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Koei Tecmo Announces Shipments Top One Million For Hyrule Warriors

Japanese publisher and developer Koei Tecmo has announced Hyrule Warriors has topped one million shipment units worldwide. As of today, the Zelda come Dynasty Warriors mash-up title has reached the remarkable milestone from cumulative shipments in North America, Europe and Japan. Though the game has yet to top sales of that number, the publisher has celebrated by giving fans the opportunity to download some exclusive Hyrule Warriors wallpapers on its official website, here.

Earlier this week, we reported that Hyrule Warriors was one of Koei Tecmo’s most successful games in the US, taking more than double the sales seen for any other Dynasty Warriors game in its first month. The game’s next DLC pack, which includes Majora’s Mask items and costumes, will be available on February 5, along with version update 1.5.0.

22 thoughts on “Koei Tecmo Announces Shipments Top One Million For Hyrule Warriors”

        1. No worries. As the Xbots pointed out when Xbox One numbers were reported in shipments rather than sold, it shows there’s a demand.

  1. Cool. Maybe now they’ll have some leeway to invest in other projects. A Wii U port of Dead or Alive: Last Round would be a nice start. If they’re still reluctant, they should look @ Soul Calibur II & incorporate a Ninty character just as Namco did.

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    1. Copies shipped, not sold. But they are not far off from 1m sold. I think they are at around 900k.

      I never thought this game would outsell Bayonetta 2. Although Bayonetta 2 is at over 600k, not including digital sales. I figure by next Christmas Bayonetta will cross the million mark as well.

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