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Pokemon Developers Game Freak Are Preparing To Announce Their Next Game

Game Freak, the developers behind the incredibly popular Pokemon series and also HarmoKnight, have told Japanese publication 4Gamer that they’re readying the announcement of their next game. The company is excited about their next project and hope that it’s well received by the fans. Here’s what Tetsuya Watanabe, who is one of the senior programmers of Game Freak, had to say.

“We’re doing a lot of different things with respect to our next project, so right now we’re focusing on getting ready to announce it. We sincerely hope from the bottom of our hearts that it’ll be worth checking out once we get to that point.”


310 thoughts on “Pokemon Developers Game Freak Are Preparing To Announce Their Next Game”

    1. The First Pokemon Game is the best pokemon game I’ve ever played. It was so charming. And Firered and Leafgreen wasn’t really anything amazing, like ORAS. ORAS was realllly good nostalgia game. Great job! So make another Remake for Red and Blue please ;*

      1. Call of Duty – Rehash
        AC – Rehash
        Battlefield – Rehash
        Pokemon – No, it has mega evolutions. It’s completely different.

        Nintendo Fanboy logic.

        1. Until recently, all the Pokemon games were on like a 3 year cycle. All of those games aside from Battlefield are released every year. Not denying that Pokemon games are the same, but at least we get a little breather for the most part when playing these games.

              1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                I’m pretty sure it was HeartGold/SoulSilver. 2011 was Black/White, 2012 was Black 2/White 2, 2013 X/Y, and 2014 OR/AS.

                  1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                    Right, D/P were in 2007, not 2008.
                    Regardless, Pokémon games have been released just as often as CoD, if not more when you count the dozens of spin-off games.

            1. who cares if you don’t want it don’t buy it.
              i really hope they announce a it for wiiu i don’t care if it is red bleu yellow pink or purple nurple.
              just make a pokemon wiiu game.
              not that tekken pokken fighter crap.
              just look at wath some guys did with a minecraft mod where you can fight pokemon you can even catch shines.

                1. We need a game that is from first person point of view where u can actually look up and down and do it not like run in the grass do it as a find the flying types flying and good uses in caves and mew actually wondering around the dang region cause I don’t think you would find a mew sitting there in a cave like game freak needs to think about the anime and do it like that

              1. Keep holding your breath mastuda specifically said Pokemon is always geared towards portable handheld. When was the last successful Pokemon console game? Oh that’s right non-stadium wasn’t even close and Battle Revolution was a failure don’t even get me started on Coliseum. They’re such a small Band-Aids for nobody cares Pokémon is always been portable get over it

                1. Maybe people would care if they do what everyone is actually begging for make the gameplay experience similar to the hand held versions with just a bit more different features. Though gamefreak had already stated they will NOT make any pokemon game for a home console because they want to have something that will be actually meaningful to it like how pokemon is a.k.a pocket monsters franchise fit towards the hand held. Probably nintendo’s next gen where they are trying to make their home console portable will we see an HD pokemon experience and both sides shall be happy.

          1. HGSS, BW, BW2, XY, ORAS that’s 5 games that came out very year. It ain’t recent. And two of those games came out on the same year.

          2. Not really. Pokemon games have been releasing annually since the very beginning, with just a few exceptions.

            Red/Blue – 1998
            Yellow – 1999
            Gold/Silver – 2000
            Crystal – 2001
            Ruby/Sapphire – 2003 (exception no.1)
            FireRed/LeafGreen – 2004
            Emerald – 2005
            Diamond/Pearl – 2007 (exception no.2)
            Platinum – 2009 (exception no.3)
            HeartGold/SoulSilver – 2010
            Black/White – 2011
            Black 2/White 2 – 2012
            X/Y – 2013
            OR/AS – 2014

            You see, out of 13 cases, there were only 3 exceptions. So yes, the main series of Pokemon has been having almost entirely annual releases since the very beginning.

            1. The difference is Pokemon is deeper than most other games being released annually. They are released in generations that are compatible with each other.

              1. I didn’t say anything about the depth or content of annual games, though. The person I replied to said Pokemon games have been on a 3 year cycle until recently, which isn’t true.

            2. red / blue

              sept 30 1998

              13 months


              oct 19 1999

              12 months


              oct 15 2000

              9 months


              july 29 2001

              20 months


              march 19 2003

              18 months

              fire red/ leaf green

              spet 7 2004

              8 months


              may 1 2005

              23 months


              april 22 2007

              23 months


              march 22 2009

              12 months

              HG / Ss

              march 14 2010

              12 months


              March 6 2011

              19 months

              Black 2/ white 2

              Oct 7 2012

              12 months

              Pokemon x and y

              oct 12 2013

              13 months


              nov 21 2014

              NA dates of relase for pokemon games. I counted 7 of the 13 release dates that we’re over 1 year, ranging from 13-23 months. Some we’re released approx a year and a half later, i don’t count that as a year between releases, because you have 6-7 months of “ITS STILL NOT OUT YET< COME OUT ALREADY"

              1. My original comment is pretty old, so I’m kinda surprised you replied to it. Either way, to give you a response, if the entries of a series release “annually”, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to be apart 12 months maximum. It means there’s going to be a release each year. So, even if one entry of an annual series was to be released in January, and the next one in December of the following year, it’s still annual.
                Leads us to the conclusion that, apart from the 3 exceptions I have mentioned in my original comment, games of the main Pokemon series have indeed been releasing annually in NA.

          3. Well, I believe the criticism CoD gets is that it’s the same, not that it’s coming out too often. You can control yourself and not buy games. You cannot control how much the game changes.

        2. Dude, if you actually checked out competitive Pokemon you’d know there are some HUGE differences from gen I to gen VI in terms of gameplay. In fact, only from gen V to gen VI a lot of things changed (looking at you, weather teams).

          1. I could say that CoD changed a lot from the first game till AW. I don’t think anyone reasonable would disagree. And I could say that it changed a lot only between Ghosts and AW and again, I don’t think anyone reasonable would disagree.

            1. emm… if you like cod, go play cod. but comparing cod gameplay with pokemon gameplay is stupid. is like comparing taylor swift vs. slipknot… dont make sense

              1. No one is comparing the gameplay. I’m comparing changes.

                “If you like cod, go play cod” What does that mean? That I can’t compare two games? Should everything just be immune to criticism because if I like something, all I should do is do that thing? I shouldn’t even talk about it?

                Great logic there.

                No, I don’t like CoD, nor do I hate it.

                1. You are bashing on a nintendo game on a nintendo site. Don’t get me wrong, I liked CoD (campaign, people weren’t very team centered on multiplayer team death match). Go bash on a different site.

        3. plus customization, 3d figures instead of sprites, roller skates idea, riding Pokemon, Wonder Trade, New areas to get BP, Pokemon Amie, Pokemon Training thingy (forgot name), this is just in X and Y there is a lot more on ORAS

          1. If I said every new thing between CoD games and other things that I put on my list. It would still seem like a lot things have changed.

            What you said are all small changes. The only big one are 3D sprites… 2013… Good, goooooooood.

            That was probably a Pokemon game that brought the most new stuff in a long timeeeeeeeee.

            1. TF you talking about? Small changes? What do you want them to do? First person pokemon? Shoot em up pokemon? Sims style pokemon? If they did anything too drastic it would be a completely different game from any of the ones before and we all know that won’t fly with the fanbase they have. Everyone is literally contradicting themselves when they say OMG I WANT THEM TO CHANGE BUT WHEN THEY MAKE SIGNIFICANT CHANGES I COMPLAIN ABOUT THEM. How about you just accept that when you add a 2, a different name behind it, chances are ITS THE SAME GAME WITH SMALL CHANGES. If you want huge changes then play stadium or snap or dungeon crap alright. If you don’t then accept that they are going to and always will make the same game with minor changes, a different story and new pokemon.

              I don’t mean to be like this but come on. Give them a break for trying to please their customers. You think you can do a better job? Then do it. That goes for all of you.

                1. Fuck off bitch I play it and I am 23 years old. I will play Pokemon till my last breath on earth.

            2. TF you talking about? Small changes? What do you want them to do? First person pokemon? Shoot em up pokemon? Sims style pokemon? If they did anything too drastic it would be a completely different game from any of the ones before and we all know that won’t fly with the fanbase they have. Everyone is literally contradicting themselves when they say OMG I WANT THEM TO CHANGE BUT WHEN THEY MAKE SIGNIFICANT CHANGES I COMPLAIN ABOUT THEM. How about you just accept that when you add a 2, a different name behind it, chances are ITS THE SAME GAME WITH SMALL CHANGES. If you want huge changes then play stadium or snap or dungeon crap alright. If you don’t then accept that they are going to and always will make the same game with minor changes, a different story and new pokemon.

              I don’t mean to be like this but come on. Give them a break for trying to please their customers. You think you can do a better job? Then do it. That goes for all of you.

            3. Yup. Now you made quite clear that you haven’t played Pokemon… If you have you would know that there are A LOT more new things in X and Y than just 3D sprites and even in the older installments there’s still always something new that would change the way you play or add to the experience. I can’t believe I got butthurt back there. Wow.

              1. Minor things, like I’ve said. And I’ve played Pokemon.

                All games in franchises have something new that changes the way you play or adds to the experience.

        4. The nintendo magistrate

          remake red and blue without ANY megas and add gen 2 gyms and extra pokemon in there and it will be worth it until then game freak are dead to me !

          1. Why would this be good? Gen I was that initial spark, but those games were terrible in general terms of programming. They were riddled with errors and contradictions, ghost was weak to psychic was immune to ghost. Dragon had one damaging move, dragon rage, and bug, two, twin needle and leech life. The bag had 30 slots, boxes filled and you couldn’t catch new pokemon. The game was just awful.
            And we’ve already been back to Kanto two times now, with FRLG and HGSS. How many times can I deal with that same exact game? And they would leave in megas. They are great, and add another dimension to strategy and competitive play. They won’t take them away.

        5. Who said this? A majority will agree that Pokemon has been a rehash since 3rd gen. I love Nintendo but even I know that’s exactly what it is, take that shit logic elsewhere.

          1. Learn the definition of a fanboy. You could’ve just read some other replies to my comments here on this article and saw what I’m talking about.

          2. A rehash since 3rd gen? No. Gtfoo genthreeer.
            If you’re arguing that it’s a rehash, you go from gen I.
            Gen II: 100 new, added special defense and special attack stats for special, added dark and steel types, color games (crystal), held items, day/night system, breeding, female character choice, shiny characteristic, new endgame (battle tower)
            Gen III: ~same, added abilities, Pokemon contests, IVs, natures, graphical PC, weather conditions in field, double battles, secret bases
            Gen IV: New Pokemon, attacks can be either physical or special in any type, Pokeathlon (this did not change much)
            Gen V: New Pokemon, hidden abilities, triple and rotation battles, dark grass, seasons, Pokemart combined with Pokecenter, animated sprites consistently – other changes, such as PWT, exist, but are not permanent changes
            Gen VI: New Pokemon, fairy type, mega evolution

            As for CoD, yeah, it changes too. But I don’t think you know what “rehash” means.

        6. Eat a sack of shit, if you played it you would know its not a rehash . and noy just cause of the mega evolutions you back woods ass cousin fucker. Basic reading skills are required to fully enjoy the game… Or did your sister mom not teach you?

        7. Literally every new generation introduces something new and exciting.

          Gen 2: Hold items, breeding, two new tyes (Dark and Steel)

          Gen 3: Abilities and Double Battles

          Gen 4: Redefinition of Physical and Special attacks (from element-based to attack type)

          Gen 5: Triple Battles and Hidden Abilities

          Gen 6: Fairy type and Mega Evolutions

          Every game you listed repeat the things they do, but in different ways. Each pokemon generation implements changes that actually change the way the game is played; hell, every competitive player freaked out when Fairy was introduced, because that single-handedly affected the entire strategy of making a well-balanced team.

          So yeah. Your argument is invalid.

        8. Pokemon always updates their look and general aesthetic. They introduce new things. They mess around with new types and sometimes change the types of existing pokes. Call of duty is literally the same bullshit every time, with the exception of Advanced Warfare and thats garbage.

        9. In all of those games tell me whats different about each ofnthe iterations of those games? Same gameplay and feel imo

          Mega evolutions were a massive gamechanger while still keeping the original feel.

          1. I could tell you Exosuits in CoD AW, Ships in AC4 and the difference in the objective in BF Hardline. Anyone can pretend like anything added to the game is a massive gamechanger.

        10. Well actually the game is completely reconstructed from a 2D to 3D perspective and while yes, they are remakes, the story is a little different. Not much but a little. It really seems Pokémon had a lot of ideas for the originals that they were now able to fit into the game. It’s more than a rehash, especially since mega evolution is hardly involved.

          1. And it plays the same. 3D has been in pokemon for quite some time. The only difference is that the graphics are better and sprites are 3D. The change of perspective didn’t really change the way game is played like it did with Zelda and Mario.

          1. And Pokemon and New Super Mario Bros? Don’t give me “Mario bros games don’t come out very often” because if CoD came out every year and was significantly better with each installment, no one would complain, but the dumb fucks that feel like they can’t control what they buy.

            Look at NSMBU and look at Super Mario World and tell me how much the franchise has changed since then.

            1. That is the problem with COD. We’re getting sick of seeing it every year and its only getting worse with its severe lack of any significant change and/or inprovement. Doesnt matter if its annual or not. Its not improving shit and its why its sales is dropping and I hope it continues to do so.

              And why the fuck are you comparing Mario World to NSMBU? Irrelevant much? Both are different games but NSMB needs to stop in general because after the first game, it changed nothing for the series at all so yeah, i don’t like NSMB for the same reason I hate COD now.

              1. Yes, and you’ve made the same point as I did with your first paragraph…Wow, you surely feel smart after paraphrasing something an actually smart person said.

                Why am I comparing the two? To show you that not much has changed even though there is a 20+ year gap between the two games. Yes they are different games. All different games are different games. Cod Black Ops and Cod Black Ops 2 are different games. Mechanics in World and New Bros U are almost the fucking same even though that much time has gone by.

                I don’t even know what you are trying to argue about?

                  1. No, actually. I’m not a CoD fanboy, and I’m not a hypocrite. The entire point of this was to point at the hypocrisy in the Nintendo community and you can see that in other responses to my comment.

                              1. Wow, really? Then Nintendo is mimmicking Dreamcast, Dualshock and whatever the first of any genre they have was. Everyone is mimmicking something and building on it, you dumb motherfucker.

                  2. The reason why game producers “rehash” games like CoD, AC, and Pokemon is because they know people will by the new games even if they come out every year. The only downfall to that is when they rush their games to the point that quality is lost. I don’t know about the other games (other than the recent AC), but Pokemon for sure hasn’t ever lost quality since Red and Blue excluding spin-offs. It all went downhill after Pokemon Dungeon 2 and XD imo.

                    Sure, you can argue that the new Pokemon designs aren’t as good, but that’s very subjective. I think the last three generations are designed way better than the first gen overall. The feel of the game has changed, but that’s only because the game has become much more complex yet at the same time user-friendly technologically and by design. People who say that it is worse are just blinded by nostalgia. It’s like going back the the original Macintosh and saying it’s better than the new Mac Pro.

                    The experiences in all of the games are extremely similar, but each game is improved on or changed enough by the developers that it’s worth buying, especially if you play competitively. Sure, they can take longer to make the games, but economically that makes no sense. They make more money by making more games and their improvements/changes to the games are large enough that consumers are generally satisfied. If you’re not satisfied, you can just skip a game in the series.

                    1. Yeah. I didn’t want to bother reading all of that, so I just typed in my argument against what the OP said.

                1. No why would you revisit Pokémon red and blue when there’s already games for that. And besides, there isn’t much they could add into that game besides mega evolution (which there are plenty of Kanto mega evolutions already) Diamond and Pearl would be really good though. More Megas and plenty of potential

                  1. try more loar. there are already theories that are talking about two separate dimensions in the pokemon universe.

              2. Does PokemonFirered/Leafgreen ring a bell..?
                It’d be nice to see Pokken Fighters officially announced for the Wii U, or Pokemon Snap 3D.

              3. Game Freak is running out of ideas so they have to rehash and remake their games lol

                Imagine if they remake a remake I’ll laugh

                1. if you know how they pokemon games work you would know they dont do a remake after releasing a remake so the next pokemon game would be the third installment of XY or probally a sequal like Black2 & White2. And if they do remake a remake people are still gonna buy because its POKEMON!! I know I will.

                2. Only Square Enix can do a remake of a remake (Final…cough…Fantasy…cough… X-X2…cough… HD Remaster… cough, cough…)

                3. poundcat_gab@Yahoo. com

                  They never had any ideas to begin with they just made up everything as they went on while stealing SMT’s formula also it’s not just GF remaking stuff Nintendo, Square, and Namco are just as guilty.

              4. They already have. It’s called Fire Red and Leaf Green.
                They just released OR AS, so it wouldn’t make sense to bring out another remake right after. Knowing Game Freak’s pattern, they’ll release a game related to X and Y (probably X2/ Y2 or Z). If they remake an older game it’s more likely going to be for Diamond and Pearl. Bottom line is, re-releasing a remake without getting to other older games in the franchise is a waste of money.

              5. Hey guys my iPod wont let me comment so I’m using a reply. Think about this for a bit, they have done remakes of Red and Green, they have done remakes of Ruby and Sapphire, they have done remakes for HGSS and they have done remakes for BW, they would either make a remake of DP and Platnium or create a Pokemon Z (or something along those lines). A new region is highly unlikely

              6. They already remade those games. They’re called FireRed and LeafGreen Versions. They’ve officially remade all of the “old” generations now. Unless they’re crazy enough to remake Diamond and Pearl, they’ve got nowhere left to go but forward!

                1. Why do you believe it to be crazy? Pokemon diamond is the game that got me hooked on pokemon. I believe there are a great deal of people who would appreciate a remake of it.

                  1. Well, DPP hasn’t been that long ago. There was a pretty big leap in tech between Gen 3 and Gen 4, so a Gen 4 remake on 3DS wouldn’t be as impressive as ORAS, where the mere notion of everything in 3D along with a touchscreen was enough to drive everyone crazy :P Hence Lou doesn’t consider it an “old” Pokemon game, and neither do I.

                    It would also build up more hype if they waited for better hardware…Remember that the “Hoenn remake” was basically the Half-life 3 of Pokemon, so everyone just spewed out memes just with ORAS’ announcement. I think they will wait for next gen handhelds…Unless you consider the New 3DS next gen…

              7. Ugh. No! They already remade it, they’re not going to do it again. Besides it sounds like something new entirely. Be grateful they were remade once. They’re probably working on gen 7, a spin off game to X and Y (like with every single gen ever), or maybe something with a whole new platform. They just released a remake. They won’t do another one until prob gen 8 (there was 2 years between gen one and 3 where we saw the red/green remakes, there was 2 years between 2 and 4 where we saw the gen 2 remakes, and now 3 years between 3 and 6 and 6 is where we got ORAS. Your looking at maybe a good 2 years if they do it at all. Be grateful they’re releasing new ones. I understand how gen 1 is for you, it was my first, too, (got it at just 6 years old when it was released) but don’t keep milking the remake thing dry. There was already one made. Take it or leave it :)

              8. I would like to see Nintendo do a semi apocalyptic game where the bag guys have already done what they were gonna do and with multiple endings like good, bad, death, or just something random. And instead of choosing out 3 starters let’s choose out of all of the Pokemon even the new ones they put in except legendary’s

                1. I don’t think he thinks it’s a good idea. He probably just wants to see all the older Pokemon games with the same engine as X and Y and ORAS. Like nobody can deny how awesome it would be to see Red or Ethan with the same 3D Models like X and Y or ORAS. I’d love to see that.

              9. Did you even look at the Pokemon thats on the Picture? or did you just assume like an idiot that they would make a remake of a remake? FireRed and Leaf Green are remakes of Red and Blue, there obviously making a Diamond and Pearl remake! :D

                1. It’s a red remake released in 2004 by Nintendo, developed by Gamefreak and in generation 3 along with Ruby Sapphire, Emerald and leaf green. And don’t think about asking what pokemon red is.

              10. I wish for that so much! (Although I’d prefer a different storyline, set in Kanto)
                In 2016 it will be the 20th anniversary of Pokemon so a Kanto pokemon game it might come out!
                or not :c

              11. i hope you right i think they giving a hint in this interview if u change to the bottem to our list insteed the bottem of our heart i think that is the kanto region red blue. with the person of lilycove he said he came all the way from kanto to see lissi so.kanto confirmed!!

              12. there won’t be a red remake I don’t think. As far as my own theory goes, they only made the ruby/sapphire remake to bring back the old Pokemon everybody loved so much, since x and y pretty much brought back all of red and greens there’d be no point, this could be a project devoted to bringing all the old Pokemon to the new gen consoles before they start developing more Pokemon and having them replace the old ones, also I think they’re probably gonna try cashing in on the player customisation from x and y and with the old games they can’t do that because they’d have to use the original trainer for nostalgia xD
                ok I’m done
                If anyone read all that godbless

              13. I want a pokemon game where you manage a gym and have to become the best pokemon gym in the world. Kind of like dojo fighting and you also have to manage your own gym so that it still functions while you are away, hiring people to replace you in your abscence, giving them pokemon to fight with, putting them on training regimes, etc.

              14. they should make a new game not a remake like maybe pokemon alternate universe as girtinie or arcues ot palkie as the main legendary

            2. You’re a genwunner by saying the original’s are the best and others were terrible, also Pokémon aren’t the only one’s to remake their games, just look at Halo and Chrono Trigger

                  1. Let’s see

                    God of War Collection
                    God of War: Origins Collection

                    Compared with
                    Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition
                    Pokémon Crystal
                    Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen
                    Pokémon Emerald
                    Pokémon Platinum
                    Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver
                    Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

                        1. I agree. I wish they would make sequels like B/W2 instead of the extended definitive edition like Emerald or Platinum. I’m hoping if the next Pokemon game is Z it’s a sequel and not another Emerald or Platinum type Pokemon game. Or maybe just X2 and Y2

                        1. poundcat_gab@Yahoo. com

                          No there have only been 3 Pokémon remakes so far you seem to be mixing up the word rehash with remake mate.

                  1. It was re-released on those systems but not remade. Big difference. For some people it’s worth buying again to have it on the go. And Chrono Trigger was packaged with FF4 on ps1 I believe. Only difference there was some fancy cutscenes added at the start of each game.

            3. Make a remake of Pokemon red an blue this time with an option to join team rocket an betray dem in the end or stay with them :)

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            5. Just make the new Pokemon game where you can go to all the regions. Also make it where we can customize our character to look like us.

            6. Has anyone thought of the fact that the just did a remake? The next game they come out with will be a new game in a new region. If it is a remake the next one in line to get a remake is diamond and pearl, so it probably won’t be fire red or leaf green.


            8. Pokemon Snap U. Though, it doesn’t actually say anywhere that it’s Pokemon-related. Either way… hopefully whatever it is comes for Wii U and gives the Pikachu amiibo some non-Smash use.

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            10. ummmm … iwata? … the guy who pushed legislation to censor the internet? … the guy who wanted to control the internet like nazi germany?

            11. I hope its Z and if it is Z make it a sequel and not another “better version than the games you already have” bullshit. I want it to be called Z because the letters X and Y stand for the 2 dimensions. Z is another dimension. So in other words there would be XYZ and that means 3D which also means Pokemon 3D which makes sense because its on the 3DS! See!!?!? I wonder if I’m the only one who figured that out…

            12. Besides them not announcing the Z version, I expect a main console Pokémon game like a Coleseum/statium/battle revolution hybrid.
              Or the Pokémon fanboys wet dream: Pokémon Snap U.
              Or putting pulseman on the eshop. Hell just put any of their old games on e-shop.

              1. Any pokemon fanboy wants Pkmn Snap HD or a new poke park game like me. It’s just how things are.Everyone has to live with it.

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            14. i have a brunch of idea 1. change the starter don’t have water, fire and grass like have dragon, ice and rock. 2. make something that we can tell are pokemon to do in battle but you have to make sure that you can turn it off at any point. 3. have double battle that you can you two move that turn into 1 move.

            15. Doesn’t sound like a pokemon game, could be a new series. Hope it’s really good, but since it’s GameFreak I don’t see why there should be much doubt.

            16. Lol. Either PMD wii u or poke park 3 confirmed for wii U. That would be great, but WAIT! Remember that survey the other month of “What would make you love the wii u” 2nd place was Pkmn Snap HD. I’m a Nintendo fan, I hate to see Pokemon excluded from Nintendo land and everything. #PokemonWiiU If it’s one of those 3…. We have the next stop on the HYPE TRAIN!!!

            17. Nobody said it was a Pokemon game remember they made other games like Harmoknight and yoshi(nes) and Pokemon colosseum and xd are not game freak games

            18. I’d say X2 and Y2 or whatever they’re gonna call it but I’m not sure, they’re making it out to be bigger than that

            19. …what?! No, just release a pokemon game! I don’t wanna wait another year for an X/Y sequel! This sounds suspiciously like a new IP that I won’t find interesting

            20. would be cool to see a pokemon game thats not “a kid starting off on a new journey and leaving his moms house with an absent father.” maybe something like” you’re a team rocket member and you defected from them, and your best friend is now your rival because you defected.” would be nice to see a storyline from a different perspective. it seems like a much fresher storyline than you being a child that doesn’t know anything at all but somehow ends up saving the world anyway.

              i never played B/W or B2/W2. didn’t have a DS at the time for those games.. just recently beat ORAS. a new fresh installment instead of remakes would be nice honestly. a X2/Y2 would be cool also.

              and it seems like there done doing the 3rd installments of games(yellow, crystal, emerald, platinum). because B/W they did black and white 2. not GRAY. X/Y means chromosomes there not just LETTERS so i don’t see them making a Z and XY are the 2 only chromosomes. even if they did a Z they would’ve done this instead of ORAS.

              its either diamond/pearl remake, X2/Y2, or a new gen of pokemon..

            21. Im hoping its a diamond/pearl remake. If game freak runs out of ideas for new ones they can always just remake the old ones and I’ll buy it lol

            22. I doubt this is gonna be a main Pokemon title… Doesn’t Nintendo usually announce the new Pokemon titles rather than Game Freak directly??? As far as WiiU… I think most of the console Pokemon titles are by HAL Laboratories and Genius Sonority not Game Freak so that makes that seem unlikely too. I have a feeling this is going to be something different… Maybe even not Pokemon related at all.

              1. They weren’t specific that it is another Pokemon game. I honestly would love it if their next game was a new IP though

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            24. We’re not getting another remake, ya fools. We’re either getting Pokemon Z, Pokken, a new Stadium/Colosseum game, another dumb spin-off, or some lame non-Pokemon game. Another possibility is a Gen 7 game, but that’s almost as unlikely as two remakes in a row. So far there hasn’t been a two remakes on a single console, so they wouldn’t make two remakes in a row on one console. I could see them making a Sinnoh remake exclusively for the New 3DS after Pokemon Z, however that’s unlikely based on their previous cycles. A remake always comes after a new generation, so the Sinnoh remake would be a gen 7 game unless Game Freak decides to change their pattern, which is possible since 719+ Pokemon is getting to be too much.

            25. What if their new idea is a 3day version of the mystery dungeons or a remake of one of the older ones adding in mega evolutions and other items?

            26. how about redoing the graphics more 3D like when you are playing pokemon battle revolution for the new pokemon series for the nintendo 3Ds

            27. I personally would love to see a pokemon mmo. Have all the regions be tied together you pick what region you start in..make leveling a bit harder and make the game super amazing

            28. Might be as well to early for asking this but…
              Pokemon Black and White! (Original, not 2) remake please!
              That pokemon game to be its the second best pokemon game ever.

            29. It would be great if pokemon yellow Pikachu version would have a my opinion it’s better then blue and red because you get all three starters + Pikachu …also the game should follow the story line.. jotho leauge, orange leauge and the hoenn leauge.. all in one game

            30. Honestly (dunno if it has been said) but I think red and blue should have a remake (that has been said) but because, as of now, everything before RS cannot be played on 2ds let alone 3ds. FRLG where honestly not the same as before. I for one think they need to bring the original plot back in. upgrade all u want idc. I think they need to bring the pokemon following you back, as they did in yellow, HGSS. AND I think they should follow the story line like they have in almost every game. To me they changed it in FRLG. I do however know for a fact that they will make a remake. just dunno when. I also know for a fact they are running out of “catch them all” space. They are going to start remakes. And then I am sure they are going to work on making it easier to Catch 700 pokemon.

              1. i wouldnt be surprised if they started making pokeballs that caught multiple pokemon at once just to appease players

                or a choice at begining of game that allowed you to choose the region you started in soo that in gts you could easily catch em all

            31. make it interesting. give the trainers a destiny. no more of the evil teams. instead make only rouge pokemon hunters. and make the villan a pokemon. make them evil. make the new game a solo run. i am m tired of having to choose what six pokemon to put on your team. just make it one pokemon. and make them new pokemon. let us customize our trainers. and add a little hand to hand combat.

            32. All I am saying is I want a mega infernape in the next game and a mega dragonite two of the most bad a.. Pokemon and they can’t mega evolve

            33. Lets see, .. I just finished x & y.. got gen 1 starters and legendaries. Plus u know gen 6 starters and lengendaries.

              Hmm just finished oras
              Got gen 2-5 starters an legendaries.

              Hmm still ain’t got hoopa. Thanks for that spoiler hackers!

              Sooooo id say.. my guess is we are gonna have another pokemon game anytime soon.

              Could do d/p remake but whats the point. I would play the main story than be bored after a week because ORAS cover all the post game fun that x&y left out.

              Sooo yup until oras anime is done in jp
              And pokemon starts reveiling a 7th gen.
              Uh my guess would be
              We might be looking at summer 2016 maybe 2017 for a new pokemon game.

              But hell anyone see those oculus rift teaser vids of a pokemon game in development.

              The traditional handheld pokemon game might just be done and over with if something like that happens

              Omg just dreaming about it tickles me pink

              ALL REGIONS, CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION, ALL 6GEN. OPEN WORLD. CHOOSE YOUR OWN PATH. BE GOOD, OR BE BAD. BECOME A GYM LEADER SOMEDAY… OKAY MAYBE IM GETTING TO FAR AHEAD OF MYSELF. BUT SERIOUSLY… the vitual mmorpg world of pokemon… a game to die for… suck it WoW ur lucky they even gave u and games alike a chance to be created lmfao.

              Back to the relevent topic though!

              GAME FREAK! Make a games where we can be a bad guy!
              I wanna be. Team rocket. Team plasma. Team aqua. Team badguys all the way. Start off a grunt, try and work my way up… I got a few twist ending ideas if u wanna write me a check ;)

              Catcha on the flip side
              -Koda Réx

              1. i wonder y they didnt come out with light pokemon they could’ve easily to counter dark and fairy types b/e fairy is soo op in oras its not funny

            34. They need to make a Pokemon Crystal for the Nintendo E-Shop, with a feature to instantly trade Pokemon from Crystal to Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. Or a Red and Blue remake with the same feature.

              Delta Emerald, Z/X2 Y2, Remake of Diamond, Pearl And Platinum, Remake of Blue, Red And Yellow Or A New Generation.

            36. Maybe a Wii u game Pokemon Colosseum type game well this is what i want
              it could be a mmo type pokemon game similar to Dragon ball z xenoverse

            37. I dont know if pokemon reads this any more but if they do i DESPERATELY want a pokemon game that has slight gameplay as Soulsilver or Heartgold i miss having my pokemon walk behind me, it in a way seems lonely without it i mean i dont know how hard itll be cause i know that the gameplay has been advanced ALOT now with like Alpha Sapphire and even X and Y i dont know if you could possibly make my DREAM a reality in the game i miss it SOOOOO much since im like a HARDCORE Eevee lover i cant wait to see her behind me or or even beside me or at least outside of her pokeball! ^.^ i would GREATLY appreciate it if its possible to do that! I have wished gameplay as advanced as X and Y or even Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby to have your pokemon with you outside of its pokeball for a LONG time please! Oh if this is truely a pokemon site blog that gamefreak pays attention to, email me :) Eevaporeon666 thanks :)

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            39. Nintendo,announce super smash bros.ubisoft,announce BGAE2.capcom,announce MVCI.also add a packed-in game.nuf’ said.

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