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This Awesome Xenoblade Themed Cover Plate For New Nintendo 3DS Is Coming To Japan


North American Nintendo fans are bound to be frustrated and rather envious this evening as Nintendo Japan has just announced this lovely Xenoblade Chronicles themed New Nintendo 3DS faceplate. Let’s just hope it also comes to Europe too where I’m sure there would be plenty of willing customers.

60 thoughts on “This Awesome Xenoblade Themed Cover Plate For New Nintendo 3DS Is Coming To Japan”

    1. Nintendo needs a new partner focused completely on manufacturing Amiibo figures as it is obviously difficult for Nintendo to handle the high consumer demand. Next time Nintendo should anticipate their new products will sell extremely well as this is also happening with the New 3DS

  1. Looks really cool. However, I’m not envious.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Xenoblade, but I’d rather have a Fire Emblem-themed New 3DS.

  2. No Faceplates mean one thing you can’t theme out a new 3ds meaning more new 3ds xl themed consoles will be sold because of spoiled kids and collectors.

  3. I really hope that NOA makes a New Nintendo 3DS XL Xenoblade Chronicles Edition with this design. (Just please don’t make it limited edition — or if you do, make it limited time, not stock.)

  4. I was already holding out in case they released a limited edition Xenoblade 3DS XL edition. I’m still crossing my fingers for it.

  5. How come they couldn’t just make faceplates for the New 3DS XL? That means I would have to choose between amazing faceplates or a nice big screen. As a person who owns over 10 phone cases, face plates would have been golden for me.

  6. Sorry to be off-topic, but how come Nintendo isn’t telling us about when they started development on Zelda U, or the process behind it? Same with Xenoblade X. All we know about Zelda U is that it was announced on January 2013.

    1. Wat. I’m pretty sure Zelda U development started right after they finished Skyward Sword… Or maybe even DURING the last parts of it. I think it’s the first one though…

      1. Thanks for the response. That makes sense, but I wonder why nothing about it is stated anywhere. Not even any of the wiki pages. Plus, all the other Zelda games have quite the lengthy story about the development of games. Perhaps they will tell us once Zelda U is closer to release.

        By the way, I really hope Zelda Wii U or Zelda U is a temporary title…I would be laughing about it, but considering the way the new Smash Bros. games are named, this is now a bit worry-some, haha.

        1. I’m sure Nintendo is gonna be dropping some awesome bombs at their E3 direct this year. The need to show more gameplay for Star Fox U and Zelda U, and they need to announce some 2016 titles for the Wii U, since nothing has really been announced for 2016 yet…

          1. Yeah, I’m sure Nintendo will go full out with info on Zelda U, and Star Fox U. After all, they’re both coming out by the end of this year. Admittedly, I don’t always have enough money to get many Nintendo games, and a new console in a snap like many fans, so I’ll be perfectly happy with Zelda U and maybe get Xenoblade X, Majora’s Mask 3D, and MH4U. I can’t judge Star Fox since I never played it *gasp*. I’ve been console gaming since the Gamecube days, such good memories.

              1. lol ok, thanks for that one. Imagine somebody never played Zelda before, “Hey, I’m hearing around the internet that this Zelda CDi seems popular. Seems like a great start in the Zelda series that will forever be in my memory as my first Zelda game!”

            1. the gamecube was amazing! Mario sunshine and zelda windwaker, smash bros melee and mariokart doubledash, pikmin and animal crossing. I still play my gamecube as much as I play my wii u.

              1. Man, Sunshine was my first game! Melee is the second one I played, also played WW and DD. Fond memories. I actually started playing Twilight Princess again, I didn’t play it in a long time, and my old file I beat got corrupted anyway due to stupid 3rd party memory card I no longer use…that madkatz. By the way, so sorry about no adding you on Miiverse. I usually add people in real life, and plus right now I’m not using my Wii U too much. Someday I’ll let you know. You a great guy, sorry about that. My fault for not telling you what’s up.

                1. hey it’s fine I’ve actually been going back and playing old games trying to do that completionist sort of thing. right now I’m trying to collect all the blue coins in sunshine. but I’m sure when rainbow curse comes out tomorrow that’ll take up most of my free time. that’s hilarious to hear about those madkatz memory cards,
                  I bought one of those at the end of the gamecube’s life cycle and I’ve only ever a few select games get corrupted.

                  1. Oh, so it happened to you too with the memory card, but you had more luck, haha. Man, trying to find blue coins in Sunshine is really fun. Mostly, the treat itself is going around and exploring the whole place, hmmm, now that I’m talking about when’s an HD remake coming out, haha. But yeah, trying to find blue coins can be tricky cuz many are really well hidden and very difficult to find. There’s no way Nintendo would do something like that nowadays, even green stars and comet coins are so easy to find, it loses the purpose of being something hidden you need to explore to find. Something, you had to spray damn water on a piece scenery you’d otherwise not pay attention to in Sunshine! I can almost guarantee you that if they made a remake, they’d mess around with the blue coins and make it much easier to find, or they would add a stupid hole you go into to tell you where everything is, and how to beat the whole damn game. And it’s also safe to say you won’t be able to make Yoshi travel to an island that’s hard to get you to, and make that easier as well. Everything will be easier. They would also probably take away all the secret routes in the hub world to get sunshines, and remove that pinball style board thing to get a sunshine. Wow, a wish of a remake I had suddenly smacked me with the reality that Nintendo would make of it. I guess it would be cool anyway, I’d love to see the graphics and details updated.

                    1. you know you’re right if they made a an hd remaster they’d probably mess with it a lot. they do make mario games easier than they used to. I think they’ve kind of changed it to where the more you progress the harder it gets, like in 3d world. which don’t get me wrong 3d world is fantastic, it’s one of my favorite games. the levels are still difficult but I think the collectibles are much easier to find and get. Except for DKTF I swear collecting all the things in that, it’s like they want you to rage quit! I’m currently 165% done with it, but getting through the levels without getting hit once can just get crazy!

                    2. I played 3D World, and the whole game was pretty easy for me. The only difficult thing I still didn’t beat was the last level. Instead of gradually becoming harder, the whole game was easy for me until the very last level. I love DKC: TF, so challenging!

  7. Well I’m going to try to import one in hopes they bring over the new 3ds if not I still want it because its Xenoblade.

  8. Im actually ok with everything at the moment. Majora’s Mask is Boss as hell. And I just randomly picked up final fantasy tactics A2! Another great gem!

    1. I wrote a lengthy letter and signed petitions, If you feel this way please do the same, we have to be vocal in more area’s than just here. if we want anything to change.

  9. Just gonna leave this here for people to sign and spread the word of…. again. xD

    The information is down below! Please help #OperationFaceplateNA

    Phone: 1-800-255-3700 (MOST EFECTIVE. 6:00am-7:00pm PST. Option 5 for General, then 4 for Console Availability)
    Chat: (6:00AM-6:30PM PST)


    Facebook Page:



  10. The best looking face plates so far.

    But weese just stoopid Americans. It be two comfusing to have the regular new 3ds in ours market place. Weed get comfused and our american heads would explode. Dats what Nintendo thinks. Weese jus some stoopid americans that cant handle too many options, weed get two comfused. thankz nintendos.

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