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Nintendo Confirms Amiibo Cards Will Be Launched Later This Year

Nintendo has confirmed amiibo will be available in card format later this year. During the company’s financial results briefing, CEO Satoru Iwata has highlighted recent 3DS sales data, including five double-million selling 3DS games in Japan, as well as strong sales for the New Nintendo 3DS in US and Europe. But in among the focus on 3DS sales, Iwata briefly touched upon the Wii U and the hot commodity figure-shaped amiibo.

Since the NFC figures’ launch, Nintendo has sold 5.7 million units worldwide. The most popular, according to Nintendo’s data, is Link for Japan, Europe and the US. But as has been the case since the very beginning, some amiibo such as Rosalina are notoriously difficult to find. In order to handle the demand, Satoru Iwata confirmed today that amiibo cards will launch at some point this year.

In contrast to the current figure-shaped amiibo available, we will make amiibo in the form of cards this year as one of our future plans as Mr. Miyamoto mentioned at the Corporate Management Policy Briefing in October.

Earlier today, we reported that amiibo will be able to unlock Virtual Console trials for various NES and SNES games. Below you’ll find a brief explanation from Satoru Iwata on how the trials will unlock with your amiibo collection.

We are also planning a free-download app for Wii U in which you can enjoy NES and Super NES games with your amiibo in the first half of this year.
With this app, once you tap your amiibo on the NFC area of the GamePad, you will be able to play highlighted scenes of one certain title for NES or Super NES. You cannot play the entire game due to a time limit, but another tap of the amiibo will enable you to try another highlighted scene in the game. We hope that when you tap your amiibo, the quickly changing game scenes will pleasantly surprise you and make you feel as though you have just exchanged a game cartridge.


  1. Absolutely ridiculous. “So you want to complete your figure collection? Well you can have a crappy piece of card instead”. Why don’t they just make more figures!? People are crying out for them and its suddenly feels like they can’t be arsed with Amiibo now D:

    In the UK the new wave of figures (Lucina, Robin, Ness etc) sold out everywhere within one hour of pre-orders opening. Thats crazy.

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  2. cards are easier to carry around.playing codename steam with your four fire emblem amiibo on the bus is going to be a hassle

  3. Good, the cards will probably come in packs of full waves for around $9.99, now I can get the full version of my games without spending a million dollars on 50+ toys.

  4. So basically to fix the problem of the shortage of stock of the highly successful Amiibos, Nintendo is reviving the unsuccessful E-Reader.

    I’m not buying cards. I will not buy cards. I want figures. The content they unlock in the games is a bonus, not the sole reason for buying Amiibos.

  5. If they give a good deal on these considering they’re easier to manufacture than figures lets say 6 for 5 dollars in sold

  6. I don’t mind these… But could you please restock the currently released amiibo? Or make enough that you don’t have to cancel preorders?

  7. What’s really stupid is that other people are making money off of their products instead of them producing more Amiibos. Nintendo will only get a percentage of the price that is being charged for them. Stores get the other. People who manage to buy rare amiibos are now selling them for 3-4 times their original prices and now those individuals are getting a profit, NOT nintendo. When will they learn that producing a limited amount of products doesn’t help them that much?!

  8. I already own the Marth amiibo, but in that one Codename STEAM video where it talks about Fire Emblem amiibo support, didn’t Bill Trinen say if you missed out on getting Marth, that Nintendo was looking to re issue certain amiibos later in the year? I hope this doesn’t refer to the card format, as I wanted Captain Falcon to finish my Mario Kart 8 costumes..

    1. But you could still get the costume from the card, unless you’re talking about having a physical amiibo for your collection.

  9. Calling it now “Nintendo surprised that the amiibo cards are not selling that well” give or take a few words this will be an article at some point.

    1. Nintendo announces they are discontinue Amiibo cards due to lack of success

      Amiibo cards are sold out globally the next day.

  10. Yes! While most people want the physical figures I for one just want the content the cards give. Being able to buy 10 amiibo cards for $10 instead of $100+ for all the figures is a much better deal. Of course there are some amiibo figures I just must have, but the urgency isn’t as great now that I know I can buy the cards at least for their content. Nintendo can also make other amiibo series cards without problem if they choose. I just hope Nintendo doesn’t do something stupid like make random card packs and make some cards rare. It’s a great marketing move, but it sucks for the consumer. -.-

    1. from your article on ED:
      “Sasori Obinna Mii is a butthurt narutard who delights in exposing himself like a loveless stripper”
      i do not think girls and boys are willing to pay $7.99 for your autistic – self racist ass

  11. Gd fucking Nintendo. Nuking the naps in ww2 must have also fried their brains for the next 100 years. This company is retarded. My god!

  12. This makes me so angry! I swear if I am unable to get a Villager, Pit, Dark Pit, and Palutena amiibo because they refuse to make or rerelease them as cards, I will be furious. I say we make ourselves known. We all need to email Nintendo and tell them we won’t buy the cards and that we only want the figures. It makes me so mad!

  13. If these stupid, idiotic cards are going to replace the awesome, highly collectible and wanted amiibo figures, then it looks like I won’t be bothering with it anymore. Why would Nintendo take something that everyone loves and destroy it like that? Even when they see how high the demand is?

  14. I hope Nintendo fails miserably if they replace the amiibo with cards. I hope nobody buys them. Nintendo needs to open their eyes. They’ve been making one too many stupid business decisions.

  15. I don’t know why anyone thinks the company that is selling NES games for $4.99, and making you buy it once on Wii U and once on 3DS, would be selling Amiibo cards for $1
    They still have RFID chips in them. I am going to bet they will be $2.99 or $3.99 each. Maybe 2 for $5
    God help us if they go the route of the Disney Infinity power disks. Blind Buy bags.

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