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Hyrule Warriors Preorder DLC Is Now Available To Purchase In Europe

Didn’t pre-order Hyrule Warriors, but want the downloadable content that those who pre-ordered received? Well now can get it if you’re in Europe. The three Costume Packs (Ocarina Of Time, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword) are available to purchase for 0.99€ or around $1.50. The content was previously only available for those who pre-ordered at retailers such as GameStop and Amazon. You can get the three Costume Packs on the European Wii U eShop.

Thanks, Jaison and Dee


29 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Preorder DLC Is Now Available To Purchase In Europe”

    1. no, they were just costumes with mainly colour variations (dark world link and zelda) no, but the skins shpuld be part of hero of hyrule pass. will it arrive with the final boss pack dlc?

  1. So happy about this! I’ve wanted the OOT and SS Link and Zelda for ages, I have the TP from the preorder but I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would but I’m defo getting these!

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  3. Hyrule Warriors has done very well. Over 700k sales and steadily increasing. Has some good legs on it. I never thought this game would out perform Bayonetta, but it did.

  4. Nice I hope it comes to the U.S. On a side note unrelated, I beat all the Smash Brothers Wii U challenges today, no hammers used! Had to share lol. I’ll post a pic later if I can

      1. Have fun with all star on hard with everyone, that was by far the worst lol. Classic on 9.0 with everyone (I know only 7.0 is required) was pretty easy besides meta knight and only cause his hits do like 2-3% it seems so I usually lose to master core cause it takes forever to kill him lol. Usually I die to the timer lol. But even he only took a couple of tries, playing the 3DS version of course helped since I already knew master core’s moves going in. How many more challenges do you have left?

            1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

              At the moment no but I think I’m going to pass on finishing all-star or classic with all characters…

              I know I can do it I just can’t be bothered by it…

              And I don’t have the time for either…

              1. I did classic on 9.0 instead of 7.0 and it only took two days, all star took like 5-8 days, can’t remember but yea it’s the most time consuming challenge by far. That’s the one most people skip understandably.

    1. Really wtf? There are some challenge s that are so hard and stupid.But man what was your most time consuming? Mine is to beat all star on hard with all characters.thinking of uding hammer

      1. That one is by far the most time consuming, it took me like 5-7 days, I beat classic on 9.0 with everyone in like 2 days and it wasn’t hard, all star was far harder. What other ones do you need? There are some that are much easier if you know a secret to them like 8 cruel smash KOs with Lucina (which will also give you the 8 KOs with anyone challenge).

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