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Platinum Games Confirms It’s Working On A New Game

Platinum Games has confirmed that it is working on a new game. The Bayonetta studio’s unannounced project is in the early phase of development and the actual announcement is pretty far in the future, according to producer Akiko Kuroda. Kuroda also teased that something related to Bayonetta could be developed in 2015. Platinum recently unveiled a Bayonetta 2-themed calendar.

“I’ve actually got a new title in the works as we speak! We’re working really hard to make it something people will absolutely want to play for themselves, so we hope to keep having the support of our fans in 2015!”

74 thoughts on “Platinum Games Confirms It’s Working On A New Game”

      1. ….which has nothing to do with a sequel since 1. they now have $$ to develop the game and 2. That was exclusive to Bayo 2

        1. If i recall correctly Kamiya once Stated that he wanted to make a Jeane centered Spinoff for 3DS. I think it might be it. Would make sense since now we have New 3DS

          1. Sounds like a perfect plan, Kleber. After Kamiya is done working on Scalebound for Microsoft, I would LOVE to see him direct Jeanne 3D from Nintendo for the New Nintendo 3DS.

        2. Look at it this way: they don’t really have that much “$$”, because it seems like Platinum is the most underrated video game company of all time…

  1. I have a feeling it’s not gonna be on the Wii U. But hey… if it is, hopefully it’s something as good as Wonderful 101 and Bayo2 are.

  2. Considering that he had mentioned being interested in the idea, I really do hope it’s that new Murasame Castle game. Though it’s best for me to just keep my hopes down for now since I doubt Nintendo would be ready for that.

    If not, I wouldn’t mind a Bayonetta 3 coming immediately after the second one since Bayonetta deserves to be more mainstream.

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      1. The gameplay was great, and the story was alright. A good amount of replay too. I wouldn’t say a 10 though. I think fanboys always vote 10 on any major release.

  4. The 12 year old troll spam on this site is worse than most other places. It makes it easy to point out the children anyways.

  5. Really? A game developer is currently making a game? Wow, who would have ever thought.

    I wouldn’t mind another Bayo game, but it still feels a little soon. make us wait 3 or so years before anoter one. I would like to see a new IP first. I don’t care where it ends up, I will buy.

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