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Remember You Have Until January 13th To Redeem Your Soundtrack If Purchased Smash Bros For Wii U And 3DS

Time sure is ticking by so I thought it wise to give you a heads up that if you purchased Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U then you only have until January 13th to claim your free Super Smash Bros soundtrack and Mewtwo. You’ll need to register both games on Club Nintendo to claim your reward so if you have the cards still in the game case then it’s best to redeem them now.

Thanks, Portal Dark


  1. How do I register if I downloaded both versions from the EShop, because I did. Am I screwed and can’t register them, or is there still a way I can…


      1. I don’t know, how do I find out? I’m on my Club Nintendo account. Is there a way to find out there???


      2. Thanks, I just did this, will it work now, or should I have done this before downloading both Smash Bros games???


  2. Every time I click the “order now” item or whatever it is on the CD page, it takes me to a blank CN page that never loads anything. I’ve tried every day to redeem the CD and I get this every time. If I miss getting one because of this, I’m gonna be pissed…

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  3. I’ve never been able to confirm my nintendo i.d. for some reason. Everytime I try it says they will send me an e-mail confirming my i.d.. All I have to do is click on the confirmation in the e-mail. But it never comes! I have tried to confirm it over a dozen times. They say the e-mail has been successfully sent, but it never arrives… wtf..


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