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The Super Mario Collection Amiibo Seem To Be Removed From Amazon US

A number of you have contacted me to say that the Super Mario Collection Amiibo figures have been removed from Amazon. They were previously available with a quick search, but they sold out extremely quickly. I’m not sure why Amazon has removed the listing, but let’s hope they get put back up soon.

20 thoughts on “The Super Mario Collection Amiibo Seem To Be Removed From Amazon US”

  1. Again, classic marketing technic. “Oh my god, this thing I want so bad has been sold out in roughly a day !” Yup, ’cause they only put 70.000 copies on the market. That’s called creating the demand. Works wonders every single time.
    And, little parenthesis, that’s why Nintendo should just ride the wave of the New 3DS XL Majora’s Mask if they wanted easy fucking extra money.

  2. Man! this is becoming the hardest search I have had to do for something I want to buy online. I want these amiibos SOO badly and I just cant seem to be able to preorder them anywhere. I keep hoping,I really want these!

  3. Hilariously, the Amiibo beening so rare has had the opposite affect on me.. and now I really don’t want anymore if they are going to be soo rare.
    It’s all just marketing to get you to buy more Amiibo. If Nintendo wanted everyone to have one of each figure they easily could by simply pushing release dates and releasing less figures later on after more are produced to meet demand effectively and keep distribution proportional. Just don’t release them until a large enough supply has been cooked up.
    Anyway, I’ll put my money where my mouth is… and I just cancelled my Mega Man amiibo preorder on Amazon. Screw Amiiblow!

    1. I would keep checking GameStop or this site, as they often update us with amiibo news pretty quickly. If you’re desperate $30 on ebay isn’t as bad as $60 on Amazon. You could look in store, but I honestly see that as a waste of gas so I would just call the stores everyday instead. Good Luck!

  4. Hi
    I pre ordered mine from Nintendo but peach had sold out. I’ve looked everywhere to try and get her but nowhere has got her. Is there going to be anymore or not?

    1. there are 4 peaches at my local walmart in new York, non-gaming stores are best place to look, like walmart and target

  5. Im going to get Toad if I see him in stores but I could care less about the rest of them since the smash bros poses look way better.
    I agree with the person that said this hype has made me want them less.
    Word of advice to anyone preordering. Avoid doing so on toys r they flat out canceled my captain falcon and pit because they ran out of stock. I originally placed my preorder back in November so you can imagine how angry I was by this.

  6. Preordered Yoshi, Bowser, Toad, Peach and Luigi via amazon uk and Mario Party 10 with the Mario amiibo from amazon germany. I already own the Smash Bowser and Yoshi amiibos so I´ll have those twice but I just love the Super Mario collection. Damn these amiibos!!! XD

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