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Check Out This Super Smash Bros 3DS Glitch That Turns Items Into A Tomato

Now this is a new one! A recent glitch discovered by Leron Tolmachev turns every possible item in Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS into a lovely juicy tomato. While the items take the form of a red tomato they still retain their original function, so it’s basically a very amusing glitch. The problem only exists on his girlfriend’s Nintendo 3DS and he’s tried everything possible to resolve the glitch, but has no luck at present. Here’s what he had to say.

This issue is currently occurring on my girlfriend’s 3DS XL. I have tried her copy of Smash Bros. in my 2DS, and it works fine, I’ve tried my copy of Smash Bros. in her 3DS and the issue only occurs on her 3DS XL with the 1.0.4 patch installed. If we uninstall the patch, the issue goes away, but reinstalling the patch causes the issue to return. I’ve factory reset the 3DS XL and formatted the SD card, but the issue persists.

Thanks, Pandavid

23 thoughts on “Check Out This Super Smash Bros 3DS Glitch That Turns Items Into A Tomato”

      1. If you were talking about sasori real or not, that’s rude. Just because he wears the name (once again, don’t know if he’s the real one or not) doesn’t mean you have to insult

  1. Ahhh >_< Accidentally broke my 3DS XL in half this morning before work. I don't wanna see another XL for a while lol :/

      1. Opened it to rough I suppose. :/ The right hinge was already being weird and I tried to get it to open the rest of the way and it snapped. It still turns on and the bottom screen works but on the top the backlight just comes on- no image. There’s still a ribbon cable or something connected on the left side though.

          1. Eh, can’t really afford either at the moment but I was waiting for a more interesting N3DS color to be released so hopefully this year a new one will catch my eye and i’ll make the jump then. Otherwise i’ll just have to get this one fixed when I can.

  2. If I had this glitch, it would give me a reason to play the 3DS version again.

    I’m not kidding. This one of the funniest glitches I’ve ever seen.

  3. I would like having that as an option lol sucks that it makes your game freeze. Also sucks it’s on the 3DS and not the Wii U cause I only play the U version now.

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