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New Nintendo 3DS Zelda Majora’s Mask Bundle Does Not Include Game In US


If you purchase the New Nintendo 3DS Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask bundle on February 13th you’ll be disheartened to know that the bundle doesn’t actually include the game. As with all New Nintendo 3DS consoles you won’t get a charger, but your original Nintendo 3DS charger will do just fine.

43 thoughts on “New Nintendo 3DS Zelda Majora’s Mask Bundle Does Not Include Game In US”

      1. GAME in the UK said they won’t allow pre-orders until tomorrow so I’m going in tomorrow to get my Majora’s Mask N3DS pre-order, if it’s out of stock then the Monster Hunter 4 one looks pretty cool too.

      1. Aha, my bad. Actually misread the title here. Thought it was talking about how the game does not appear as a physical copy. Then how will a system transfer work… Unless there is a way to work that out European gamers actually have it way worse.

    1. What’s the point of getting any product that has different versions? Or getting a custom skin for anything? It looks fucking awesome. That’s why people are buying it. Good grief.

    2. Meh I don’t like this one honestly, I think it looks really half assed compared to the Link Between worlds 3DS XL. Just my opinion.

  1. The majoras mask new 3ds xl preoder is sold out online but does that mean it is also sold out in stores too or do the stores have their own majoras mask new 3ds xl preoders?

  2. Are you serious? Can no one read? They never called it a bundle. It’s just a special edition 3DS. It literally says so on the box and all of Nintendos announcements…

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  4. I’ll be pre-ordering mines tomorrow.
    Can’t wait, also, any word on it being bundled with the game in Europe?

  5. OMG… I swear Nintendo, the shit you do sometimes. Stop treating the entire world like JAPAN!

    First of all it’s going to be a pain in the ass trying to trade in my 3DS XL or sell it without the charger. Secondly why make a limited edition bundle if it doesn’t even include the freaking game…

    Also weird, they are still advertising the the old 3DS at $200 still right next to the new one. You’d think with the release of this one they would make the old one a tad bit cheaper, doesn’t make any sense the old one costs as much as this new one.

    Not including the pain it is going to be, to do a system a transfer.

  6. Even if it had the game, it probably would have been a crap pre-installed game instead of a physical copy. So this doesn’t bother me in the least.

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