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We Should Get Some Xenoblade News In The Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

We are all excited for the next Nintendo Direct which takes place tomorrow at 2pm in the UK. However you can get even more excited as it seems as though we should get some Xenoblade related news from Monolith Soft tomorrow. Whether it’s about Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U or Xenoblade Chronicles for the New Nintendo 3DS remains to be seen. So how do we know there’s going to be Xenoblade news? Well Soraya Saga has retweeted the Nintendo Direct announcement and this always means that there’s some Xenoblade footage. Maybe we will see both games? Well, we will find out for sure tomorrow.

Thanks, gamerprince1999

62 thoughts on “We Should Get Some Xenoblade News In The Nintendo Direct Tomorrow”


      I dont want to see xenoblade chronicles,i abandoned 3ds.Mine broke easy and also i played it in the wii already.(we know its gonna have some touch screen features but dont expect anything new to the game).

      What i want is the wii u version now thats a game to be excited for.

    1. Why you are saying it will get better reviews?Werent the reviews of some recent final fantasy mediocre?

      Xenoblade for the wii actually got decent reviews for the first entry in the series and an original ip.Thats very good.

    2. I m not saying FF15 is gonna be bad or anything,i love the works of Tetsuya Nomura so i believe this is gonna be great.Also jrpg is my favourite genre although ff15 looks like an action game.

  1. HELL YEAH!!! I knew it was gonna be shown but please Nintendo give us an actual release date. I’m fucking hyped now

  2. Inevitably, someone else will say something among the same lines, so I may as well be the first to say it.

    Maybe we’ll finally get news on Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem :’D

      1. Last thing we heard from one of its developers is that it’s still on schedule. But everyone on the team agree on a non-disclosure argument so they can’t tell anything about it unless it’s already been made public.

  3. Ideally I’d like to have the New 3DS XL + Xenoblade HD announcement tomorrow. Followed by the announcement of Xenoblade X in the next direct so I have time to play the first one.

    1. No story to follow up.The only thing you will be able to capture is how the combat works but i doubt there is not going to have a tutorial in X also.

    2. Your a bit too late on the first one. I wouldn’t recommend playing the first one so close to the second one. The original Xenoblade is a very long game, and odds are you would burn yourself out on the genre by trying to play both 100 hour games back to back.

    1. Soraya Saga herself didn’t retweet that; it was another developer at Monolith Soft named Yuichiro Takeda, who has also written for the F-Zero anime, hence Captain Falcon’s appearance in that reveal trailer.

      Soraya Saga has retweeted many Nintendo Direct announcements before and Xenoblade Chronicles X has always been shown afterward.

  4. Let my predictions go wild.

    -s.t.e.a.m – new name/trailer
    -majora mask – what they upgrade
    -Splatoon-more multiplayer modes
    -xenoblade chronicles – indroduction with the new 3ds
    -xenoblade chronicles X- more story,reveal of some characters and a cool trailer
    -yoshi – 4player vs mode
    -smash – mewtwo trailer,tournament mode release in the same day.
    -mk8 – dlc trailer and Iwata dancing with money raining in the background
    -some eshop titles and also some great discounts
    -new ip announced for wii u
    -end with star fox – information + trailer

    1. I seriously doubt they will mention anything about Smash or Mario Kart. At least I hope not. I’m ready to hear about all the new games..

  5. Maybe a release date for XenoChrono X? Also, I’m still waiting for news on Shinen’s futuristic racer for Wii U. After the screenshots I saw, the game seriously looks good, I’d love to see some gameplay and hopefully news on a release date soon. That game could be the “F Zero” of Wii U for now, perhaps.

  6. My wish list for the nintendo direct is 1. An announcement that the Gamecube adaptor will be more widely released. 2. Discontinued amiibos will be re-continued 3. A Mewtwo trailer or another Smash Bros dlc character announced. 4. A Mario and Sonic cross-over, not at the olympics. Or if it must be olympics then tie in Pac and Mega Man also.

  7. Watch, their gonna troll and release another trailer for a new Xenoblade 3DS title and not say a peep about the other two Xenoblades. XD

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  9. I didn’t play the game before this one and I don’t even know what the game is all about but It just looks so good I’m gonna get it as soon as it’s out.

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  11. oh god,… my heart body and soul is not reggie yet! good lord…… xenoblade x ;-; please i’m not ready nintendo… my wallet is not ready! it is still recovering from last year! y u do dis ?!

      1. is it truly happiness when you do not have enough to live on. and or if your tv breaks and you do not have enough for a new one ;-;?

        1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

          The empire surely empathises with your bad condition…

          We hope you one day have the resources…

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