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Jakks Pacific Have A Ton Of Official Nintendo Toys Coming Out


Jakks Pacific, who are the leading designer and marketer of toys and consumer products, have a wonderful range of Nintendo toys coming out in the near future. In fact there’s a huge range of toys set to come out in the coming months and they’re all officially licensed by Nintendo. Jakks Pacific also have a wide range of Nintendo themed playsets for sale too. Here’s what the company is planning to release.


Wave 2 (coming April 2015):

  • 4″ Blue Toad
  • 4″ Luigi
  • 4″ Diddy Kong
  • 4″ Samus (in Metroid Prime style)
  • 6″ Metroid
  • 6″ Toon Ganondorf

Wave 3 (coming July 2015):

  • 4″ Fire Mario (with Fire Flower accessory)
  • 4″ Goomba (with a Coin accessory)
  • 4″ Peach (with a Crown accessory)
  • 4″ Fox McCloud (with an Arwing accessory)
  • 6″ Yoshi
  • 6″ Skull Kid (from Majora’s Mask)

Wave 4 (coming August 2015):

  • 4″ Tanooki Mario (with Tanooki Leaf accessory)
  • 4″Samus in Gravity Suit (with Morph Ball accessory)
  • 4″ Shy Guy (with propeller accessory)
  • 4″ Fire Luigi (with Fire Flower accessory)
  • 4″ Ocarina of Time Link (with Hylian Shield accessory)
  • 6″ Piranha Plant
  • 6″ Metal Bowser OR Dry Bowser

jakks_pacific_world_of_nintendo_2Thanks, Salvador

48 thoughts on “Jakks Pacific Have A Ton Of Official Nintendo Toys Coming Out”

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            That’s all these misguided children are for…

            Soon the Sonyans and Xbots will know their place in oblivion…

    1. Are you stupid? These look perfectly fine for toys. Way better paint jobs than amiibos, and I’m sure they will be half the price. People should be collecting these instead of those cheaply constructed, poorly painted, dlc-ripoff pos amiibos.

  1. Really guys? I don’t think they look that bad…Even so, the only figure I’m interested in is Skull Kid.
    And I find it kinda weird that they’re releasing a Toon ‘dorf figure but none of the other Wind Waker characters.

  2. I think I’ll stick to amiibos. These don’t look terrible, but some of them (specifically the Luigi, Toon Ganon, and Diddy Kong have joints that just look really odd in my opinion. I’ve never been one to collect action figures though for that reason, so if they were solid figures (like the amiibos are) where they have less/less-noticeable seams, I’d be cooler with it. That said, though… Metroid and Skull Kid are on this list. My interest is captured.

    1. Lol amiibos will plummet in price once their next console comes out. Who is gonna care about a gimmick dlc toy 5 years from now? Amiibos look like shit, there was an article even talking about the quality reduction since the e3 reveal.

      The only Nintendo collectibles even worth anything are the Nintendo world championship games, you nintendrone.

      1. I wanted the Link figure that Jakks Pacific made, and I never found it. All I ever find is Mario, Yoshi and Wario. Then the amiibo came along, and Nintendo had extreme shortages and even discontinued some before I ever even seen any any stores (Marth). Now these. Ugh!

    1. With kids that might get this fr m for them so their kids are going to grow up with him and might be more based to him in the future when buying a gaming console.

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