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Satoru Iwata Wanted Game Boy Advance SP To Feature Sleep Mode

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed that he wanted the Game Boy Advanced SP to include sleep mode functionality. Because the device sports a clamshell design, Iwata insisted that the feature was a necessity. The GBA SP’s successor, Nintendo DS, was the very first portable game system to have a sleep function, according to Iwata. The Nintendo 3DS and Wii U GamePad also feature sleep mode functionality.

“The GBA SP was also a clam-shell design, so I pretty adamantly demanded of the hardware team that it went into sleep mode when it was closed. ‘This feature is absolutely essential!’ I said,” explained Iwata.

“However, at that time, they told me that as it would take re-working the chip so it could be turned on and off it would take a year to do it, so I had to reluctantly withdraw my request. Nevertheless, I did tell them that they had to make sure the next system they designed would be able to go into sleep mode.”

33 thoughts on “Satoru Iwata Wanted Game Boy Advance SP To Feature Sleep Mode”

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        1. All GB devices are now considered a legacy since its retired and GBA SP is Nintendo’s first clamshell design, rechargable battery and with backlight settings (I know there’s a GB Light with that feature but not I’m talkig about with brightness settings). Too bad it didnt have a headphone jack built in for some reason. XP But yeah, the SP is what motivated the clamshell design for future Nintendo handhelds for compact carrying and probably the last one that doesnt have a hinge flaw like the DSLite/3DS had.

          And luckily, I still have the cobalt blue SP on me with Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.

    1. Link to the past and minish cap did, but they were activated via menus and the internal chip stayed on the whole time

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  2. People may hate this kind of news, but I actually like this kind-of fun facts… they make you think how different would a system be.

  3. Of all the features the DS introduced, sleep mode was genuinely the best. The fact that I know I can pick up my 3DS and be playing my game of, in this case Fantasy Life, within a second at any moment is a beautiful thing

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