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Itagaki Talks More About Devil’s Third On Wii U And The Work The Team Have Done

A number of Japanese developers have spoken to Japanese publication 4 Gamer to give their own personal closing thoughts on 2014. We’ve already heard that Game Freak, the developers behind Pokemon, are preparing to announce their next game. Now it’s time to hear from Tomonobu Itagaki, the producer behind Wii U exclusive Devil’s Third. Here’s what Itagaki had to say about his project.

“We’re finally coming upon the release of Devil’s Third on the Wii U after six years, two of which were spent conceptualizing the game and four of which were spent on actual development. I know I’ve made my fans wait a long time for this game, but I figure that if I’m going to strike out on my own for this thing, I better do it with a bang, so the game just ended up taking a real life of its own as time went on. Although given that there aren’t necessarily a lot of independent developers that have that sort of luxury with time, maybe it’s a bit hard to relate to in the end. Regardless, the single player content for the game should rank favorably with what we’ve seen in action games until now. And then when it comes to online versus mode stuff, I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised at the breadth and scope of content we’ve manage to make for it. We still don’t have a release date to announce quite yet, but once it’s out, I look forward to playing it with everything. It’s going to be packed full of awesome content!”

92 thoughts on “Itagaki Talks More About Devil’s Third On Wii U And The Work The Team Have Done”

    1. My main problem is that this game is being developed by an “indie” company, yet people are treating it like a AAA game. I think they’re somewhere in the middle. They don’t have the resources that a big company has, but they do have certain luxuries that us smaller developers can only dream of. I think the game looks fine, but unfortunately it’ll flop like every other M rated game on wiiU.

      1. Also people forget that this game looks like this thanks to the switch to the freaking unreal engine (sorry if i sound like a jerk but i really hate the unreal engine)

        1. Cuz platinum’s engine is design for fast paste action game And Metal Gear Rising only switched one time of engine
          The Devil’s Third switched 3 times of engine first it was made on the Relic’s engine back in 2012 then it switched again this time to the Darksiders II engine but after THQ went bankrupcy and the rights of the Darksiders games along side with it engine were sold to another company they lost the rights for the engine so when nintendo saved the project the developers were force to switch Again this time to the Unreal Engine (freaking Unreal Engine) this is why the game looks like this
          Keep in mind that alot of engines are not compatible with eachother so change assets of a game made with another engine always turns into troubles
          Like what happened to Silicon Knight’s game Too Human that jumped from console to console and from engine to engine until it was realease on The Unreal Engine (again with the freaking Unreal Engine)
          But at least the Devil’s Third has a Chance to be good

        1. Game dev as free lancer in general i prefer to work with whatever project i can help with, i hope one day i can work on a big studio but yeah change assets from Engine to engine can be a pain the ass specially the Unreal One

    1. Agree the graphics arent good,they said they improved the graphics.Lies or not we will see in the next footage we will get.

  1. I’m looking forward to this game after what I saw from E3. It looks like poop but if they can polish it up before release so that the mechanics work smoothly then it’ll be a top game for me in 2015. The online Multiplayer looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before but also very fun so i’m hyped for this game. Please don’t screw it up.

    1. Looks awesome. Has the feel of a Duke Nukem game. And personally, I believe graphics have been good enough since the Gamecube era.

      1. Mostly I agree. I am a little disappointed in Darksiders 2 graphics, but it’s still a fun game. I think the audio and music are redeeming.

        I’ll probably buy this game barring massive complications, I’ll support it.

      1. Keep on using “gameplay over graphics” as an excuse? If you choose graphics over gameplay, then you should be having a blast with AC Unity. That game looks amazing. Come to think of it, at the time Sonic 06 was released it had really good graphics aswell. Did you have alot of fun with that one?

        It’s not an excuse m8, it’s reality.

          1. Not much of a lost considering how Dissapointing was 2014
            With games like Destiny, Watch Dogs, Evil Within and so on
            On the Brigther side we got Bayonetta 2
            Far Cry
            Shovel Knight

  2. I hate how people judge a game on look it’s not a big deal as long the game play good and is fun looks mean nothing

          1. By that logic then GOW is a rip off of RE4 and every sandbox is a rip off of GTA not to mentioned that all developers do that they take inspiration from other game for their own

  3. Normally I would say graphics don’t matter, but this looks like a PS2 game! There is no way a Wii U game deserves to have this kind of standard. C’mon Itagaki, you make amazing games, what happened to this?

        1. The game had a different engine when it was planned for the Past generation but after the downfall of THQ they were force to switch engine with is never a good thing for the graphic of a game
          Example of this Metal Gear Rising switch from the Fox engine to Platinum’s engine if you compare the two you can clearly see that the original Fox engine looked much better than than what the game end up been

            1. No worry but yeah this why the game look like this not to mention that some engines are not compatible with others that’s why when you switch to engine you either re start from square one (not alway a good idea Too Human as an example of this) or save as much as you can of the game and sacrifice other thing

  4. People talk shit about Team Ninja after Itagaki’s departure, but at least they’ve done something in the last seven or whatever years. Itagaki’s just a whiny turd with a game that will never come out.

    1. Team Ninja dropped the ball on Ninja Gaiden 3, but they nailed Dead or Alive 5, so they obviously still have plenty of talent. Honestly I would not be surprised if NG3’s grimdark story and simplified gameplay are the result of some executive dumbass saying “we need to make Ninja Gaiden appealing to a wider audience.”

      Anyway, Devil’s Third looks janky as hell and the gameplay is shockingly generic. Adding insult to injury is a protagonist that looks like one of those hilariously awful X-TREME comic book characters from the 90’s.

      1. Whatever the reasons, Ninja Gaiden 3 shows an utter lack of understanding of action game design. It’s absolutely terrible, and its incredible level of suck had me hoping that all the action game talent was with Itagaki (several more key members of the team left at the same time, although I’m not sure how many of them actually work at Valhalla now).

        I don’t care as much about the shitty character design here (and it is really shitty, almost as bad as a Metal Gear Solid game), but the problem is I don’t really see the shooting/melee gameplay working here. The transition always looks really confusing, and it seems there are a lot of situations where you just have to eat bullets and hope you kill the enemies faster than they kill you.

        I’m still hoping for this to somehow turn out good, if only because I really want to play a new Japanese action game that isn’t either vapid Platinum dreck (although Metal Gear Rising seemed at least passable, so maybe they’re getting better), part of Goichi Suda’s unstoppable downward spiral, or awkward From Software ineptitude.

        1. “vapid Platinum dreck (although Metal Gear Rising seemed at least passable, so maybe they’re getting better)”

          All right, you want to slow down and explain just what you mean right here? Just curious, really.

          Count me in as those not really feeling this particular game, though. I thought it looked kind of fun when it was originally announced, but now I’m… not so sure.

          1. To sum it all up: The action in their games is noisy, disorienting, drawn-out, bloated while feeling hollow, lacks any sense of physical weight or methodicality and has shitty QTEs. Unfortunately, Ninja Gaiden 3 is most of those things, too (and some other bad things).

              1. I haven’t played Dark Souls 2, so I’m sorry if it changes everything I believe to know about From Software and I’ve jumped to conclusions unfairly.

                I can see myself understanding a case being made for Dark Souls as a great dungeon crawl RPG (understanding, not agreeing – my personal experience of the game was too much dominated by tedium), but a great action game, it is most certainly not. From Software games have the occasional spark of genius, but to me those seem very much like the occasional grains of corn pecked by a blind hen, and I haven’t once gotten the impression that they actually know what they’re doing.

  5. Wii U needs games like this. I get people’s beef with graphics, but they haven’t released new video have they? All this loose new year hate over a picture thats been used countless times. Give the MAN a chance! Geez.

    1. Actually the Wii U doesn’t need games like this. This game is not getting anyone hyped up, and Reggie’s constant reference to “Devil’s Third” everytime he gets asked about mature third party support is border line embarrassing. I love Nintendo but this game will be released, sell 150k copies, and quickly forgotten. I understand Nintendo wants third party support, but their cancelled games strategy will only get them so far. Now I could be wrong. I don’t judge games on there graphics, so who knows, it could be the next best thing since sliced bread.

      1. Hey man, I understand where you’re coming from but I feel the Wii U can use any interesting and different style of games from what Nintendo offers. And I love Nintendo, im using my 3DS to reply now. If this game, when presented, has the features and gameplay style that I enjoy then this along with new Zelda are instant System sellers for me. And I happen to be saving up for a PC, but any way. I dont feel that Killer 7 did that great, but it was extremely fun to play.

        Just general fyi, I wasn’t comparing those two games.

        Listen to jACK pAROW.

        [Sliced Bread]

  6. The pic that Sickr have posted was just a work in progress. Most of the comments that I hear from all of you are negatives. I know that Devil’s Third wouldn’t exist at all if it weren’t for Valhalla Game Studios buying their IP back and Nintendo funding it after the demise of THQ.

    After watching the early build at E3, creator and director Itagaki have stated it looks better than we’ve seen at the show in LA last June. When 2015 arrives, we’ll be seeing improvements in Itagaki’s creation. It happened to Super Mario 3D World last year. The same possible fate will happen to Devil’s Third when it’s ready to show its new trailer. I have the utmost and complete faith in Itagaki as well as the thousands of supporters visiting his Facebook page.

    *End of rant*

  7. If only they can stop giving us these simple reports and show us some new gameplay. I’ll believe the fact that they said the graphics were improved, but I would rather see some visual proof instead.

  8. I’m reading all these commets and I’m like “sad individuals” i enjoyed what i saw at E3 and I will still pick it up regardless. They haven’t even showed the final footage and people are still criticizing the graphics which was old footage.

  9. It’s not the graphics i’m criticizing. I’m criticizing the fact that this is a third person shoot em up, with a shirtless, tattooed, muscle mercenary as the main protagonist. It doesn’t look fun to me. It looks like a western version of Dynasty Warriors. But like I said up above, I could be wrong and I will at least try it.

    1. I see what you mean, Deepsouth. A Russian version of Vin Diesel fighting for America. Over the top or not, I like it!

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