Nintendo’s Treehouse.

                                                            1. Oh I get it so just because Sony invites people to play their games at the PS Experience that makes it look less like their copying Nintendo?…..smh. Ok I get it now……boy am I a dumbass….smh. But seriously the PS Experience is a Sony clone of Nintendo Directs. Like I said Nintendo was the FIRST gaming company to have a mini E3 like presentation based on updating their consumers and potential consumers about games, announcements, accessories etc. You Sony fans can never admit when Sony steals ideas from their competition. Instead you guys sweep it under the rug as if Sony originally came up with these ideas somehow when they clearly didn’t. Sony is completely unoriginal and they can only copy and reshape their competition’s ideas nothing more

                                                      1. Umm no it wasn’t. Zelda was the number one trended gaming topic on Twitter even when Uncharted 4 gameplay footage debuted so stop pulling these false stories out of your ass

                                                1. Them double-standarts.
                                                  Whenever Nintendo sells huge numbers of whatever, everyone’s like “NINTENDO THE BEST !!!” but as soon as it’s another company’s stuff, it’s “not about the money” or “it’s about quality, not quantity”.

                                                  1. um… nobody was talking about sales figures?
                                                    and of course it’s aboput the quality.. of what use is it to the gamer if a game has great sales figures but is reather mediocre?

                                                    1. Of course it is about quality, no doubt. I was merely mocking the people who use that “quality over quantity” thing whenever another console or game is doing better than the one of their personal choice. Thus, the quotation marks in my previous comment.

                                                      1. 9 times outta 10, Ninty games are of high technical quality (content & creativity, however, are subjective, unless seen as a formula). The record of quality for other devs/pubs tends to be less.

                                                        When Ninty’s sales fall flat, it’s a shame, but that quality is still important. Of course, when their sales soar, that quality is justified.

                                                        Conversely, when the sales of the other devs/pubs soars but w/ less than stellar quality, it’s a shame. & that trend is happening more & more these days. Glitches & filler are justified by sales only, but those devs/pubs know better than to invest in quality.

                                                        Superficially, it looks like a double-standard. But there are legitimate exceptions. Nintendo is synonymous w/ quality (again, imperfect), as are some other companies; video games or otherwise. Quantity is a bonus as long as the quality remains. But when quality (AND creativity AND fun) is there but sales fall flat, it’s a sin because the driving force was supposed to be that quality, quantity being a byproduct. Never mind the gamers who did purchase those games who have nothing but praise & fun times. Bit now, quantity drives the industry while quality becomes something of a memory, save for a few companies. & in Ninty’s case, people seem more concerned about cloning (as if consoles had the same standard as DVD players). They just never do enough outside of quality while a technically inferior product gets a pass as long as it has shiny bells, loud whistles, cool slang, & buckets of blood. “Is it better for a man to have chosen evil than to have good imposed upon him?”

                                                        “This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence.”

                                                        1. I really don’t know what to answer to this, because nothing I’ve said contradicted what you are saying now.
                                                          I’m guessing you looked too much into my comment, all I said was that celebrating good sales when Nintendo scores them but acting like it’s completely irrelevant when other companies do, is silly. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less.

                                                    2. If a game gets great sales, it affects a company’s decision moving forward. If Bayonetta 2 sold well, chances are Platinum would have continued to support Nintendo, possibly making Bayo 3. If the original Super Mario Bros didn’t sell well you think we would have World?

                                                      1. Platinum recently thanked everyone who bought Bay 2, saying they were happy that it’s gotten such a warm reception.
                                                        If you think that they’re going to abandon Nintendo now when the sales of Bay 2 aren’t as bad as you’re making them out to be, then you’ll be the only one crying when another game comes out for the Wii U from them.

                                          1. Whilst I completely agree with the statement here that Nintendo consoles simply have more great games than other consoles, it should be noted that including user score is convenient because Nintendo – being outside of the Sony vs Microsoft nonsensical “war” – don’t have so many idiots giving their games 0 simply out of “console loyalty”.

                                            1. And people say Nintendo consoles are for babies? Sounds like nothing but mature ideas to me. You just proved that by the user score comment.

                                          2. I hate to say this to Nintendo but…showing off 8-10 games for a console that’s been out for years isn’t going to be a strong case. If all 10 of the games were on Smash or Pokemon level then maybe but…having an HD remake and Both Bayonetta games doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence…

                                            1. All those games are on Smash and Pokemon levels. Those games are all top notch, high rated games. Showing the Windwaker remake is a smart move actually. Most people never played the original, especially the newer generation of kids growing up. It would be stupid not to display Windwaker as one of thier top games. And what do you have against the Bayonetta games? Oh… they are on Nintendo consoles.. So they are no longer good games… right?

                                              But your right in a way. The mainstream gaming crowd wants grey shooters. They want hype, and CoD style commercials with chicks and guns. AC Unity was a broken mess, but people still bough that game in droves..

                                              1. I don’t like Bayonetta on principle, no matter what console it’s on. It’s disgraceful and such an objectifying game should not be allowed in stores. Things like this are what pushes the woman’s movement back for years. (Although my main point was that it should have just been Bayonetta 2 on the screen since 1 was just an added bonus for buying it)

                                                I don’t like FPS games myself, but I still do enjoy other mainstream titles like Ratchet and Clank and Madden. They’re mainstream for a reason…they’re just a lot of fun to play. I don’t think you can honestly consider the rest of the games to be on such a high level unless you think poorly of Smash and Pokemon. Windwaker is good, but it’s a remake. I could name 10 PS4 games that would clean its clock. Or even 2 Xbox One games for that matter…(Madden 15 and Madden 25)

                                                1. “I don’t like Bayonetta on principle, no matter what console it’s on. It’s disgraceful and such an objectifying game should not be allowed in stores. Things like this are what pushes the woman’s movement back for years. ”

                                                  and games like GTA are much better in that regard?

                                                  “Although my main point was that it should have just been Bayonetta 2 on the screen since 1 was just an added bonus for buying it”

                                                  it’s a standalone game and the release on the wii u received a seperate rating, so why shouldn’t it count?

                                                  “Windwaker is good, but it’s a remake”

                                                  and a good remake at that.. i don’t see your point
                                                  it has been completely revamped.. many 80+ rating FPS shooters are nothing but rehashes of prior titles either with certain alterations (and some ridiculous story nobody really cares about).. why do these deserve acclaim, yet the WW remake does not?

                                                  1. A new game that has similar gameplay mechanics, but a brand new story is nothing close to a remake. So, I don’t see the comparison there.

                                                    GTA isn’t much better and I was glad to hear that Lindsey Lohan sued them a while back. I’ll never even touch one of those titles!

                                                    It’s a standalone game, but marketing it as one of the big Wii U games is nonsense. It’s like ordering a burger meal at McDonalds and it comes with fries. You don’t advertise the fries…it’s just an added bonus.

                                                    1. The irony of your statement?
                                                      There have been plenty of times where fast food companies have advertised the changes in their fries.
                                                      Jack in the Box and Carls Jr. have done so multiple times, in fact.

                                                      So, yeah, bad example.
                                                      WW HD is still a strong example of a great game to get for the console.

                                                    2. “A new game that has similar gameplay mechanics, but a brand new story is nothing close to a remake. So, I don’t see the comparison there.”

                                                      and what’s not to be credited about a remake? do you think that nintendo put any less work into the remake of WW than other studios put into yet another iteration of shooter XYZ?

                                                      1. Honestly….yes I do think that. I’m not saying that they’re not putting in a lot of work, but it’s a lot easier to rebuild something that already has a solid foundation than to make a new game, no matter how similar it is. Now, if they’re using the same engine, same codes, etc… (Sly…..) then it’s a different story altogether.

                                                  1. Did I say that those should be added to the list?….No!!! I wouldn’t put those there either. I’m thinking more along the lines of Madden 15, Uncharted, Infamous, etc.

                                                    1. InFamous, yes. Uncharted, that’s a big maybe, as it’s so similar to InFamous and Assassin’s Creed that the only big difference is the method used to kill stuff and the amount of ability you have in traversing the world’s many obstacles.

                                                      But Madden?
                                                      F***ING MADDEN?!
                                                      No, dude. Just, NO.

                                                2. Dude, in my opinion some of those other games are above and beyond Pokemon and Smash. ALBW, and Ocarina of Time? Fire Emblem, and Luigis Mansion? Mario Kart 8 and SM3d World? I had more fun with those six games than I can even begin to describe. If you don’t like those games I just mentioned, fine, thats your opinion. But your opinion is obviously in the minority here.

                                                  1. A like all of the games that you mentioned…but on Pokemon and Smash level? Not even close.

                                                    Smash>>>>Ocarina of Time>>Pokemon>>>Mario Kart 8>>Mario 3D World>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A Link Between Worlds>>>>>Fire Emblem>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Luigis Mansion

                                            2. New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Shovel Knight, Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros. 4 & Captain Toad. Sounds like they have plenty of games to go around that’s clearly more than 10 not counting a few “decent” third party games that are not Ubisoft’s BS or EA.

                                              1. I was talking about the poster! I’m saying that they could have picked more games to put on it or maybe just switched some (Bayonetta) out for others that would have been better options

                                            3. “showing off 8-10 games for a console that’s been out for years isn’t going to be a strong case.” Uh… It’s only been out 2 years, not YEARS! And I don’t see PS4 with Smash or Pokemon level game yet. Hell, they don’t even have exclusives! The GOTY for PS4 is the same game that won the GOTY on the Xbox One, look at GameSpot! And PS4 had NOT A SINGLE EXCLUSIVE NOMINATED, WTF!? And Bayonetta is too good to not brag about it.

                                                1. It doesn’t matter, the Wii U had Lego City Undercover, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Wind Waker HD, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3 and Super Mario 3D World in it’s first year. That’s right, the Wii U had a game nominated for GOTY in first year so quit it with the excuses like you try to tell us Nintendo fans with your constant mindless gibberish

                                                  1. The Wii U missed out on a ton of third party games. In both its first and second year. The first year was especially the worst for me because I don’t care much for Pikmin 3 or Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Lego City is good but that still doesn’t make up for the lack of games. WWHD, Wonderful 101, and SM3DW came WAAAAAY too late. The only Wii U game I seriously really wanted and couldn’t wait to buy was Super Mario 3D World. And that was definitely worth the purchase. But it came a full year after the Wii U released. In the same year, there were games like Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, GTA V, etc. And they ALL skipped the Wii U. The only game Nintendo fans got to play was the waiting game. Lol.

                                          3. Now what about advertisements of all those games in a compilation on TV? I see ps4 ads on TV with less games that aren’t even exclusive…

                                              1. Yes, it is. It is the 8th console and therefore this gen. However, be my guest and live in your fantasy world of delusions if you insist. But it won’t change the fact, how hard you may try.

                                            1. I agree a lot with you but it’s not like the 3rd parties have been good lately… Plus everyone wants to start remastering all there games all of a sudden. The PS4 and Xbox One is freaking getting Devil May Cry 4 AGAIN after it already released on PS3/Xbox 360…(there’s more but that’s all I could think of right now) Plus Sony is even doing the same.(though this doesn’t count since they aren’t 3rd party) They’ve already remastered The Last of Us and next is Ratchet and Clank… I think something is going on with these 3rd parties right now

                                                    1. Got it free with PS+, I never understood why so many people loath the game. All I know is that it has a really awesome combo system. You can do some really cool combos in that game. I’ll be honest and kind of ashamed but I never really got into the Devil May Cry series too much, vaguely remember playing it as a kid but I was too into PC gaming then to care about it.

                                                      I guess cause they changed Dante, you know how touchy fans get about stuff like that. As I’ve said plenty times before though people are really scared of change, they tend to like the same things over and over. I don’t know why but that is just how it is for most people.

                                              1. They’re not remastering Ratchet & Clank. A new Ratchet & Clank is being made for the PS4 to coincide with the Ratchet & Clank movie coming out. The R&C collection (remaster) came out on PS3 a while back.

                                                  1. Remake is closer to it but it’s still a new game, not a remaster. It’s to go along with the movie, as I said before, which is loosely based on the first game. The movie doesn’t exactly stick to the game completely which is why the new R&C is more of a remake than a remaster. It will not be a 1 to 1 with HD graphics.


                                            1. I think the reason they are not joining in the Holiday fray is because they don’t have that many exclusives, which is smart because if you go flaunting games another system has then you are sure to get the look from everyone.

                                          5. Nice!!! The info graphic is really cool, but this has to be put up at every mall, video game store, etc in America, because no one will see it if it only makes its way to video game blogs where everyone already owns a Wii U.

                                            1. Sony and Microsoft don’t have to do anything, they’re mature enough to not go Nintendo’s route

                                              Speaking the truth? Compared to PS4 and X1 the Wii U has so few games and third parties. It’s not worth getting a Wii U if you haven’t gotten a PS4 yet.

                                              1. I was clearly poking a little fun if you didn’t notice.

                                                “they’re mature enough to not go Nintendo’s route”
                                                Are you saying that to NOT advertise your great games for your console is mature? Wow, I can see you won’t run a business well. Plus, Nintendo is giving Sony and Microsoft good competition, if I do say so myself.

                                                And yes it is the truth, the “truth” is the exact reason I bought a Wii U instead of a PS4 and Xbox One, not that they’re bad of course but let’s just say their available games don’t look “too good”. The only games I’m interested in are at the very least a few years away (I’m looking at you KH III). What games I think are good will obviously be different from others.

                                                “Compared to PS4 and X1 the Wii U has so few games and third parties.”
                                                So few? Someone’s not doing the maths here. I was trying to get a list of RELEASED games on the PS4 but I can’t seem to find a good source, however even if Wikipedia’s figure is right (the “supposed” 399 games), how many of those games are selling PS4s? How many of them are released? How many of those games are highly anticipated and are critically acclaimed? Even if Nintendo has “few” games (I’m seeing 200+ on the eShop), they have great games to justify they’re low figures.

                                                  1. Haha nice comeback. However I asked how many games does PS4 have right now that are making people buy a PS4, not how PS4s have been sold because of it’s games. Remember that the PS4’s games aren’t exactly it’s primary cause for it selling greatly, Sony did a very good job marketing the PS4, building excitement and anticipation for the console leading to a great number of sales at launch which also contributed to it’s post-launch sales as well.

                                          6. The titles they showed on the graphic were specifically all the 19 titles they reference in the statistic. It’s very impartial actually.

                                            1. It is just advertising, sony and microsoft didn’t hesitate to say that their consoles hardware was better than nintendo’s so why can’t nintendo advertise that they have better reviewed software?

                                              1. Sony and Microsoft never said that… Why would they even need to? It’s obvious that both their consoles are stronger than the Wii U. And I didn’t say Nintendo shouldn’t do it. It’s good that they’re advertising the Wii U with this infographic. Because there’s barely been any advertising at all. I’ve seen The Masterchief Collection commercial at least over a dozen times now. Last time I saw a Wii U ad was with Mario Kart 8. 7 months ago. Lol.

                                            1. 8 games they could fit. If they were to include all it’s going to be a long list. If you notice they put both Bayonetta games instead of counting them as one

                                          7. They’re right people need to open their eyes and see that Wii U is really the winner of the 8 generation. I question why they put Rayman Legends when it was on every other HD platform but of course Wii U was the best version. They also neglected Kid Icarus Uprising for some reason, to many that’s arguably the best game on the 3DS (slightly beating Awakening)

                                              1. I used to have a 3DS and before my brother traded it in, I played Kid Icarus Uprising and I thought it was AMAZING!!! The story was sooooo good imo! And the controls were pretty bad but once you get used to it (like i did) the game is even more fun! Plus all the unlockable weapons and items gave it replay value even if the amazing and really fun online wasn’t there! Amazing game but not a masterpiece since the controls bad!

                                                1. The only reason I don’t think Kid Icarus is that great is because of the gameplay. It’s not that great imo. The story is great though. I do enjoy that. Gameplay is nothing special though. I kind of had to force myself to play the game just so I could see more of the story. I found it kind of boring.

                                                  1. Having fire wood opinions is not good…it lights up and burns, and disintegrates, ad just reminds people how nothing lasts forever…everything disintegrates as infinity approaches and as the sun grows bigger, and puts the world in flames…just like fire wood.

                                                      1. I did say “arguably” meaning you can have a different opinion. I appreciate you sharing yours it doesn’t matter if you don’t agree. It’s still a important game in the 3DS’ library that people years from now may remember if mentioning a favorite game to play on the handheld

                                            1. Jesus, the 8th gen’s only a year + old, there’s so much more coming out that wi will easily defy expectations.

                                              I don’t know, I found Persona Q to be the best. Icarus’s controls were too annoying for me

                                              1. Who gives a damn about Metacritic? A fanboy cycle club, that censors you if you if you say something they don’t like. They can go the hell if you asking me.

                                          8. I cannot disagree with the infographic. I have a PS4 and I only have four games for it (with two or three more coming next week for the holidays). Half of them look and feel like largely the same thing (Assassin’s Creed and Shadows of Mordor, etc.). I also have a 3DS and Wii U and every game feels unique and fun. However, I feel like it’s kinda cheating to say 19 when Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 are two separate ones of them, Smash U and 3DS are separate ones, Pokemon X and Y are separate, and Rayman and Bayo1 are on previous gen platforms that people probably have. But with that all said, I cannot argue against the fact that Nintendo Games typically feel more fun and innovative to me (story and gameplay-wise at least).

                                                1. Fortunately, I have played quite a few demos for many games coming next year and so far so good. I can’t say the same for this past year. A few of the games looked cool prior, but I never had hands on the way I had hands on with 2015’s.

                                          9. I don’t think you know what going to war means Sickr. You’re a videogame blogger, not a war correspondent. In case you didn’t know.

                                          10. Wow, they actually put Persona Q up there. Hopefully that means it’s really good, because I’ve been thinking of getting it.

                                          11. Pingback: Nintendo dice que tiene los mejores juegos - TierraGamer

                                            1. Considering their “last console” is selling hot cakes right now, I wouldn’t say they’ll be gone anytime soon.

                                              1. Don’t make me laugh. Sony is on its last leg and you saying they’ll won’t be gone anytime soon? If they go on with their shit course like this, they will vanish damn soon.

                                                1. How is it their last leg if they already predicted losses fr the next few years (implying they have enough money to toughen it out) and the fact that they had a surprise profit 2 quarters ago?

                                          12. They’re combining the Wii U and 3DS as one console. Cut the “19 BEST GAMES!!!1” in half and what do you get? 8. The same number as “anywhere else” according to their pic. Sooo, yeah, just give me a call when Zelda Wii U comes out. I’ll be over here playing everything else.

                                          13. With a look at The WOnderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 – he is absolute right. These are two of the best (probably the best) games of this generation.

                                          14. Oooooooh shiiiiiet. Also, PS4 and Xbone have no exclusives, Im just saying. Go Nintendo this Xmas or you just suck at being a smart consumer.

                                          15. They have defineitly cheated on this a bit, putting bayonetta 1 and both pokemons on there, plus I doubt there’s only 8 games on next gen systems that are over 85, also are they counting the vita as well? if they’re using the 3ds then they should’ve counted the vita.
                                            Still this is all marketing stunts so whatever, all companys are gonna exaggerate to some extent and the points still pretty true, all the games nintendo have worked on for the console so far(barring game and wario) have been golden.

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