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Gold Mario amiibo To Be Exclusive To Walmart

gold_mario_amiibo_walmart_bannerA leaked photo of a banner confirms that the upcoming Gold Mario amiibo is real and will be a Walmart-exclusive item. The special-edition figurine first appeared earlier this month, when Nintendo issued two certificates for Gold and Silver amiibo renditions of its mustachioed mascot. The company has yet to announce when the new amiibo will hit store shelves. However, the banner suggests it will be available alongside Mario Party 10, which launches on March 20th.



    1. This one looks legit. Rayman “leak” was obviously fake because of that Mewtwo pose being very different from the original and official artwork posted from his Direct reveal while the rest of the roster used the official artwork..every single one of them. Fake Mewtwo artwork pose was its dead giveaway.


      1. There is a target in Manhattan and six in the burroughs… Go to NJ for WalMart… Not that far… Not to mention 9 Wal Marts on Long Island


      2. I think they opened a Target in Harlem recently. There is also two in Queens I know of, one in Flushing right across from the Bestbuy in that sorta mall. And then there is one down the street from the Queens mall in Rego Park.

        New York is slow to get big box department stores, I don’t think Best Buy came around until 2004 or 05.


      3. Yeah, closest one is in Vally Stream which is like an hour and half drive. The MTA train system doesn’t run there. The other is in another State (NJ), so yeah not even close.

        Target on the other hand is plentiful but constantly out of stock when it comes to gaming.


  1. I think alot of scalpers are getting stuck with their Amiibos. You look on Ebay and there are over 700 shulks for sale. And that number is going up, not down. Some people have stacks of Shulks in their pictures. Some of them are selling, but only for like 20-30 dollars, not the crazy 100 that some are asking. Most of them will not sale, and these scalpers are gonna be stuck with a bunch of Shulks, not to mention the other rare characters. Honestly there are just too many people trying to scalp Amiibos. It’s really ridiculous to be honest.

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  2. This gold Mario amiibo should have been the one that came with the Mario Party 10 bundle. But if it is, I’ll have to cancel my bundle pre-order at Gamestop.


    1. Isn’t the data also stored in the Wii U anyway? It’s not like it’ll lose those data between games. The Amiibo itself won’t carry out more than one game data so they are stored in the console as a bank for shuffling data.


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