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Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Update With amiibo Support Available Now

Nintendo has released new update data for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. Available now for download in the Nintendo eShop, patch version 1.0.5 is required for accessing the fighting game’s multiplayer features. Once users install the update, they will no longer be able to play local multiplayer with players without the update installed. Additionally, any replay data that was saved prior to the update will no longer be playable. The latest update for the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. includes the following changes:

  • Share mode has been added.
  • Users will be able to post photos, replay data, and Mii Fighter data to the official server to share with other users around the world. Users will also be able to search and download the content as well.
  • Users will be able to share and exchange photos, replay data, and Mii Fighter data with users on their 3DS Friend List.
  • Users will be able to post photos to Miiverse from within the game
  • amiibo functionality has been added to New Nintendo 3DS XL
    Users can tap their amiibo figure to the touchscreen to transform them into “figure players (FP)” to battle, train, and level-up their FP.
  • In order to let you play the game more comfortably, we have also fixed some issues.

28 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Update With amiibo Support Available Now”

  1. I’m not using amiibo for my New 3DS, I just think that if I don’t use amiibo on it in 3 months, it will start to malfuncion maybe cuz maybe the people who made the new 3DS think that everybody will buy amiibo for the new 3DS. So I wanna prove them wrong, and because the amiibo wont interact with it, the new 3DS might start to break, and get a refund, and finally have proof to tell them, “no. We don’t need miibo for this, so make the new 3DS not malfuncion when it has no amiibo.

    1. Why? Why speak? Lonely? Bored? Your opinion is just a grab…

      Sorry, I know the Internet is a way to say things on your mind, but the long euphemism was just alittle too much…

      1. Yes, the internet, opinions matter here and it’s why YOU should care about what I say. I’m telling you, don’t you agree with what you read??

        1. I agree that anyones opinion should be respected as they are their own personal feelings on matters such as this, however caring about an opinion is something different entirely. I don’t care that you commented, but I respect the fact that you had feelings strong enough regarding this that you felt they were worth posting and that’s what matters.

          1. Yes you and me Donkey Kong, you and me will show that Nintendo that amiibo is not mandatory, that those who will not buy it will have a system that bust, making the sound of fried egg, they thought that to make up for the new 3DS power, they could get away with with doing stuff that has to surround all amiibo functionality, but no, it’s more than that. It about a system buster if you don’t use amiibo. Waiting 3 months to see what happens, you and me Donkey Kong of the jungle.

            1. lmao alright but a… I have 13 amiibo and more on the way so If I said I didn’t buy these things it would make me a hypocrite. I never use them anymore though, they just go straight to my shelf for displaying.

              1. Good little Donkey of the jungle, keep them in that shelf 3 MONTHS, lock em away. If it was ever possible and a dream come true, you contract me to hijack the truck delivering amiibos to your house–oh OH BETTER. Little Donkey of the jungle, help me do something to stop ALL amiibos from ever getting to stores for 3 MONTHS, and everywhere in the United States these are, everybody’s new 3DS will fry up because they will see the power of the amiibos and how much the 3DS needs it, it isn’t without sacrifice of system ruinability that these amiibos here are so powerful. Let’s help all these people with clouded images, my friend the brown animal. Jungle.

                  1. Because little Donkey of the jungle, my friend. 3 months is when New 3DS begins to corrupt due to a long time of no connectivity to the amiibo…Nintendo designed the New 3DS to be powerful when you connect it to your amiibo, at the risk of system corruption when it is not connected in after 3 months after the system has been turned on for the firs ttime…thing is, Nintendo knows or THINKS that everybody will buy aniibo for New 3DS within the first 3 months, but you and I, Monkey Donkey lad, we will show them how wrong they are, and stop the amiibo from ruling this world.

                    1. Thank you sharp Thunder I will use this information and distribute it to those who will help our noble cause!

                    2. [Buzzer] Insufficent response…

                      Fun chat, but inferiors – like yourself – are only for used for humor, and ah ha!…

                      The humor enjoyed…

                          1. wii u owners did have to wait a month longer to play smash and they were desperately trying to sell wii u’s so I understand why they first made them compatable with wiiu but that is a ridiculous time to ask your 3ds owners to wait.

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