Club Nintendo Japan Adds Many Physical Rewards Including Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack

mario_kart_8_soundtrackClub Nintendo Japan has unleashed a number of new physical rewards on its members’ website. The region follows Club Nintendo US and Canada which dished out a variety of downloadable games and physical items last month, many of which are included in Japan’s new selection. Returning items such as the Majora’s Mask Fierce Link Deity puzzle and the Animal Crossing playing cards feature, along with new items such as the Mario Kart 8 soundtrack, Animal Crossing and Mario 3DS pouches, Wii wheels and a selection of t-shirts.

With Club Nintendo set to discontinue, members are encouraged to spend the last of their coins or stars in the rewards catalogue as they won’t be transferred over to the new reward system, which is due to launch later this year. Nintendo of Europe has yet to match the selection seen in either Club Nintendo US or Japan, with only two new items issued since the closure announcement. You can view the entire Club Nintendo Japan selection, here.


      1. I’ll see lol I actually like collecting some game soundtracks. I have a few – Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Red Steel, Red Steel 2, The Last Of Us, The Last Of Us: Left Behind, Super Mario 3D World and a few more I think :)


    1. EXACTLY! The CN of Japan got so many unique rewards like the t-shirts (I want the Game & Watch one! D:), the soundtracks, Wii wheels, Yoshi egg case, and so much more. While we have GREETING CARDS, POSTERS, AND GAMING CART CASES.


      1. Because that’s Nintendo’s home country which is understandable at least. But fucking UK…that one fucked up gaming country that doesn’t give two shits about Nintendo but rather buy GARBAGE every year, gets just as much better rewards as Japan while USA gets what again? CRAP and no options for the “new” standard 3DS because of the “marketing confusion” bullshit excuse that they’re hypocritically doing it for Wii Mini/Wii U in the same fucking shelves in the country.


      2. If that’s what they’re buying in the uk, that’s what they’re buying. They don’t have to enjoy nintendo games to be called ‘ a gamer’. It’s not a messed up market, it’s just their style and trends


      3. A shitty and shallow style/trend on top of that. UK is still buying COD Ghosts for fuck sakes; one of THE WORST GAMES EVER MADE. It is a fucked up market and customers over there.


      4. Defended is hardly the word, stop twisting words that aren’t there, at least shooters are somewhat gaming like, sports are not at all…

        Ipso facto = Sports not video games…


      5. I agree with you on the U.K remark. But trust me, not everybody here is like that. It’s the majority that is ruining things for the minority…

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      6. Right and no one there is speaking up about it to believe it. Anyway, how’s the train wreck Advanced Warfare and FIFA 15.1 with a mere roster change going on?


      7. I have no idea, I don’t own, or have plans of owning either of those games. For 3 reasons-
        1.I don’t have any interest in either series.
        2.I don’t own any consoles that these games are on.(Unless you count the 3DS version.)
        3.I prefer Cricket to Football and would rather watch the Cricket World Cup(that has Sky Sports 2 changed to Sky Sports World Cup) that play a Fifa game…


      8. That one the fans have already spoke out of angrily just like Wii Music being a waste of time and Metroid Other M…being the biggest fuckfest of the series completely ruining an established tough female character and turned Samus’s into a pussy with daddy/social issues.


      9. I got the Majora’s Mask messenger bag and I’m very happy. As snagged another game cart case because I just ran out if room in my 2012 one. Again, very pleased. Quit whining, Nintendo doesn’t have to do shit. Move to Japan if you want the goddamn Japan merch.


      10. Congrats man! That bag looks oh so sweet, but I had to opt for the puzzle myself. Very beautiful art work I can’t ignore. I wonder if I can squeeze a second miracle out and get that bag too…


  1. I need…
    Wait a minute…Shouldn’t they have waited for DLC Pack 2 to come out before making this soundtrack CD, or does it just not include the DLC track songs. If that is the case, then that’s a shame, the Mute City tune is my favourite in the game so far, but none the less, the entire soundtrack is amazing, so it isn’t much of a deal breaker. That being said…I need………XD


  2. I get the value in the physical stuff, but I always spend my coins on games anyway so no disappointment from me in NA. I just spent 700 coins on the digital Kid Icarus 3d and am sitting on another 700 hoping they add more games in the NA shop, if not I’ll just grab W 101 for the U.

    I like how they are doing something new later this year, but that leaves me with nothing for the 2 New 3DS XL my wife and I got, you would have thought they had something in place for the new hardware launch.


  3. Saw someone say UK gets better rewards than America, now that’s so much bullshit. We still have wii points cards, our whole stars catologues is 3 pages long, and each page has 8 items.


  4. Hopefully we get that MK8 soundtrack here in the U.S.- I’ll gladly spend my coins on that. If not, eh, DKC Returns is up there.


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