Star Fox For Wii U Apparently Won’t Require Motion Based Controls

Weren’t too keen on using Wii U GamePad motion controls for the forthcoming Star Fox title for Wii U? Well, there’s some good news according to Game Informer. The latest edition of the magazine says that while the game features motion controls you’ll still be able to play it in a traditional manner. The US magazine says “Pilots can control the game either with their GamePad’s analog sticks or motion control.”

“Nintendo is planning on bringing Fox Mcloud out of retirement for a new entry on the Wii U. Fox will be able to fly his Arwing and seamlessly transform into a tank during certian sequences. Pilots can control the game either with their Gamepad’s analog sticks or motion control. The game was very early in development and looked admittedly rought the last we saw of it, but we’re hoping Fox gets the new, grand adventure he deserves.”

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      1. To get the wheel right was awesome because if anyone played with the old wired wheels with gas pedals and all that crap, the turning mechanism was never right and in the MK Wii, they not only nailed it, being in the air with the wheel was very impressive.

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      2. That’s because FPS games are the whorehouse of gaming and now being considered a cancer of the market flooding it with constant COD4/MW2 tryhards. As for Wii, COD was the only decent fit for it but there’s also The Conduit which was a very good exclusive. Here’s to hoping for Conduit 3 on Wii U.


      3. Last Zelda game I played was Skyward Sword, and I will definitely feel limited if the new Wii U title has only traditional controls… At least they should give us a TP-like game scheme, I love using WiiMote!


  1. That’s good to hear, I hope Zelda can be played without motion controls because I didn’t like at all the Skyward Sword’s controls, actually in general I don’t like that much motion controls, but sometimes it does make a really nice extra


  2. The only games I actually like motion controls for are console bundle games (Wii Sports/Resort and Nintendo Land), and the Metroid Prime Trilogy pack.


  3. “The game was very early in development and looked admittedly rough”
    This was from their latest issue early this month.
    When did they play this rough demo of the game, could it be the E3 thing from last year?
    If the game to this date still looks rough I have little hope for it; I just find it odd we’ve seen literally ZERO footage of the new Starfox. Being told “it won’t require motion controls” isn’t great news either.


      1. I mean you are acting like an idiot. You’re not some “commander” there’s no “empire” you’re just really acting like a child about video games. You most likely are a child though, but kid you should grow up and play video games for fun instead of making some sort of competition out of it.


  4. I’m so relieved that the motion controls will be an optional feature because I’m definitely looking forward to sitting down in comfort of my own home after a hard day’s work playing some Star Fox Wii U without having to wave my arms and hands around. Not that I have anything against motion controls (because the Wii remote and Nunchuk are second to none when it comes to FPSs), I just think a game like Star Fox doesn’t really require nor need it


      1. Oh I know it won’t be using the Wii remote and Nunchuk but what I meant by waving your arms and hands around was for the gyroscope feature of the Gamepad for controlling the X-Wing


      2. And yes I am aware that the Gamepad also contains an accelerometer but from what we’ve seen so far the controls of starfox will rely on the gyroscope alone.


    1. It does have its own feel.. the wiimote is much more intuitive than a mouse due to its point and shoot nature, If you sit a person in front of an FPS game for the first time in its life I can pretty much guarantee you that this person will adapt to the wiimote much faster than to the mouse controls.

      however the PC mouse is of course much more well suited to high speed gaming once you’re adapted to it.

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  5. We already knew Starfox WiiU was going to use a vast array of control schemes. Children it is Shigeru Miyamoto San developing this master pièce. Patience is a great virtue MMN readers and bloggers. Last year was a great year for Nintendo, this year is even greater. The commander is even singing a new tune; Quadraxis I see you and JTZ of Judah the lion tribe.



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