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Wii U Has Now Sold 9.2 Million Units Worldwide Since 2012 Launch

The Wii U’s life-to-date sales now stand at 9.2 million units worldwide following Nintendo’s Q3 financial results report today. Over the holiday season, the console – which has never had the easiest of runs – sold 1.91 million units during the three months between October and December 2014. It’s also a significant boost on last year’s figures, too, which saw 2.41 million units sold between April 1 to December 31 2013, while the same nine-month period during 2014 saw 3.03 million units sold.

These figures, however, are still a long way off the competitive path with Sony and Microsoft, the former announcing double the Wii U’s sales for the PlayStation 4 at the beginning of January. Yet with Nintendo revising the Wii U’s software sales and increasing the estimated projection figure to 25 million units for the financial year, there’s a very good chance the console will break the 10 million unit sold barrier in the months to come.

Earlier today, Nintendo also announced Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros for Wii U were its most successful titles on the console. The flagship racing title has sold 4.77 million units worldwide since release, while the fan-favourite brawler came in with 3.39 million units globally. You can view a full rundown of the company’s Q3 results in our report, here.

88 thoughts on “Wii U Has Now Sold 9.2 Million Units Worldwide Since 2012 Launch”

    1. I can see the Wii U having the best year yet in 2015. No doubt in my mind the Wii U will hit 15 million units sold by Jan. 2016, especially after all these hyped up 3rd party games end up dissapointing again.

      1. I’m not sure about that, people also said 2014 was going to be a good year for Nintendo, but it really wasn’t all that extraordinary.

          1. Bro…other than zelda, no one TRULY cares about those games. Stop being delusional.
            People want kingdom hearts, final fantasy, dying light, NFL, nba, cod, and all the games nintendo doesn’t get.

            I love nintendo and I don’t even give a shit about the star fox game. Especially if I have to control it while moving my gamepad for even one second.

            This console is a failure.

            1. Zelda, Star Fox and Xenoblade….sounds good, but if you put 2014. like that, you could say. Smash, Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2, DK TF and Hyrule Warriors, what a great FUCKIN’ year! Sounds like a better year than 2015.

      2. Wii U for sure will top sales this year because of the new Zelda game. For me, the Wii U is all that matters this year. Zelda, Star Fox, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Kirby, Mario Party and so much more. I also expect to hear about new games at E3, and the status of the Shin Megami Tensei game. Hyrule Warriors 2 wouldn’t surprise me either. Or perhaps they pick a different franchise to make a game out of.

  1. It sucks some people have to hope the next big game they want isnt a broken battered mess of bugs and glitches. … nah fuck em.

    1. It’s already starting. Games like Evolve has already announced a whole run of DLC and the game hasn’t even released yet. Dying light refused to give out review copies until release day. H1Z1 was ridiculously broken. Oh, but now they are using new terms like “Early Access”, and “Before Beta”, to trick the masses. The trend is starting all over again, or it never stopped. However you wanna look at it.

      I can’t believe people think third party games will be better this year for some reason. No, they will be worse. Much worse. There will be a few gems, but for the most part this downward spiral of day one dlc, and broken unfinished games will continue.

      1. Someone finally put it into words. I don’t buy Xbox or PS because of the games they have I’m interested in games like Uncharted or Assassin’s Creed. But when they receive mediocre reviews (like the Destiny letdown) its hard to want them. With Nintendo you’ll always get a full game, a fun game, at a good price. And that’s why I continue to support them.

        1. Or you can just wait for reviews before you buy them? Who’s asking you to buy them at launch? Also it’s pretty obvious not EVERYTHING’S trash

      2. It’s really not that unusual for developers to announce DLC for their game prior release. I don’t see the big deal about that.
        And the reason why H1Z1 is “ridiculously broken” might be because it’s still in early access, meaning, it’s not finished. It’s your own fault for expecting a smooth, flawless experience from a game that’s basically in its early beta phase. It’s not supposed to run perfectly, that’s the point. It’s been stated multiple times that what will be available for purchase on the 15th of January, the date of opening the early access, absolutely isn’t the finished game; it’s, as the name implies, the chance to test out the game before it’s finished.
        Also, I wouldn’t call it “tricking” the mass, it’s pretty obvious what it’s supposed to be, and anyone who decides to spend money on it, should know what to expect. And seeing how much demand there is + how successful the whole early access thing is, I don’t see any problem. People aren’t forced to buy it, they have the option to buy the unfinished game if they wish to do so; if they don’t, they’ll just have to wait out the official release date, like it’s the case with most games. The whole early access strategy is an efficient way of finding + solving as many issues with the game as possible before the official release, while making money with it. As easy as that.

        Either way, while it’s true that we’ve had some unfortunate cases of broken games during 2014, in no way does it necessarily mean it’s going to be the same with upcoming games. I personally am looking forward to quite some 3rd-party games this year, and I’m positive they’ll turn out great.
        Just like you think it’s silly to expect that 3rd-party games will be better this year, I think it’s silly to expect they’ll be as bad as last year just because of a relatively small number of games that didn’t turn out too well.

    1. Yeah, I think that is respectable… always hard to live up to the Wii which I doubt anyone knew would explode as it did. The Wii U started slow but is a solid performer always making gains

        1. I already knew that. He’s gone damage control ever since his stupid ass self-racist comment calling MLK “as overrated as Miyamoto” and he’s black himself. How fucking disgraceful.

        2. Well if it’s selling 9 million units (Dreamcast’s still outselling it) I’d say it’s pretty irrelevant.

          1. If you knew anything at all about economics, you would realize the Wii U is selling better year over year. The Dreamcast was a flop, and sales stalled and quickly fizzled away. The Wii U and Dreamcast have absolutely nothing in common other than the Wii U is about to pass it’s total sales number.

            Following the trend of the Wii U, it should sale aroung 5-6 million consoles in 2015. And that is just basic mathematic projections.

            What were you saying about the Dreamcast again? (which was a fantastic console btw)

            1. Anyone comparing the Wii U to the Dreamcast needs to have their head examined. The Wii U is already miles ahead of it terms of quality, hell…..the Wii U is miles ahead of the PS4 and Xbox One in that category too

              1. Is it? By which definition? Quality? What does that mean? If you’re going to put a claim as strong as that, you’d truly have to be able to back it up.

                1. Metacritic scores for PS4 exclusives

                  Last Of Us Remastered – 95
                  MLB The Show – 83
                  Infamous Second Son – 80
                  Little Big Planet 3 – 79
                  DC Universe Online – 75
                  Killzone Shadow Fall – 73
                  Driveclub – 71
                  Knack – 54

                  Metacritic scores for Xbox One exclusives

                  Halo: Master Chief Collection – 86
                  Forza Horizon – 85
                  Sunset Overdrive – 82
                  Forza 5 – 79
                  Dead Rising 3 – 78
                  Killer Instinct – 73
                  Ryse: Son Of Rome – 60

                  Metacritic scores for Wii U exclusives

                  Super Mario 3D World – 93
                  Super Smash Bros For Wii U – 92
                  Bayonetta 2 – 91
                  Wind Waker HD – 90
                  Mario Kart 8 – 88
                  Pikmin 3 – 87
                  New Super Mario Bros. U – 84
                  Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – 83

                  That’s how the Wii U shits on both the PS4 and Xbox One in quality LMAO

                  1. So you take metacritic as an objective source? Why only put those games there? Where are Sonic World, Sonic Boom, Nintendo Land? They are also exclusives and you did put 3rd party games here like Bayonetta 2, so why not those? How can you compare Wii U’s games to PS4 games or X1 games? Can you say that 3D World is objectively better than Little Big Planet 3, if so how do you compare them? How do you compare any of those games since they are so different in what they do? Like a platformer and an FPS?

                    Metacritic is a big number of rated opinions combined? Does that make them factual? Have you never seen games that get a lower rating just because the reviewer finds something in the game personally bothering them like Bayonetta 2 or Dragon’s Crown. How do you know that none of those games got higher scores because of some kind of bias or because the reviewer is corrupt or maybe because it’s a famous franchise?

                    I’m the genius here You are nothing but a stupid little delusional piece of shit.

            2. Hi, remember me? We had that conversation about Wii U sales on that one U.K chart post about 2 months ago. Remember what we agreed on? As long as Wii U tops GameCube by the end of it’s lifecycle, then that’s good enough. It’s still too early to call the Wii U irrelevant. Like we agreed on, wait until AFTER the Wii U’s lifecycle, before passing a proper, unarguable analysis on the Wii U’s sale performance. Wait until about 2017/2018, before saying whether the Wii U is a flop or not. I say it doesn’t matter, as long as it is still profitable for Nintendo. If it starts becoming unprofitable, then Nintendo should worry…

      1. Well, if it’s at more than 8 before the holydays, saying that it would hit 9-11 million is pretty easy. What a fucking prediction. Are you God?

                              1. No, I was implying that I’m not “funny” under quotations which would imply that I’m not actually funny, so I said. “I’m not “funny”, I’m funny” which means that I’m actually funny. The lack of intelligence on your behalf is outstanding.

                                1. Except you replied “It’s not categorized as “funny” because it is funny” not saying or relating about yourself being funny but what you said. Nice try on pulling off the short term memory excuse to twist reality. Just like most of human beings do when they hate to face the music of their own flops.

                                  1. You are a fucking idiot. When you put a word in quotation marks, it usually means that it’s not actually that. Wow, that was “smart”. You’re a fucking moron. Just a retard. IQ of 90. Sorry, IQ of 70. Just a fucking retarded idiot.

                                    1. Is that seriously the ONLY reply you can think of..from some 12 year old who snuck in mom’s computer and types shit away like a runaway keyboard scared of a jokey with Cheetos stained fingers.

                                      1. How can it be the only reply if this one is completely different. If I replied with one word that would be a different one as well. I can think of many replies.

                                        1. Implying someone with the obvious keywords “retard” then followed by the oh so painfully predictable “IQ” comeback is an equivalent to your think tank exploding from a tiny leak or your thought train derailed and crashed head first into Sony Corp.’s department that’s labeled “Make. Believe” when it should say: “Make. Believe..that we’re original with many borrowed ideas of another”

                                              1. No, we had a debate, I won and now you’re just trying to make yourself feel good by arguing semantics and the way I insulted you. You are the arbiter of what an insult should be and how good it is? Yeah, good for you buddy.

                                        1. Didnt everyone say mk and smash will be system sellers? Not to long ago, the wii u was at 8 million. Now just getting 1 million higher is sad. Xenoblade might get afew thousand games sold but console wise not that much (in japan). Especially here in the states…. Wont sell much either.

                                          1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                                            Considering Wii U sales went from under 10k to over 15k when Mario Kart 8 released & when Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U released, only an idiot would say they weren’t system sellers. Even when Hyrule Warriors released, the Wii U’s sales had a nice leap. They shouldn’t have to cause millions of consoles to sell to be called system sellers.

                                      2. It’s a little hard to see this as a success considering the competitors have done double those numbers in just over a year while Nintendo has had just over two years to reach that figure.

                                        I guess at the very least, it’s good to see some momentum in sales. Nintendo needs to pick up the pace though. 2014 was a great year for Nintendo software but I’m not sure if 2015 can really match it.

                                        There are [i]some[/i] good titles coming out this year but if they can’t match or exceed 2014, I don’t see these console numbers growing much more this year.

                                        1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                                          It IS a success for Nintendo, though, since they aren’t losing money & they are making a profit. So fuck it if it doesn’t sell better or as good as the competition. If the investors/Board of Directors think it’s a failure, they are just idiots that are just mad they aren’t drowning in money.

                                        1. We can never have an article with good news about the Wii U without somebody making fun of the other consoles. Smh.

                                            1. How can you get mad at other people making fun of the Wii U when you’re making fun of the other consoles? Don’t be a hypocrite.

                                              1. how? because they always make fun of wii u when its irrelevant to the article and troll on nintendo websites where they don’t belong in obviously we have to say something back to them :T

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                                      5. It’s officially the worst selling console in nintendo history.
                                        The gamecube did better than this.
                                        Nintendo themselves predicted they’d sell 9 million units by march 2014. Not even they are correct. They’re way off.
                                        This console is a failure. Although I do like it.

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