Next Issue Of Japanese Magazine Nintendo Dream Promises To Be Something Special


Japanese Nintendo magazine Nintendo Dream is celebrating its 250th issue and to commemorate the occasion they will be putting out a bumper issue filled with developer interviews from key Nintendo staff. There’s going to be interviews with Mr Miyamoto and Masahiro Sakurai and many more talented developers at Nintendo. Here’s what the next issue of Nintendo Dream will contain.

  • Huge 20,000 character interview with Shigeru Miyamoto regarding the pikmin animated films, and several of Nintendo’s 2015 projects.
  • 2 Page feature and interview with Masahiro Sakurai regarding Super Smash Bros.
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire development staff interview
  • Mario Kart 8 DLC feature and development staff interview
  • New details on Splatoon, Kirby: Rainbow Curse, Ace Attorney, Harvest Moon
  • New Years Greeting Cards from Nintendo development staffs

Thanks, Chris W


    1. As far as the news, looking forward to info on Kirby Rainbow Curse and Ace Attorney.

      Splatoon? Don’t really care.

  1. I wish Nintendo Dream issue come where I live. The one that comes here is a different Nintendo issue.

  2. “Mario Kart 8 DLC feature and development staff interview”
    Very curious, I desire to know why the item system and weight system are awful. Also battle mode, who made that stupid idea.

  3. Battle mode, as in course selection, why no dlc planned for them, have they ever tested it, after deat…is just too much…!

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