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Pachter Says ‘Nintendo Still In Denial About Failure Of Wii U’

Outspoken industry analyst Michael Pachter is back again and this time Game informer caught up with him to talk all things video games. Pachter says that the Wii U is trailing far behind the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 and is in desperate need of a price cut to remain in the competition. He also doesn’t think that third-party developers will come back to Nintendo in the near future.

“I think that they are not a particularly introspective bunch. I think that they are still in denial about the Wii U failure. You keep seeing this stat so we’re up 82 percent – yeah, 40,000 units went to 70,000 units. Who cares? You’re still trailing the other guys by a mile.”

“They need a new console that’s competitive with Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If Xbox can sell at $349 Nintendo could make it and sell for $249. They won’t because they still live in that old console world where they think they need to make a profit on the hardware. That means if they make a competitive console it would be more expensive.”

“The problem is I think they did a bad job with third parties with the Wii and they’ve done an abysmal job with third parties with the Wii U, so I don’t think third parties would come back for a new console. If they come out with a new console and it is essentially identical programming language with the Xbox so the cost to port a game is zero, I’m still skeptical that third parties would support it. They possibly would, but only if the cost was so low. And that’s the problem. Ubisoft got really burned on the Wii U making dedicated titles like ZombiU. Activision stopped making Call of Duty for the Wii U, and EA hasn’t ever made a game for the Wii U. I don’t think they come back.”

Thanks, Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

184 thoughts on “Pachter Says ‘Nintendo Still In Denial About Failure Of Wii U’”

      1. Are you sure the Wii U isn’t profitable? Could be, since the marketing has been as costly as the other systems and frankly I don’t know how much it costs to produce them

    1. Patcher, you again. Don’t you guys have enough of writing an article about that waste of space? I know that I’m not making things better by commenting, but seriously, this guy only thinks poorly of Nintendo and the Wii U, when the Wii U is doing good enough to provide Nintendo for a profit and the First Party games, like Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros for Wii U are fantastic games that selling great for the install base that the Wii U has. Last time I checked, Mario Kart 8 as at 4.77 Million, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has past 5 Million since then. Because the First Party software is selling, it is stopping the Wii U from being a failure. If the software wasn’t selling, then I would say that the Wii U is doing horribly, but the fact the software is selling well, makes the Wii U ggod enough in terms of sales, not fantastic, but good enough…

        1. And even Wii U mostly addresses most of the third parties past BS whining, they still turn their backs anyway and claim Wii U is pathetic, weak and all kinds of weak ass excuses you hear. Then tell me this: What the fuck is an Xbox 360 that runs the same PowerPC architecture and has even more terrible hardware build with higher failure rate and yet, still make “next gen” games on that system? I’ll tell you two of the actual reasons why: Laziness and greed and 2014 gaming on other 2 “powerful” systems have proved that theory alone and why is it that Nintendo was the ONLY company of the year getting positive recognition for gaming designs? Third parties have gone dark and are using deception to get sales from unaware morons hungry for any excuse to buy some “big shot” game that’s half-assed under a mask just so they can get in with the “cool” but stupid crowd?

          Not saying I’m sure Nintendo is the best of the three. They even have their own shares of fuck ups at the moment and some even piss me off; a big fan of Nintendo since their first console.

        2. I hate does third-party whiners! They are always like “oh, I can’t shoot everything on the screen on a Nintendo console. Nintendo is so bad because it produces games with STORYLINES! I hate all of their great Mario RPGs and Pokemon!”

    2. The nintendo magistrate

      Why do you morons post shit like this when it get’s reactions that have the opposite effect?
      Mynintendonews ? Sorry but all it seems is nothing more than a site for flame wars and rumours !

    3. Patcher the wise speaks truths yet again. The clergy is pleased with your doctrines.

      “To reject Robin Williams is to reject all that has fallen”
      ~Church or Sasori

      1. You wish an accomplished analyst an excruciating death because he laid out the facts about Nintendo’s hierarchy and its console ?(a fucking THING…NOT your parents,not your friends not even a living thing).

        And you still have the gaul to be outraged when 80% of gamers don’t take you people seriously ? This time,you,the consumers,are at fault for getting so little in return. Your enclave like mentality made it so that the third party developers wont bother with you because even if a game is good you wont buy it because it’s Nintendo. It is the same fucking crap we see in most Apple and Samsung fans.
        The marketing teams solicite this kind of behaviour on purpose and you fell in it.
        So ironically you gave Nintendo the needed ammo to make the least effort.

        But returning to you wishing death to a human being because of a fucking plastic tech equipment, it just proves how your collective heads are so deep in your own ass which is typical of little shits aged 10 to 16.

        Either you are sociopathic or you are an epitome of wasted DNA . Have a nice day

        1. The nintendo magistrate

          And you are who exactly? I’l tell you nobody so kindly do me a favor and shut the fuck up ! Thank you

    1. Why, I could careless what Nintendo does compared to other consoles. If I wanted a Xbox or ps4 I’ll get it. I don’t need a 3rd console giving me the same half finished games as the other 2. And Nintendo has a crap ton of money. Executives just want more money and so do investors. I’m fine with Nintendo being the little guy.

            1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

              The Atarians were about to destroy everything we hold sacred, Lord Miyamoto created Donkey Kong and began our uprising and the end of the Atarian Menace…

              1. Actually, Atari did indeed cause the mess in 1983 with the mess(and that’s putting it nicely,) that was E.T and yes, Miyamoto saved the industry from becoming non existent, but it wasn’t Donkey Kong, even though it was doing great in the arcades, it was actually Super Mario Bros.(1985) that saved everything, with it’s colourful world and awesome level design, Donkey Kong was just the start of Nintendo’s video game dominance…

      1. That’s actually a very good point. If there’s one thing about Nintendo, it’s that they always try to be different and bringing about something new. PS4 and Xbox One are pretty much sharing their games and are basically quite the same actually, but Nintendo always seem to offer what the competition doesn’t. Even with the Wii U not being as powerful as the other consoles, there has been a great release of quality games to prove it’s not just all fancy new-gen graphical power.

        1. I always laugh when i read this kind of comentaries.
          You are probably a newcomer on videogames im a longrun nintendo fun and i have a wiiu, i love it! wii, wiiu and the whole ds family are consoles which seek for being diferent and give us new ways of playing but nintendo hasnt been like that by any mean on the past.
          The gamecube was an upgrade of the n64 it didnt introduce any single change in “the way of playing a game” and gamecube was also a power house focused on graphics and pure technical improvements. Snes was announced as the beast brain because it was a technical prodigy (it sound procesor was AMAZING compare to those on the other consoles) etc… Back then nintendo always announces their console as powerhouse because THEY WERE but they fail in that market and its there when they started to invent new ways of playing because evem with the more powerfull devices (gamecube) they always lose.
          So please stop calling those who apretiate good graphics graphicwore etc… Because nintendo once announced themself in that way too (metroid prime…) wiitards

          1. Where in my comment did you see I call someone a graphicswhore? I’m not even sure if you’re reading the right article after that last statement you made. It’s pretty rude to assume I’m new to gaming (and I guarantee you I’m not), however what you said about Nintendo being all about power in the past is new to me and interesting actually. I should do some research about it as I’m not too well informed about Nintendo in the past.
            I will admit though, I haven’t been a Nintendo fan for very long as I didn’t grow up with Nintendo consoles, but I’m definitely not new to video games as you assume. Also it would be very appreciated if you could use proper grammar, forgive me for being rude but I’m pretty sure you weren’t taught to write like that.
            I never said those who like powerful graphics can’t appreciate games or whatever you assume you think I said. I said Nintendo brings out great games that aren’t just about new gen graphics.
            Actually now that I think about this, I wonder if you’re even any older than me.

      2. This is the same irresponsible argument that makes a company crumble to dust. You honestly want Nintendo to keep doing what they’ve been doing with the Wii U for the next 5 years?
        The moment a company ignores warnings from experts ,it is time to start from scratch or else you are screwed in the long run.
        Fans like you only make them procrastinate… Ironicaly,you will be ONE OF THE MANY REASONS of their downfall — hopefully this will never happen.

    1. Experts think they are business savy,for a reason. People who have no real grasp at the fundamentals of economics are easy to spot. I went to business school so I’m no absolute expert,but some of the blind fans here don’t realise that their loyalty regardless of what is going on,is hurting them. So even me ,who is no expert,can spot what is a valid argument and what is not.
      I am never loyal to a brand. I will keep using some brand’s services or products AS LONG AS IT SERVES ME IN A SATISFYING MANNER. I paid THEM. If they want my loyalty they should write me a check . Since that wont happen I will regard consoles,devices and gizmos as disposable luxury. The moment a brand doesn’t serve me best,i will stop buying it from them.

  1. Or, here’s a thought, we stop reporting what this guy says as “news” and treat it like he’s just another person who hates Nintendo.
    Because that’s all he is.

      1. Except that the analyst did not show hate towards Nintendo. So, that completely demolishes your argument.
        This is why such old and repetitious mantra-like word plays just don’t work.
        I could as easily say stupid people are being stupid. That is worthless info.

    1. Right…on a site named MYNINTENDONEWS. This is a weak argument ,friend.
      Interesting enough how any argument that goes against Nintendo is considered hate. This is why internet should be absolutely off limits to you kids. You have no grasp of reality.

  2. i dislike the way that guy is saying about the wii u its good Nintendo is batter i will punch that guy he batter get fired from his job he has not right to say that about nintendo they are so good that the guy has something nasty to say i will jack his ass up with a rifle.

    Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2015 20:16:20 +0000 To:

    1. That is a death threat. You can get in trouble for that.

      So bottom line is anything that is “BAD” regarding Nintendo is going to be called a lie or hate. Without supporting facts or evidence. This is what the communist counsel and their people did in my country before we driven out those fucking cretins out after a very brief war.

      Tread carefully. I think you are just an ill mannered kid. Hence why anyone like this should be ridiculed without mercy until such person stops posting crap online.

  3. sherlockwillfightbilbo

    He was right up until he said EA never made a game for them. But his ideas are right. The third-parties probably won’t go to Nintendo anytime soon.

    1. THIS GUY? KNOW A THING OR TWO??? We’re talking about Mr. “Go Sega Nintendo”, right?

      Ugh, never mind, just go home you drunk…maybe right about the third parties but this guy need to wake up hard core because he obviously forgot that they admitted their failure and yet they are doing the right thing to stay in business…and if you think he’s 100% right then you need to wake up too.

  4. This guy is an analyst, one who i presume tells his clients to buy microsoft or sony. How on earth can you be considered impartial in that position? I think Webbush securities should disclose its portfolio holdings and client reports before they can start reporting this as news and not corporate counter intelligence.

    1. If he tells his clients to buy Sony, he is more retarded than it would appear.
      PS4 has not done anything for Sony stock, and probably will not in a near future.
      Sony is just hanging there.
      I know because I own Sony stock, only reason I’m not selling it, is because it would do nothing for me.

      1. On the side note, I would not buy Nintendo stock either. MS maybe, but their xbox brand and mobile division is making dent to their profitability.

  5. Of course Nintendo still needs t open their eyes to the modern world, but that doesn’t change the fact that they can still be successful without a powerful console. It’s mainly how Nintendo are handling games and the system in general. Patcher can reference the Wii if he wants but Nintendo did extremely well with it so alright.

    Other than that, Nintendo’s picking back up. They still make a few mistakes that they’re too stubborn to notice but overall, Patcher’s analysis (news flash) isn’t a very good one.

    There’s multiple routes to success. A powerful console is one of them, and while it’d be nice, Nintendo doesn’t actually have to take it. Nintendo are doing okay for the time being. It’s not about what they could be doing, it’ more about what they’re not doing.

    1. Nintendo has been making same mistakes since N64… That time they didnt die because their first party titles were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! But the lack of third party true support made them lose the majority of the market… And it wasnt because there were more competence because megadrive competed very well agaisnt the snes but it was because of nintendo blindness.
      After that nintendo release rhe gamecube with a bit more of third party games and again with AWESOME first party titles but the thirds party werent enough for non nintendo-all time fans and this newcomers started with the psx so if gamecube couldnt offer the same as psx offered then they didnt buy it.
      The nintendo release the wii and they didnt awesome because they started to compete on another market but for true gamers there are only 15/20 games worth playing on that console (for a lifetime of almost 10 years is pretty lame but again n64 had few games because of the lack of third party and wii has few games worth mentionin because third party games were going on another direction).
      Now wiiu its an amazing console. Nor a powerhouse nor a stupid casual gaming device BUT again like in the n64 era they dont have third party support! And there have been a huge generation of gamers (10 years of wii lifetime) thar have grown with a ps3/360 and they see that wiiu doesnt offer them what ps3/360 offered so they dont buy it. Lets be honest for the true gamers the wiiu offers a lot but for people who just like videogsmes and dont know nintendo franchise o games wiiu offers anything at first glympse (obviusly if some of those ps3 gamers try some zombie u or monster hunter theyd probably like them but they wont because at first sigh isnt what they are looking for)
      Nintendo doesnt know anything about western market or how we, western people act when buying a product (we judge a lot the cover, we buy just what we are used to… And it has been a long generation with the wii showing itself like a kids toy so those people who were kids back in the day are now teenagers and they want to look akd stay cool so… No nintendo)

      1. -My N64 library-

        1st/2nd party: 8
        3rd party: 8 (including, but not limited to RE2, Ogre Battle 64, StarCraft 64, & Turok).
        Total: 16

        -My GCN library-

        1st/2nd party: 15
        3rd party: 34 (including, but not limited to Prince of Persia trilogy, 4 Resident Evils, Killer7, Viewtiful Joe, 2 Sonic games, Crazy Taxi, Soul Calibur II, Tales of Symphonia, Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy, & Baten Kaitos: EWatLO.
        Total: 49

        Thanks to joining the internet age in 2001 or 2002, my awareness of available games (beginning w/ GCN & GBA) & the ability to acquire them increased exponentially.

        -My Wii library-

        1st/2nd party: 16
        3rd party: 48 (including, but not limited to 3 Sonics, Okami, Tenchu, MadWorld, 2 Red Steels, 2 No More Heroes, 2 RE Chronicles, NiGHTS, Muramasa, Silent Hill, Dead Space, The Last Story, Epic Mickey, Guilty Gear, Mushroom Men, Okami, FF CC: The Crystal Bearers, Sengoku Basara, & Tatsunoko vs. Capcom).
        Total: 64

        -My Wii U library-

        1st/2nd party: Complicated. I have both New Super Mario U & Luigi U, but on 1 disc & mostly because of a bundle. Then there’s Ninja Gaiden, which was published by Nintendo, but went multiplat. Bayonetta 2 is maybe 2nd party, but not in the truest sense. Wind Waker HD was free as part of the MK8 promotion, but I would’ve passed otherwise having played it on GCN. But MK8 & DK: Tropical Freeze easily count.

        3rd party: Aside from Ninja Gaiden as mentioned above, I have ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Child of Light, Sonic Lost World. Then there’s the original Bayo which is an enhanced multiplat & free (w/ purchase of Bayo 2). The rest are indies, maybe 10. Still more 3rd part than 1st/2nd.
        Total: ??

        Clearly, Wii U marks the end of an era, where 3rd parties (particularly Japanese), catered to Ninty & my tastes. Western 3rd parties used to, even on Wii (Red Steel 2, Mushroom Men, & well, that’s about it for 7th gen; 6th gen & back they were amazing). Now 3rd parties focus on Hollywood, hardcore audiovisuals, & FPSes/Sandboxes.

        Anyway, perhaps when you say Ninty consoles lack 3rd party support, you are only focusing on the mainstream aspect (especially of the past few gens), rather than the actual amount of 3rd party games there were (many of which were quality). When Western publishers/devs gained the upperhand, they switched gaming principles & left my kind far behind. Ubi used to make games like Buck Bumble, Batman Vengeance & Prince of Persia, but not anymore. THQ is gone, though Sphinx was what stood out to me, & they stopped that kinda game anyway. Acclaim had Burnout (& helped publish Crazy Taxi GCN), but its sequels skipped Nintendo & then morphed into an Open World Racer, which is not for me.

        But modernity increasingly deems my tastes as niche. Genres, franchises, & studios have fallen from grace in my eyes or they’re dead or dying. Interesting that. What I want used to be profitable, yet what the masses want nowadays is unfeasable, even w/ newer tech (costly visuals, broken or stunted gameplay, nickel & diming trojan horses…a vicious circle). Gotta have quick dev cycles, multiplats, sequels, unscrupulous DLC, & microtransacrions to stay afloat & still charge $60 but w/ less content & more bugs (or charge less hoping to cover costs via extra content that should’ve already been included). But sacrifices must be made if the masses are to have their way. But will anyone notice the blood on their hands? How long must a controller be idle before noticing. Who will mourn for Sony & MS’ losses? Is their suicide righteous? Some fans believe they are their Attis or Jesus. Who will mourn our loss of Nintendo? I certainly mourn the losses of SEGA & the old PlayStation brand.

  6. No matter how much i love ZombieU i cant call it dedicated or any of their games. Or No… the only game that was dedicated is rayman legends but that did very good on wii u despite the small install base

    1. Zombie U is a dedicated game… It not a powerhouse and its a little bit rushed but to day its the only game that actually uses wiiu features in an original way not only for maps/objects as usual… I would say that it evem uses the pad better than most of the first party titles…
      As i said before it is not perfect and its easy to say that they didnt throw a lot of money on it but it is dedicated… You would be able to play zombie u in any other platform while rayman legend is posible as it has been prove so suck my ass fanboy.
      Zombie U its a fantastic game gameplaywise but a piece of crap technically but hey!? Arent you nintendard those suppoused to not care about the graphics!? Hypocrite : )

  7. Of course, he has no idea what they have in development for another home console and there has been steady increase in sales and game production… not a complete fail… just a bridge

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  8. The Wii U is as much a failure as the Playstation Vita. It is a failure when compared to its competitors, but on its own, its a modest success.

  9. To be britually honest, I truly believe that even if Nintendo made a new HD console like the PS4 and Xbone one with a lot of the same capabilities, people still wouldn’t buy it over the Playstation and microsoft’s console because I guess they just like them better and makes them feel hard core. They will still to what they like and never go back to nintendo matter how much they get better. I think that’s the true reality about a lot of gamers today.
    But in my opinion the big truth is even with Nintendo’s downfalls and other hardships, Nintendo will always be the Best video game company, because they are a company that just wants to come up with new games and ideas and sees how fun they are and wants others to enjoy the same experience. They may be slow in the competition and are trying to catch up, but they work the hardest in the game industry to make sure a game is good, fun, and enjoy, and runs correctly unlike other develops out there.

    1. I didn’t even realised that until you mention it. Even if Nintendo brings out something stronger than the PS4, then what? I don’t really believe developers are gonna say “Nintendo made a super powerful console! We need to have our games on there right now!”. Yep, highly unlikely. Honestly, the games that have remained Playstation and Xbox exclusive aren’t just going to start popping up on the Wii U HD, at least that’s what I believe. Not to mention the fanbase has to be there for developers to start deciding to make games for it.

    2. The problem is reputation. Releasing a console that’s as powerful as the competition is only step one. Then they need to find a way to get consoles into people’s households (another “blue ocean strategy” of some kind?). And then they need to go full tilt into attracting 3rd party developers.

      They’ve got their work cut out for them.

  10. If this guy pays more attention to a system’s library than the console itself he would know EA have Wii U games and Ubisoft getting burned in sales is because they keep delaying Wii U versions and excluding all content (Zombi U was an exception) i don’t know why he hates Nintendo so much, recently Game Trailers made a “Anticipated Games of 2015” and he obviously did nothing but bashed any Nintendo game mentioned. Even saying none of them were “born” at the time Star Fox, so what are they now 12? Sure he may have a point about 3rd parties but the thing is that 3rd Parties have always cut corners when making Nintendo ports because they want to develop for the most powerful console(s). 3rd Parties actually tried to keep developing for the Wii and DS despite them being the least powerful machines and still have some successes. People were on to 3rd party’s tricks so of course they didn’t sell even if they were technically the best. Wii U still has the best library when it comes to exclusives but gamers don’t buy the system because it only gets bad rep from the press and 3rd parties making it seem like a waste of money. 3rd parties will return to Nintendo when they reveal their next console like they always do

    1. Er…. No they aren’t. In both respects: There are tons of gaming only companies out there and Nintendo isn’t a gaming only company; Especially with the QoL projects coming up, they’re moving away from that focus.

      1. Are they the only major gaming company that focuses on both hardware and software? Yes, because there really is, outside of mobile, three major gaming hardware companies, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. The other two companies do many other things as we know. The other big gaming companies stick to software. Qol doesn’t exist yet, but all signs point to it having some semblance of an interactive, fun element, much like any of their other forays into that area like Wii Fit and those titles or the mental games on DS and others.

        So, I still hold to Nintendo being the only major gaming company that sticks to that and not other things like Microsoft and Sony. The other players that you allude to as other “gaming only” companies, don’t really count yet.

  11. So it’s a failure if it’s not a mirror image of the ps4 and xbone? I’m sorry but I don’t want another copy-and-pasted, we have no good exclusives but pretty graphics box of a console. That’s the jist of what I read.

  12. I love nintendo but they are stuck in the past. Make a next Gen console and put some games on mobile phones. They worry about making the most affordable console instead of making the best one. People will spend money and a good home console. If you build it, they will come.

    1. If it’s modern to put games on mobile then that’s what Sony and Microsoft should be doing. Plus there’s no such thing as “next gen” just current and last. Unlike the other systems Wii U barely has any games with laughable glitches (has there is one exception) and Wii U has great exclusives that no one buys

      1. Ubisoft games.
        Nintendo just needs to keep doing what they do, make solid hardware and solid games.
        If they can keep it profitable, then fuck the rest.

    2. this is where you are wrong people will look at the price and compare with the competition. So if I want to buy a £400 console which produce the same games on PC, I will think twice. Mobile game is mainly women, who have want something they can get in and out with some difficulties but not to hard.

      Game for mobile and home console should not be compare IMO. Also 1 year or two ago Nintendo has announced they would make mobile games which will promote they console game and won’t be any of their major IPs. I think they bought a company which were specialise in mobile gaming.

  13. I’ll say the same thing I said elsewhere:

    ‘Who cares? You’re still trailing the other guys by a mile.’

    Welcome to the unfettered capitalistic mindset.

    You sell millions?

    The other guys sell millions more!

    You are dead! There is no audience! FAILURE! FAILURE! ABANDON SHIP!


    Also, Pachter is to video game commentary what Charles Krauthammer is to political commentary: with predictions made in their field of ‘expertise,’ they manage a worse track record than a layman who guesses. In other words, they are paid to add nothing to the discussion but noise.

    Here is a run-down of some of Pachter’s analysis:

  14. A failed console is a console that lacks or has no good games imo. Wii U has a decent library so far and it is slowly increasing. Also as long as the console is profitable it isn’t a failure.

        1. I was replying to the statement, “A failed console is a console that lacks or has no good games.”

          The Dreamcast had several great games. Still, it failed for various other reasons.

          In other words, his definition of a failed console is quite inaccurate in the generally accepted form of the meaning.

          1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

            Oh. In that case, saying the Dreamcast failed because of nothing but bad games is wrong. In truth, most of us know it was the fact Sega pushed it out too soon & didn’t give their other consoles a few years to shine before throwing out the next one.

  15. The Wii U is the lowest selling system Nintendo has ever produced, it’s on track to sell less than the gamecube did overall. Butt Pacher is telling the truth… but he’s always such a dick about it the fanboys get enraged. Nintendo sux as does Butt Pacher.

    1. Maybe it is but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about with games. Just watch GameTrailers Anticipated games of 2015 he’s clearly paid to criticize Nintendo. Why do people still buy COD?





  17. Its true sadly. The Wii U is a turd. The last truly great Nintendo console imo was the Gamecube. Its been downhill ever since

    1. How can you like the Gamecube but not the Wii U? Thats like someone saying they liked the NES but hated the SNES. You must not own the Wii U otherwise you wouldn’t have made such a strange, out of place comment..

  18. I wont be so bold to say Nintendo doesn’t need third party support, because they do. However despite what Pachter may believe Nintendo does not need support from E.A., Ubisoft, or Activision.

    Nintendo is not in denial about the Wii U, they are just not going to abandon it like Pachter wants. The Wii U has been out for 27 months and Pachter thinks Nintendo should dump it and throw another console onto the market? Nintendo has to ride the Wii U out to the end, for at least three more years.

    1. Hello black bond the guy who’s seems correct, powerful consoles helps consumers select. I sure can’t wait for Wii U games, to help me ignore Pacter that lame. Nintendo Commander he seems alright, but when hearing Pacter I bet he wants to fight, 3rd party tittles they may not come back, but who the hell cares those broken tittles are whack. As long as we know Banjo Kazooie Spiritual successor is near, we can all not worry and relax and not fear.

  19. Maybe he’s somewhat right, maybe they don’t come back soon at all. But at this point, I doubt people are expecting a bunch of 3rd Party support when they buy a Wii U. Early adopters were, we took what Nintendo said about Wii U being for the core gamer to heart, and the presentation with EA made it seem like that had a chance, but things happened. The first party library is finally becoming reason enough to justify the purchase especially with Zelda and Star Fox on the way. It’s worth owning a Wii U even if you have another gaming console in your home just for the 1st party/exclusive titles, sure it’s another Nintendo box that doesn’t get all the AAA 3rd party games but the games it does have are fun as hell.

    All that said I hope the next system keeps up with competition a little better when it comes to power/specs. I’d love to be able to play those AAA multiplatform titles on the same system I play amazing Nintendo 1st party software.

  20. I hate how all these devs only care about how powerful the console is. Is this how it was back in the 80s and 90s? (i actually would like an answer lol) Nowadays it’s only the most powerful system that sells the best and it’s sad… What happened to creativity? what happened to fun experiences? I swear it’s like Kefka took over the world again but this time it’s the gaming industry

  21. Why does the Wii U desperately need a price cut though? Pretty sure they are enough sales around on Wii U that are around $250 for one thing. The Xbox One and Playstation 4 are more expensive and are doing much better, so I’m not really seeing why it needs a price cut so badly.
    Am I the only one that doesn’t really see the Wii U as a failure? Sure, it could have done better but right now I’m seeing more value in a Wii U than a Playstation 4, game wise that is.
    He’s right with the third party developers at least. We haven’t heard from those guys with anything concerning the Wii U really. We can’t say if they have games being secretly developed for Wii U but it looks like their attention is currently elsewhere.
    It would be pretty funny though if the Wii U suddenly became a success in the future and everyone started come crawling back XD

  22. Nintendo isn’t in denial, they know that the Wii U isn’t doing well. Cutting the price on something that is selling for close to cost isn’t the best answer either. Let Nintendo ride this gen out with a niche for themselves and they’ll be fine. The problem with analysts and shareholders is that they are completely driven by greed.

  23. All his negativity surrounding the console culture, Nintendo, & gaming in general reminds of Aesop’s fable, ‘The Dog & Its Reflection’.

    –A hound dog found a bone and held it tightly in his mouth. He growled and scowled at anyone who attempted to take it away. Off into the woods he went to bury his prize.

    When he came to a stream, he trotted over the footbridge and happened to glance into the water. He saw his own reflection. Thinking it was another dog with a bigger bone, he growled and scowled at it. The reflection growled and scowled back.

    “I’ll get THAT bone too,” thought the greedy dog, and he snapped his sharp teeth at the image in the water.

    Alas, his own big bone fell with a splash, out of sight, the moment he opened his mouth to bite!–

    Basically, be happy w/ what you have (to an extent), & play to your strengths.

    While Nintendo is imperfect, they ultimately know what they’re doing & have been the only console manufacturer this gen & last. They cater to a different section of the market, still focused on the straighter-though-nuanced pather rather than following the others’ U-turn into the movie industry.

    SEGA & Sony are mockeries of their former selves. MS never cared about consoles & the purer form of gaming, just releasing Trojan boxes to corrupt the console culture & spread their own agenda. From a business standpoint, the Xbox brand, while popular, is the biggest failure; it has never generated profits. Gamers should be outraged how infected Sony has become, & proud @ Nintendo for resisting.

    Fans of multimedia boxes, interactive movies, & mobile games are in greater #s, but as long as Nintendo profits & helps sustain actual gaming, the industry’s core will survive. If not, the industry will implode, resetting almost everything. 3rd parties are already inducing Atari Shock into the system. But will consumers stop buying the modern E.T. games before it’s too late?

  24. Okay, Im actually glad Nintendo went this way with the WiiU, seems like all the 3rd party games these days are really quite shitty and unfinished.

  25. Pachter doesn’t understand the situation at all. Nintendo could cut the price and it would show only a small uptick in sales. They might as well just keep making a profit on the hardware so that even if they’re not selling so many units, they’re keeping the cashflow good. It’s next generation that they may have to sacrifice this.

  26. I wonder why Pachter is giving us this information for free. I mean, if we all took his information and invested, wouldn’t that make the prices of the shares in the “good” companies increase? In turn, wouldn’t that make Nintendo shares be cheaper to buy? Would someone who works for an investment firm be that legally unscrupulous? Surely, not.

  27. to be honest I always found that guys a little bias and pro Microsoft. Saying that Nintendo is far behind Xbox is a bit of a lie. Wii U being a failure …I would not say that neither cause xbox1 is more than a failure compare to Wii U. Not I will hear other saying what???? if the xbox 1 was a success it will have sold much more by now, xbox 1 has way more 3rd party support cause MS paid those studio to develop games on their consoles, on the top of having a structure similar to the PS4 and let’s talk about the marketing budget which must have cost milions.

    As far as I know MS release the number of console shipped to distributor and not sold whereas Nintendo give the number of consoles sold to end customers. Xbox is really popular in US and UK, outside those countries MS is a good 3rd position.

    The reality is that Nintendo is profitable whereas MS video game division is not and MS had to have a price cut in August to start selling and make a very good deal on black Friday to have an OK Christmas. To be honest the guys has one or two good points but it out weighted by 9 or 8 bullshits arguments.

    When he goes on about Nintendo should lose money on the hardware I personally would not trust him. What’s the point of selling 10 millions units and losing money?

  28. Why can’t just Nintendo stop working on the wii u and the new upcoming/Coming soon wii u games so they will make their new console it just because the wii u is will be a failure forever by those fucking asshole hardcore gamers want games that it have GUNS and hard level like an level with no fucking power up and no mid point (checkpoint) and many lava, pit of death and many enemy and a hardcore game that it delete the save file everytime they got an game over also a pokemon game with guns that allowed to kill POKEMONS!

  29. The truth is gamers have all but abandoned Nintendo consoles. Nintendo has been a day late and a dollar short with many advances (discs, online, mature titles, etc) and the teens/young adults see very little reason to buy a Wii U. No matter what Nintendo does they won’t get the xbots or PlayStation crowd to buy their machines. We don’t need a clown Nintendo hater like Pachter (who is so uninformed he doesn’t even know EA made games for the Wii U) to point out the obvious. Nintendo is out of touch with the times. When X comes out and sells horribly I think they’ll just go back to promoting nothing but their main IPs on a super cheap console like the Wii. They’ll stop trying to compete with the others and just focus on what they do well which is making family friendly games in new innovative ways. It won’t ever be capable of selling consoles in the 30-40 million range but it can sell 20 million and still make a profit. I actually already think they’ve figured this out and are providing Devils’s Third and X..not because they are trying to sell a lot of units or poach customers from the others but because they want to appeal to the people that want more mature games that already own a Wii U. Unlike Pachter, I think they already have adapted to the new normal and we’ll see more sub $200 Nintendo centric consoles from here on out.

    1. It will be sad if that rumored device is announced soon though. The Wii U needs at least 5 years on the market before a next gen Nintendo home console is announced.

  30. Fair play to Pachter. He is absolutely SPOT ON with these comments. WiiI should be at least 100 bucks cheaper…. In terms of power its a completelyy last gen system. People still buy ps3 and 360 because of the great value these consoles still have. People piss and moan about Ubisoft but in terms of third party, they brought their game and lost out.
    Well said Pach

  31. Blah blah blah… While I would agree that Nintendo needs to improve certain aspects I don’t want it to become Playstation or Xbox.

    Say what you want Patcher but so far Wii U is my favourite platform this generation and if that wasn’t enough I am also jumping to handhelds for first time with the new 3DS. Well, I lied… Had a Vita and sold it.. Taking about failures eh!

    Nintendo platforms might not always be the most successful/popular/profitable in the market but to me there is no gaming without Nintendo. I will continue buying their products in the future, cannot say the same for the other two as pc gaming looks more and more attractive each day.

    1. Your humorous comment does inspire a good analogy regarding how the platform brands releate to each other.

      Sony & MS could be considered different brands of cola (Pepsi & Coke), whereas Nintendo could be considered Big Red. Oh, I guess Sony’s handhelds could be Pepsi in a 12 oz. can (instead of a 20 oz. bottle), & Nintendo’s handhelds could be Big Blue.

  32. Considering the quality of first and second party games I don’t think nintendo should jump into a new console right away. Sega, especially towards the end, is a good example of what not to do with console releases

  33. And the fucker still opens his retarded mouth. Nintendo is the one in denial? lol Give me a fucking break so I can whack his hypocrite ass with it. How many of his crystal ball “predictions” we’re ever right? Never. In fact, he should be asking why Sony is still in denial of their Vita ever making a good impression or why Sony is still in denial of fixing their vulnerably broken online service PSN? Both suck ass and are in a much worse position than Nintendo’s. Period. Oh and who’s also losing money, Nintendo or Sony Patcher? B| Big mouthed dipshit.

    1. Pachter has commented several times on the negative aspects of the PlayStation business and the systems as well. He even went to the point of telling one media outlet who asked him about the Vita that he’s done talking about a dead system ( speaking of the Vita).

  34. Seriously patcher….get a fucking life you fucking fag! Dont you have some CEO s cock to suck on?!?…fucking faggot

  35. Here we go, the troll bait is at it again!

    Look, I know Nintendo needs to improve their console and release more games, but I don’t want them to be like Xbox or PlayStation, those two are already similar, with the same games and online like 3 exclusives each. Meanwhile, Nintendo is something completely different, I think those two companies are trying to bring Nintendo down so they can buy it or make it go 3rd party, who knows? Maybe it’s a conspiracy!

    Anyway, I like Nintendo ’cause it’s unique and it’s not all about war shooters and zombies, I like my Mario, my Metroid and the occasional awesome game they never release again like Eternal Darkness or Baten Kaitos, SO LEAVE MY NINTENDO ALONE!

  36. “they think they need to make a profit on the hardware”

    Uhm…. I think they need do. How the hell are they suppose to make money? Software? Noooooope. Copies won’t outsell consoles they will loose money, and to say that the hardware needs to be ps4-xbone tier or higher, is incredibly stupid considering the shipment to America, the fact if Nintendo is even relevant to the “gamers” (most “gamers” are talking about COD dudebros, or phone gamers now), The consumer/publisher/devolper trust in Nintendo, and the tremendous loss on Wii U’s not yet sold, as well as their games.

    1. it’s lose….not loose. And no, Nintendo is a software company first and foremost. Making a profit on the hardware is not imperative. They make mad money off their software and really only hope to break even…any profit is gravy

  37. I personally blame third-party companies on the Wii U not selling much. SO many third-party companies abandoned the Wii U. When I’m in stores looking at Wii U games, it’s obvious that most third-party companies ditched the Wii U. All I see is kiddy/family oriented games. Aside from the few that previously released, such as Bayonetta 2, Watchdogs, Assassin’s Creed III and IV etc. And I already own the only Wii U games I care anything about. Technically, there should have been a LOT more that I care about, but there isn’t.

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  39. From my point of view, Xbone and PS4 are failures, because where the gameing industry is heading.

    Over a year I was waiting and watching game annouchements, waiting that something would caught my eye and make the final decision which of the next generation consoles I would grap (could afford only one)..

    In last generation only three games where the ones that really stroke me. Bayonetta, Dragons Dogma ja Mass Effect 1. MS nor Sony was interested in great VIDEO GAME like Bayonetta. Dragons Dogma went Online and we all know what happened to Mass GEAR Effect series.

    Now that the new and SO great MS and SONY games are slowly pouring in, what are we getting? Order 1888 of Gears of Wars? MS and SONY is heading for the graphics. Oh look at these graphics and lightning effects and it will run 1080/60fps (30fps reality)!!

    Seriously, no thanx.. Graphics aren´t most important part of gaming like it seems to be for gamers these days. WIIU is getting bashed because “its last gen”. You know what? I played Bayonetta 1 & 2 in straight row through and I had BLAST with them.

    Xenoblade X, New Zelda, Fatal Frame V (possibly) and many games yet to tell. WiiU ain´t an failure FROM GAMERS POINT OF VIEW!!

    Xbox and PS4 games relie on the thought that investors wallets gets thicker by any means. RE5 and RE6 are good examples, bigger crowd means thicker wallets and this happened to Mass Effect too.. And these aren´t the only examples..

    No need to bash console (tad weaker) that offers great gaming experiences for the players. Those gamers should go to the shop, grap one and enjoy themselfs too. See, that not everything is that “grey mass” we call video entertainment these days..


    1. “WiiU ain´t an failure FROM GAMERS POINT OF VIEW!!”
      “No need to bash console”

      This should apply across the board; not just to the one you’re particularly in favor of. That is, “from (a) gamer’s point of view”.

      1. You got me all wrong..

        WiiU owners aren´t bashing Xbox or PS consoles (usually). When you look at Youtube comments or different forums, the WiiU is getting all the bashing. Most of the people are saying the console is a failure, last gen and so on.. But its not.. From gamer´s point of view, not A gamer´s.

        I don´t personally favor any console, WiiU was my choice at this particular moment because PS4 or Xbone don´t yet have enough NEXT gen games on them, games made just for them. At this point only HD updates and gamers can still play them with their old ones. If the graphics aren´t the issue.

        At this moment WiiU offers the best game catalog (just for it) and this year it grows a bit more. The funny part is, that most of the console bashers still cries that “this should have been on PS4 and everybody knows it” or “this would be better on this xXx console”.

        When people.. Gamers will realize that the ideal situation is to own two or more consoles and enjoy what they have to offer? Why to bash other one and still know that there is games that they crave and want it for their platform.

        True gamers (not A) see beyond this media circus what gaming industry is today. GRAPHICS and POWER. At this moment PS4 and Xbone games are heading into that “grey mass” when WiiU offers different kind of experiences. I own 360 and I enjoy playing it, I own two Vita consoles and I enjoy them both. Gamecube and Wii are also on my shelf.

        PS4 and/or Xbone will come sooner or later, but I´m waiting for the true games for them, just for them, not the HD ports. Till that point, I shall continue with my 360 to play those exact same games. Letś just hope that PS4 and Xbone someday will realize that the horse power beneath them ain´t just for the graphics, but they could unleash it and go beyond what they have done before and not do the same game all over again with a different casing..

        ..peace once again..

        1. If there were more gamers like you, maybe Sony & MS & 3rd parties would stop the “grey mass”. But unless they see it as unprofitable, that “grey mass” will only grow.

          1. I wouldn´t go that far “gamers like you (me)”

            Gamers should stand together and demand that the dev gives what gamers deserve. Make them work for the money.

            Look what happened to the NHL 15 on the new generation? Look how almost every game is released unfinished and patched later. Look how they take away parts of the game and sell them as DLC with season passes. And these days, they even plan the games around possible DLCs.

            Now, new Mass Effect is in the works and they are already thinking about possible micro-transactions to the multiplayer. Gamers should vote with their wallets, oh wait, they are and thats why this “grey mass” is indeed growing..

            Yearly CODs, shallow Destinys, Gear of Effects and the almighty 4ssGreed series..

            All of those could be bigger and better, but devs gives these kinds of yearly updates as long as we vote with our money. They make new ones around old ones because its easier, no ambition needed and bigger profits. And because of this, “grey mass” is flooding..

            Its good to own console like Xbox One or PS4, but its even better to own Nintendo on the side. This way gamers could see the rather big difference how MS/Sony/EA/Activision handles things compared to Nintendo. And start making good votes.

            Nintendos sales might not be as high as the rest, but the games speak for themselfs..

  40. Fuckturd is probably losing audience so what’s the easiest target? Nintendo.

    If he’s really a good analyst then he should have realized that putting out another console will only repeat Sega’s mistakes.

    As I said before, anal-lysts will return with their Nintendoom reports because this is 2015.

  41. Patcher is right about the wii U’s failings, though I don’t think it’s as bad as he’s making out especially since the wii u is still on the up and will hopefully continue to if nintendo keeps good momentum, but makin another console now would be an insane middle finger to those who bought the wii u. I know I would’nt buy another nintendo console atm, it’d be almost suicide, they’d lose alot of fans who actually do own a wii u and probbly would’nt be able to get the xbone or ps4’s crowd.
    Nintendo just needs to make the best of the wii u, keep trying to improve it and take what they’ve learned from their mistakes to the next console, they’ve gotta make sure they have a big hit ready at launch next time and actually market the bloody thing, they also said they are interested in acquasitions lately so buy out platinum or a company to build some mature games.
    Most of all though they need to get out of this stubborn mindset that they refuse to copy the competition, now imo this is partly a good thing, the fact that they refuse to do so is a double edged sword, it means they’ve had their own aproach to alot of things, refuse to build games that’d go against their creativity soley to make a shot at the xbone or ps4 crowd(which building a generic game lika that hardly works anyway) we also probbly would’nt of had the amazing gamepad or the wii remote, the gamepad being something I hope they stick with next console, but then theres things like marketing and party chat and online, in some aspects they’ve done better then the competition, mario kart 8’s online for instance but in other areas they are a laughing stock and it’d be very simple to just learn from the other consoles and make their own spin on it.

    Games though, they are amazing, they just need to make some acquasitions to companys that can make some awesome mature games for them(platinum, platinum, platinum PLATINUM XD).

    1. I wish Nintendo would buy more studios (particularly Western, but Japanese as well).

      I think Platinum Games, Grasshopper Manufacture, Valhalla Game Studio, Mistwalker, Tecmo Koei, MarvelousAQL, Red Fly Studio, & Codemasters would fit right in. (Sorry, I’m largely unfamiliar w/ currently operational Western studios that Ninty could & would want to buy; THQ, Silicon Knights, & Free Radical are either dead, or too different from what they once were).

      & they should also buy some unused IPs from Capcom & SEGA. IPs like Ace Attorney, Resident Evil, Killer7, Mega Man…

      SEGA IPs like NiGHTS, Sonic, Billy Hatcher, Virtua Fighter, Skies of Arcadia, Shining Force, Phantasy Star, Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio, Panzer Dragoon…

      I think all would benefit if Nintendo blew the dust off them & had enough resources to handle them.

      Nintendo should open studios that simply helped other studios, including indies. Designate 1 to help Ubi dev Red Steel 3 (exclusive, of course). Another to help Ubi dev an exclusive Prince of Persia. Another for an exclusive Buck Bumble remake. Maybe Ubi would relearn something. Help Konami w/ Metroidvania; better yet, hire Iga & create a spiritual successor.

      Nintendo also needs more in-house studios working on a new Eternal Darkness, Wave Race, F-Zero, Sin & Punishment (fund or buy Treasure), Space Firebird…

      Nintendo could expand the portion of the market Sony & SEGA left them. If done, the industry’s core would grow, it’s trajectory back on track in a more noticeable, successful way. Nintendo could counter interactive movies w/ cinematic games, which backslid in the 7th gen.

      Expansion will be tough & costly w/ out SEGA & the old PlayStation to fill in the gaps & help create competition (maybe this time, healthy), but if any company could truly do it, the Big N could.

  42. Activist on failed to realize COD is dying and that they intentionally skipped DLC on Wii U which is why support is shit. EA stopped making Nintendo because purely because they’re still fucking butthurt over their shitty Origin service not having their way to taking control of Wii U online service and Ubishit…we all know this story very well and I’ll summarize it in two word: LYING BACKSTABBERS. This idiot wanna swallow and spit the same weak BS 3rd parties have been using for years that holds no ground and can easily be debunked by exposing their laziness like the architecture argument. Xbox 360 runs the same fucking PowerPC like Wii U and they still make games for it without deliberately cutting any content out like what they did with Mass Effect 3 by not offering a trilogy pack that’s cheaper, no DLC for 2 COD in a row, no offline for Blacklist that could’ve been easily patched, 2 Assassin’s Creed with no DLC, no multiplayer in Arkham Origins, 90% of Wii U Sniper Elite 2 was stripped out at a full price (FUCKING INSANE) and let’s not forget Watchdogs/Rayman was delayed and gimped for no fucking reason either other than making Wii U look terrible by not having those games from the start. Where’s the evidence of your excuse now Patcher the big fucking mouth? Everything the Xbox 360 port has, Wii U should’ve had them at minimal porting cost and we could’ve had GTA5, FarCry 3, Crysis 3, Dead Space, of matter of fact, fuck Destiny and the rest that are aimed to scam money with false advertisements which is pretty much the entire 3rd party gaming market now. Nintendo doesn’t need scam artists and liars like Ubishit on their shoulders. They need more hard working teams, more exclusives and the right sense of ads to lift themselves up and it doesn’t matter if they’re in third place, if they survived and profited from GameCube, they can survive and profited from Wii U just the same. If not, better in time.

  43. Denial!? About failure, the only thing that has failed is the loyal Nintendo fans who keep saying the WiiU has failed. WiiU is Awesomtacular and no one can say it failed, because it didn’t fail. And it never will.

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  45. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    Too bad that even if Pachter retired or died, there are dozens of other people ready to take his place… ESPECIALLY if this so called ANALYST is being paid by someone to talk mostly bullshit about Nintendo.

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