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Kirby And The Rainbow Curse Might Cost $40

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse might have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $40. This is based on the game’s listing on the Canadian branches of Amazon and EB Games, both of which suggest it will be a budget-priced title. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse has players guiding Kirby along a rainbow line drawn on the Wii U GamePad’s touch screen through a world made of clay. It is scheduled to launch in February for Wii U.

95 thoughts on “Kirby And The Rainbow Curse Might Cost $40”

        1. Because they are fucking cheap to develop and are short, lack online, level editors and so why would games like that cost the same as GTA 5, Zelda, Dragon Age, Xenoblade…

            1. Smash isn’t a 2D platformer, it’s a fighter, and actually lives up to it’s 60$ price tag. The amount of content in that game is absurd, not to mention that it has everything you’d want from it’s online.

              But NSMBU, DK TF, Yoshi’s wooly world, Kirby, NSMB2, NSMBWii, Mario Maker, Yoshi’s New Island, Kirby’s Epic Yarn and many more don’t deserve such high price tags. What is the reason for such a high price?

                  1. 2D view plane with a platform stage. Sounds like a “2D-ish platformer” to me. If you were to say “side-scrolling”, then it makes sense. But back to topic, you would hate Smash Bros. because its not fully 3D. Period. Stop being a hater over a genre thats generally challenging and fun to play compare to your heated desire for another COD rehash or clone.

                    1. ??? “But back to topic, you would hate Smash Bros. because its not fully 3D” What does that even mean?

                      Generally challenging and fun? Well, that’s your opinion, but I do somewhat agree. Not to the point that you can call COD a rehash, and New Super Mario Bros not, because they are.

                      1. You know what I mean.

                        New Super Mario Bros. series was taking the rehash definition a bit too far (not as much as COD/Madden). The buck should’ve stopped at Wii, I know.

                        1. And Pokemon as well. If you actually look at Nintendo’s games, you’d realize that little has changed. DK is still very similar. Yoshi is still very similar. Mario is still very similar. Mario Kart as well. Smash as well, Zelda as well…

                          Cod is only so frowned upon because they make games every year, whoever says that Nintendo is insanely innovative and that other games are rehashes are fucking hypocrites.

                          1. Calling Pokemon which changes its formula and add legit new features (except 5th gen didn’t change much) a “rehash” is as insulting as calling Wii U a “weak console” which does what other consoles can’t do or even mimic right..isn’t that right Sony? lol

                            New Mario Bros. and Mario Party are kinda like Nintendo’s rehashes. So I suppose you want Nintendo to do what Sega is doing to Sonic: Giving their franchises too much BS changes that eclipses the unbroken formula that works into something that’s no longer the definition of itself anymore? Calling DKC rehash when it’s merely one sequel after another? DKC>DKC2>DKC3 each evolves a sense of challenges and adds new characters that changes gameplay. DKCR>DKCTF is a revival of the series that also changes from the original trilogy especially with DKCTF that’s the first game with 4 playable characters that acts differently and aids DK in certain levels.

                            When you look at COD after MW2, it’s merely a change in timeline and slight change in multiplayer for the worst. MW3 with broken respawn, BO1 with bullet lag, BO2 with that fucking Target Finder, broken respawn and LMG abuse and finally…Ghosts..everyone should know how shit that garbage is and shouldn’t be classified as a COD game. Ridiculously large maps while decreasing player count from 18 to 12 (biggest and dumbest mistake), broken balance, respawn, stale storytelling, bullet damage being too high, reusing the same crappy 2003 engine claiming it “next gen” (my ass). Advanced Warfare, no different and its three years of development with no real change and broken at launch like Master Chief Edition on Xbox One (Xbox One’s grand excuse to sell their failing brand)

                            The difference is Nintendo is careful to change their games significantly as needed WITHOUT crippling their established formula for the sake of shoving gimmicks to sell (Sonic’s werehog or Boom redesign that never helped the gameplay and Call of Duty with dogs, fish AI, Exo suits for millions of noobs and brand name for idiots to buy more of the repeated games) With the exception of certain Nintendo games that didn’t work out like Other M, Paper Mario Sticker Star and Wii Music…, at least Nintendo doesn’t play BS on their consumers with false promises and gimmicks that are as pointless as Kinect.

                            1. Oh yeah? From MW2 to now? Why only from then? Why not the entire franchise like you’re looking at Nintendo’s franchises?

                              Pokemon changes the formula? Oh really? Wow, really? It comes out every year and adds little new things, and every so often does something a little bigger, but nothing special.

                              DK, even with Returns and onwards is very similar to the original Country, so don’t give me that shit.

                              “The difference is Nintendo is careful to change their games significantly as needed WITHOUT crippling their established formula for the sake of shoving gimmicks to sell”

                              Oh really? Because I’m pretty sure they make their entire consoles to do that and then center games around those gimmicks. Skyward Sword? Wii Sports? Super Paper Mario? Galaxy? Twilight Princess? DK CR? All of those games use motion controls in places that they don’t need to just to use them.

                              Yes, CoD Ghosts were terrible, that no one can deny.

                              So you say that CoD has only rehashes, but now that they’ve added Exo suits that change the gameplay completely, you call that a piece of shit gimmick. Good, good, good, good. No, really, you’re FUCKING genius, there, buddy.

                              1. Yes. MW2 was the last big change in the franchise for the multiplayer which only changed it for better or worse. Then every game since then only made it terrible with certain OP weapons/perks and forever damage the balance and spawns. Only COD4 is by far the most balanced of all COD games which is why I ONLY love COD4. MW2 could’ve topped that game but it changed the series for the worst in the end.

                                Yes Pokwmon does evolves its formula. 2nd gen: 2 new PKMN types, new Pokeball/items and travel to previous region Kanto heavily extending replayability. 3rd gen: New items like berries, contests, Battle Frontier, secret bases and weather conditions enhancing battle capabilities. 4th gen: New items, environments/weather, online play and GTS (Global Trade Station). 5th gen:…doesnt introduce shit and its more like a modified 4th gen game so that doesnt count. 6th gen: Mega Evolution, 3D visuals, new Fairy type and seemlessly simpler online interactivities, Spotpass and Streetpass for sharing/downloading content. You say they make PKMN every year? That actually started with Black/White in 2011 which BTW is the least selling generation of the series because, as mentioned, didn’t introduce shit to the franchise besides a couple of new battle modes that aren’t as heavily utilized. I don’t count remakes because they are like the old counterparts but with current day graphics and features which may seem new to the remakes but ultimately its a standard thing instead of being new.

                                New DKC is significantly different from the original trilogy. For instances, visuals, tweaked computer AI “piggyback” Co-Op (which I’m not keen about because I like playing/switching characters separately) and the challenges in levels and bosses are tougher than the original games, not to mention that Kremlings (crocodiles clan from DKC) is no longer the enemy types which 2 of Retro’s DKC games has new enemies while the sequel introduces more playable characters like Cranky which is the first, with their own trademark abilites to help access certain areas and secrets that DK couldn’t reach.

                                Skyward Sword wasnt a terrible game and neither was the Motion+ that enhances accurate swordplay from Twilight Princess. Just the constant tutorial reminder was pissing people off. Wii Sports is actually a fun game that cleverly demoed the new controllers so IDK why you mentioned this one. Twilight Princess wasn’t even close to being a “gimmick”. Its a GameCube port to help sell the Wii on launch day. DKCR only used the Wii Remote for pounding the ground.

                                When I see COD now, its more of the same shit I’ve seen for 7 years or perhaps since it started in 2003. MW2 already set the bar but also destroyed the balance and new ideals of the series for good. Not even the broken Advanced Warfare with its additional year of development can save the dying series. The Exo Suits is merely a gimmick noob tool to sell copies to dumbasses who still pay $120 a year for the same shit again and to give noobs a reason to continue playing thinking they’re good when they’re not and if those same people try to play Battlefield, they’ll lose quickly and whine like bitches that the game sucks because they’re bad at it but say it just sucks without reason. I bet I can still win any matches without using Exo Suits. Thats how pointless it is. Its just a gimmick to sell the game to morons who can’t play nor take a bullet or a loss for shit.

                                1. Ok, so you look at Pokemon all the way from the first game in the series. Why don’t you look at CoD all the way from the first game in the series? That way you’d see many more changes than just looking at the last 3,4 games.

                                  Wow, berries, Mega Evolutions, Battle Frontier…Truly are innovative as fuck. I can’t believe that! Really! But Zombies, Different maps, Dog, Killstreaks, Exosuits and other things… Those are small changes, fuck those. No, I see now. Albert Einstein, is that you?


                                  Look at the main Pokemon games. On average they come out once a year. And yes, I’ll count all of them, remakes, and the versions like Blue, Crystal… Because, yes, you don’t have to buy them, but you don’t have to buy CoD as well.

                                  DKCR has piggyback? Wow, that is something special. New visuals almost 20 years later? Who would’ve thought. Don’t give me that bullshit. People play Cod to play Cod, people play DK to play DK. All franchises have to stay the same in their core or else, you have no reason to buy them.

                                  Oh, I see that you’ve proclaimed yourself a judge of what are gimmicks and what aren’t. Oh, you aren’t Einstein. You’re God himself. Oh, Lord, I’ve done some terrible shit.

                                  When you see CoD it’s the same shit as in 2003, but when you see NSMBU it’s not the same shit from 1986? In it’s core, it is.

                                  Exo is just a gimmick to sell to people? Why isn’t Galaxy just a gimmick to sell to people? Why isn’t the fast sail from WW HD? Gravity in Mario Kart 8? Put those players against people who play Forza and see if they are gonna win. No, they will quickly lose and whine like bitches that the game sucks because they are bad at it, but say it sucks without a reason.

                                  Come at me bruuuooooo.

                      2. Dumbass, DKC is $50 which is NOT GTA5’s, Zelda’s or even Call of Fucking Duty.

                        Calm your tits. Just because you only favor endless repetitive shooters these days, doesn’t necessarily mean platformers suddenly suck and you wanna know the sad truth? Platforms are actually far more challenging AND creative than orgies of shooters firing bullets and lasers at dumbass sissy human and CAI players on screen every 5 seconds before dying in the cheapest way possible.

                          1. Then why are you bitching about it like it sucked? DKC isnt $60 but Rayman is and you didnt say shit about that. Why? Because its not a Nintendo game for you to hate and bitch about. How about that trash Knack on PS4? Its fully priced and not 2D but it sucks balls because of its terribly boring linear gameplay. Yet you don’t complain about those games either. What else? Sonic? I guess even the decent Sonic 4, Advance trilogy and Rush are trash too and should be priced at bargain bin prices.

                            1. Rayman doesn’t deserve that price tag as well, but Nintendo is the developer that mostly makes platfromers. Knack isn’t a 2D platformer, I haven’t played it, and thus don’t consider myself capable of evaluating it. I said “many more” so that I wouldn’t have to mention every fucking game on the planted, you imbecilic piece of shit.

                                1. Why’s that? Because they don’t support the Wii U? Don’t give me shit about AC Unity. They fucked that up, but it doesn’t make them the worst company ever.

                                  Watch Dogs was a good game, it was just too overhyped, so again, why is it that they don’t deserve anything?

                                  1. Watchdogs…PC support in general is as shit as Nintendo…Uplay…

                                    To me, Ubisoft is now another EA and they’re officially shit. No damage control of yours can change that.

                                    1. I have Watch Dogs on my PC and it’s fine. Uplay? It’s not as big of a deal as you are trying to make it.

                                      Damage control? Wow, really? How’s that?

                                      1. Fine? With its typical story writing, lied about its amazing 2012 counterpart, gimmick “hacking” thats not even “hacking” at all (one button action is all it is) and the glaring fact you CAN’T PUNCH IN A 2014 SANDBOX GAME, it sucks compare to even the most boring GTA4.

                                        Uplay not a bug deal? Its a freaking DRM that you have to make a second account just to play online like Origin. No thanks.

                                        1. Yes, I said that it was overhyped by the Ubisoft and especially by the media, but it isn’t a bad game.

                                          Uplay isn’t a fucking big deal. I have both Origin and Uplay, and I don’t fucking care. I got a couple of free games on Origin, so why the fuck not.

                                            1. Watafak? Spyware? Anything can be spyware now. Like they care for individuals and what they do with their lives. I never got that mentality of “This big company scans your PC, so they are spying on you” No, they don’t fucking care for you. I would prefer if it didn’t scan my pc, but then a billion other programs also do it, so what can I do. Just not use my PC?

                                              So, free games are bad, lowering the price is bad. Admiting that the Kinect was a bad idea and giving their consumers the option not to buy it is bad. Nintendo is doing it right by sticking to their guns and still trying to shove the Gamepad into people’s faces which hasn’t been working for the past 2 years and won’t work in the future. They are correct for not giving free games. They are correct for keeping their games at their original price 4,5 years after their release.

                                              Yes, they are always correct. Being pro consumer isn’t actually being pro consumer, it’s being anti consumer by appearing to be pro consumer. Being anti consumer is actually being pro consumer, and giving options is a terrible idea. I finally get it now.

                                      2. They may be cheap, but their replay value is HUGE compared to story-based games. My parents paid Yoshi Island 60 bucks back in the day and I still play it from time to time. I’d say that’s a $60 pretty well spent. 40 bucks is perfect IMO. But I respect the opinion of Noa ! :)

                                          1. You just said replay value is subjective. .. Isn’t that a little ironic to you? You just wasted hours probably arguing with some random on the Internet and by your own admission said that basically the content of your argument is subjective to begin with. He values platforming titles you don’t. You like different games. Who gives a fuck.

                          2. I can’t imagine it being more than 40. When I first saw the trailer, I thought it was going to be an eShop game.

                            1. No game is unnecessary for Wii U. The Wii U needs all the games it can get right now, so this is a nice little game to prevent a drought between Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and the next Wii U game after Rainbow Curse…

                          3. Gotta say I’m not too excited for this one. I wont knock it until I try it however. I will buy it and give it a go, who knows it could be my next favorite game.

                              1. It depends on who’s playing it. I’m not really a fan of CoD and I tried playing BO2 for about 30 minutes and I got bored. But I know that my cousin can play that game for hours every day…

                                  1. Doesn’t mean they’re all noobs though. Some people probably get destroyed on CoD and then they get mad and call that person a noob.

                                        1. Because half brain dead morons like to shoot shit that moves because those monkeys thinks its fun to mess with guns but in real life, they go find an excuse to shoot up dozens of other people that never negatively crossed them. In games, they shoot and camp. In RL, they shoot others and themselves when they’re done. The similarity between them two is that both types are nothing but violence craving pussies with social problems and dysfunctional parents pretending to care for their children by letting them off on their own to go crazy.

                                          1. The only way I’ll really like a FPS is if it has a good story. I don’t want to just shoot stuff up for no reason. XD That’s why I liked that Goldeneye game. It was the Wii game, but I’ve heard good things about the N64 one too. :)

                                            1. Call of Duty 4 was my first true love of the FPS genre with solid gameplay despite playing Metroid Prime 1&2 first in 2004 which is more of an adventure than just FPS. MW2 could’ve been lightyears better if it wasn’t for the unbalancing plague it started and help carry out in so many spammed games afterwards to this day. Now, I hate it because it’s fucked up influence has corrupted the entire market, making other devs TRYING to be like COD to get that money by turning games like Aliens: Colonial Marines, Battlefield, Destiny, Titanfall, etc. into more COD clones and wannabes.

                                              If they remake COD4 for Wii U, I will so buy it in minute one.

                          4. I would have paid $60 for DKC:TF!
                            That’s a game of the year right there, along with Bayonetta 2!!

                            Anyway, $40 for an HD sequel to a 3DS game with some fresh twists and newish mechanics on the Wii U sounds like good strategic marketing.

                            Go Kirby!

                            1. Depending on its content and value, they’re intelligently basing their prices on those compare to the third party fuckers pricing half of Destiny for $60, rehashed COD for $60 with the same recycled story, guns/sounds and DLC and worst of all, that $30 demo ripoff called Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes that can be beaten within 5-10 fucking minutes.

                          5. You know what could’ve been cool for this title? A 4-player online co-op mode where one guides kirby with the gamepad while the others help by any controller. And after each section or level, kirby gets to be controlled by someone else! And the rotation goes on.

                                      1. Good. That means we have 2 awesome Legend of Zelda adventures to go on next year. (MM3D and Zelda U) 😀
                                        Actually no… 5 for me. Cause I still need to play OOT3D, SS, and TP. :P

                                        1. Haven’t played SS but I might skip that one because of the stupid ass constant tutorial trolling. lol I’m so looking forward to Wii U’s Zelda. Wonder what’s gonna be the subtitle for that game?

                          6. I don’t see why it should be any cheaper.
                            Plus the clay animation is obviously a graphic experiment and if you put 2 and 2 together you can kinda guess the Wii U is a better system than the 3DS for that

                          7. For $40 Wow. I would have paid full price only because this game is probably going to be one of underrated gems. I like the graphics and game play is pretty cool and creative. But hey I’m always down with saving money.

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