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IronFall: Invasion Hits Nintendo 3DS eShop Next Week In North America

IronFall: Invasion is set to launch on February 26th in North America through the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. The third-person shooter is divided into two modes, which can be tried for free and purchased separately. Its campaign mode is a single-player adventure that has players travel from various locations over 11 levels. Meanwhile, its multiplayer mode allows up to six players to join locally or online for competitive battles in six different arenas. IronFall: Invasion was released earlier this month in Europe.

27 thoughts on “IronFall: Invasion Hits Nintendo 3DS eShop Next Week In North America”

  1. I strongly recommend the game. It may not have the most impressive campaign gameplay-wise, but the engine looks stunning for a 3DS, and the online mode is great.

    Definitely consider supporting these devs!

    1. The online is great technically wise… But the maps are poorly designed. They are way too big and complex for 3 on 3 so you spend way too much time just searching for someone to kill. + lack of melee attacks and mediocre campaign… Overall it’s fine.

      1. There are no ‘micro-transactions’. You download the demo, and from there you have the option to buy the Campaign, Multipayer mode or both (to get some addition stuff). If you don’t pay you have access to a limited load-out in multiplayer, as well as being restricted to one map.

    2. Technically wise, this game is a surprising achievement on such a so called “weaker GameCube” portable, much like Resident Evil: Revelations was which BTW, I’m still hoping for RE4 3D port and HD on Wii U.

      1. You can play RE4 Wii Edition on the WiiU, which is better-looking than RE4HD… because RE4HD is a port of the gimped PS2 port, while WE is a port of the cube game. Lighting, atmospherics, model detail, water, etc.

    1. You don’t need the New 3DS for it. But I highly recommend you get one, just because there’s only one game so far that truly requires it doesn’t mean there won’t be more. Plus it’s beneficial to have the system for features like the C-stick for camera/aiming, faster browser/download speed, and just not to miss out on good games. I feel there may be a time when 3rd parties would abandon the original

      1. Yeah, but there are no games out specifically for the New 3DS right now. By the time all the games start coming out, the console might get a price drop. Also, some of the newly released games might get price drops too. It’s not like if I miss a game release than I miss it forever. They always come out with more.

        So, I think I will wait for the price drops.

  2. I don’t get it, if you only get one map for each and have to pay to get the others then why not charge use for the full game?

  3. Shit…I already have a backlog… MMask, MH4, Steam, Etrain Odyssey Untold, I want to finish AC4. Xenoblade and X are coming…fuck!! This is terrible!!

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