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Reggie In Confident That Nintendo Is On A Rebound

Nintendo has taken a hit as of late with declining sales of the Nintendo 3DS and lack of third party support on Wii U, but Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime feels like the company is currently on the rebound. Wii U sales have improved and the company’s Amiibo figures have been extremely popular.

Asked if the company is now on a rebound, Fils-Aime said it’s “doing better this year than we did last year” but it’s still working to expand its user base.

“The way I would frame it: Our goal is to drive an ongoing positive trajectory,” he said in an interview at the Redmond headquarters.

“Certainly with the momentum we’re seeing with our hardware, the momentum we’re seeing with our key software titles, that gives us a lot of confidence,” he said.

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24 thoughts on “Reggie In Confident That Nintendo Is On A Rebound”

  1. Nintendo will distance its self from the Wii u after next Christmas. Four years is all the Wii U will get. New console will be unveiled at We 2016 and released November 2017.

    Makes me sad, was hoping the new console wouldn’t come out until 2020. Oh well.

    1. Do you have any sources for that because it doesn’t seem like a good move at all and I highly doubt they would abandon their market so quickly.

      Coming out worth a next Gen console so early not only would guarantee they lose fans who don’t want to sink in even more money but they would also guarantee their hardware is the worst of the 9th generation since they would release so much earlier than the others.

      Coming out with a replacement console makes no sense logistically or financially at this time and everyone would be better off if Nintendo started the course and release a new console when everyone else does, maybe even wait an extra year so they can stop being the first console to launch each generation which makes their hardware suffer more too.

        1. Ah you’re right, I always forget it came out 2005. Though the intent of the comment still stands, Nintendo should not do a repeat of releasing a full year(let alone 3+ like the original poster is suggesting), but rather should wait for final specs on the competition and then beat it where possible.

          Nintendo needs to not have the lowest powered console in the next generation, they’re losing too much to bad press and they can’t keep giving devs the ‘it’s just not powerful enough for our sloppy code’ arguments. They may also need to use the same architecture so devs don’t have to dedicate too many resources to porting, otherwise they have yet another excuse of “It’s not worth the investment to port the game if the market isn’t there, even though our last game port released over a year after the original and had no DLC”

  2. Who cares if the amiibos are popular. Is it driving sales for the console? No it’s not.
    It’s sad that basically the wii u only got a million or two new users and not a few million. I knew mario kart nor smash was going to make a big difference in sales. I’m happy having a wii u but it’s going bad and not going to last long.

  3. the very third partys conspiring against wiiu and 3ds all going broke and ether loosing money or making tiny profits…

    nintendo is making hunfreds of millions a 1/4

    sony will loose way over a billion this 1/4 the hacking will loose hundreds of millions more there time is coming to a end

  4. Well they honestly been rebounded. 2014 was amazing with software and hardware boosting. They have the top 3 bestselling games in the usa 1 one on the lowest selling home console how does that work:) and their straight dominating japan. Oh yeah and 2015…….. MAN!!! am i glad i got a wii u for Zelda and xenoblade and splatoon and ps4 for batman and mgs. Enjoy the finer things in life mates:)

  5. I love how optimistic Nintendo always is. People always go around yelling that Nintendo is going to fail, and that they’re dying. Nintendo ignores all of the negativity and always sees the bright side of things. They don’t focus on the darkness around them, but instead on the light of hope in front of them. It’s inspiring to me.

    1. Yeah those insecure fanboys love to believe in lies and bias opinions over true facts. Sad how the gaming community been dissin Ninty lately, yet Nintendo still do what they always done Best and always will do Best and thats Gaming:)

  6. The wii u is likely to have an absolutely fantastic 2015. Lots o gamers be dissing ninten, but the smash and mk8 sales, and reviews, don’t lie.

  7. well I am less optimistic about the wii U. I mean c’mon you have to advertise it better. the wii u a very good hardware and it’s just unfortunate it selling badly compare to PS4.

    Nintendo needs to have a hard talk with Capcom, Konami,Bandai, Square-Enix and mistwalker. The help them to advertise their games better. no a poor advertising job like platinum and Sega who let’s face it did not do well in term of sales despite putting a lot of efforts in their game.

    1. At least Bandai-Namco had assisted Nintendo in making Super Smash Bros. for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. And furthermore, Koei-Tecmo for publishing Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U and released it in three countries. Also, they have already done the advertising for Bayonetta 2 on [adult swim] including TOONAMI.

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  9. Even though I agree to this. The problem is, Reggie ALWAYS says things like this. I mean, do you really think he’s going to say anything negative about his own company?

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