Nintendo Details Future Indie Games Line-Up For Wii U and 3DS eShop, Includes Octodad And Don’t Starve

Nintendo has announced it’s bringing a whole host of first and third-party games to the Wii U and 3DS eShop during 2015. The company’s rather hefty press release detailed a number of new announcements including the arrival of Never Alone, Octodad and Don’t Starve: Giant Edition for Wii U – which you can view above – and promises exclusive GamePad features and functionality.

For the Nintendo 3DS, games such as BOXBOY! will arrive this Spring and Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars launches tomorrow, March 5, featuring cross-buy over both Wii U and 3DS platforms. You’ll find Nintendo’s full eShop schedule outlined below, along with a snippet of the press release.

“The Nintendo eShop continues to grow, offering consumers a vibrant and constantly expanding library of digital content on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS,” said Steve Singer, vice president of Licensing at Nintendo of America. “We’ve seen tremendous support from the ‘Nindie’ developer community, and can’t wait for fans to get their hands on the games we will soon be helping them to launch.”

Wii U

  • 13AM Games – Runbow – Q3 2015
  • Ackk Studios – LLC Chromophore: The Two Brothers Director’s Cut – August
  • BeautiFun Games – Nihilumbra – Spring
  • Bedtime Digital Games – Back to Bed – May
  • Breakfall – STARWHAL – Q2 2015
  • Curve Digital – NOVA-111 – Summer
  • Curve Digital – OlliOlli – March 5
  • Curve Digital – The Swindle – Summer
  • Curve Digital – Ultratron – May
  • Choice Provisions – Woah Dave! – Q2 2015
  • Choice Provisions – Shutshimi – Q2 2015
  • Digerati Distribution – Slain! – Q3 2015
  • Disparity Games – Ninja Pizza Girl – June
  • Flippfly – LLC RACE THE SUN – Q2 2015
  • Frogmind – BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition – Q2 2015
  • Frozenbyte – Trine Enchanted Edition – March 12
  • Hoplite Research, LLC – Space Hulk – May 2
  • James Montagna – Dot Arcade – March
  • Juicy Beast Studio – Toto Temple Deluxe – Q2 2015
  • KnapNok Games – Affordable Space Adventures – April 9
  • Klei Entertainment – Don’t Starve: Giant Edition – Spring
  • Mixed Bag – forma.8 – Q3 2015
  • Nintendo – Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars – March 5
  • Nintendo – Art Academy – 2015
  • PlayEveryWare – Elliot Quest – March
  • Prismatic Games – Hex Heroes – Q3 2015
  • Renegade Kid – Mutant Mudds Super Challenge – Q2 2015
  • Ronimo Games – Swords & Soldiers II – May
  • Saturnine Games – Antipole DX – Q3 2015
  • Super Icon – Life of Pixel – Q2 2015
  • THREAKS – Beatbuddy – Q2 2015
  • Tic Toc Studios – Adventures of Pip – May
  • Turtle Cream – 6180 the moon – Q2 2015
  • Robot Invader/Unity Games – Windup Knight 2 – April
  • Upper One Games – Never Alone – June
  • Wayforward – Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut – Q3 2015
  • Young Horses, Inc. – Octodad: Dadliest Catch – Summer

Nintendo 3DS

  • Big John Games – Cube Creator 3D  – Q2 2015
  • Big John Games – Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails – Q2 2015
  • Curve Digital – OlliOlli – March 5
  • Choice Provisions – Shutshimi – Q2 2015
  • Engine Software – Proun+ – March 5
  • Image & Form – SteamWorld Heist – August
  • Nintendo – Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars – March 5
  • HAL Laboratory, Inc. – BOXBOY! – Spring
  • Renegade Kid – Dementium: The Ward – Q2 2015
  • Renegade Kid – Mutant Mudds Super Challenge – Q2 2015
  • Saturnine Games – Antipole DX – Q3 2015
  • Wayforward – Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut – Q3 2015
  • PUMO – DOOORS – Spring


      1. I played it back when it came on PS4. Hated it completely. I recommend people stay away from it. Wait for a demo or watch gameplay on it. Gets really boring REALLY fast.

        1. Hmm, so one person said it was good, and you say it’s bad. Guess i’ll just have to make up my own mind after I try it out. Looks fun to me.

          1. It’s a good game, but not made for everyone. I personally didn’t like to always start over again, again, again after it’s a permadeath game. And it somehow creates this depressing tension that just kept me from opening it ever since. Still, as long as I played it, I guess I liked it and can recommend it to anyone who’s into survival games. It just wasn’t for me. But I can imagine how amazing it must feel to really reach something in that game. I never made it too far and lost interest.

            1. You might not know this but…in the customization options, they’re presets in which you can change to make the game different.

              In these presets you can switch on Default Plus that’ll give you a much quicker start with lots of items/food and everything so you can get into the meat of things hehe. But it makes the game harder when using this preset with more monsters/scarcer resources…but you can change the customized options back to normal and still get the default plus items and whatnot so there’s that.

              Yup! I believe this exists in the PS4 version and most likely will appear
              in the WiiU version as well!

              Anyways before I go, I just want to say that I also recommend Don’t Starve as it’s an very fun, huge game full of all kinds of stuff as you try to survive day to day from the dangers of the world set by that guy…Maxwell.

              I know too much about Don’t Starve because…well I played over 200 hours or so on steam and played the Alpha version (Only Demo) when it was on the Chrome Store and then the Beta version (Purchased) on steam around the time DS came out on there!

              Yup! With the expansion pack and the ongoing development of the Multiplayer version which I also own, Don’t Starve Together (it’s awesome and fun to play with other players and a whole lot of new mechanics that aren’t available in Vanilla DS! It’ll be free for all DS owners when it enters out of early access on steam btw!) well…I grew to love Don’t Starve and the company behind it, Klei! =D

              Plus they’re a lot of interesting characters you can unlock who have different abilities and all! One of my fav chars would be…Woodie, Wendy and Wilson, especially Wilson and is Magnificent beard he grows haha.

              Alright that is all I wanted to say to any who’re reading these comments!
              Say if you’re having trouble with the game with say…a particular enemy, dealing with hunger, etc…I guess I recommend looking up a guide/video or wiki for some of the things you’re dealing with.

              …Don’t use too much of the wiki, trust me…you’ll enjoy discovering some things you haven’t found before. Use it only for some help/know something you want…unless you really want to know everything then okie doki loki!

              Well i’m going and i’m excited that Don’t Starve is finally coming to WiiU with the Reign of Giants expansion as well! Anyways i’m going so bye and stay well y’all! =)

  1. I never played Octodad but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. My brother owns a PS4 said he downloaded it and that it was a lot of fun. I may give it a try when it gets released on the Wii U

  2. When was Shantae: Risky’s Revenge Director’s Cut even announced for Wii U?! O_o I need it!

  3. Indie Wii U games on my radar:

    Don’t Starve
    Hyper Light Drifter
    Ninja Pizza Girl

    1. There was a few games that weren’t listed that are confirmed for Wii U. Namely Heart Forth Alicia (which looks like a great Metroidvania), Hyper Light Drifter, Fast Racing NEO, and Armikrog. There’s a few more that I can’t quite remember.

  4. Holy shit that’s a lot of indies! I really like indies just wish I could play em! Once I get a Wii U I’m pretty sure my home menu will be filled with a BUNCH of indie games since they’re really cool

  5. Thank you Ninty, I knew that as soon as adelman quit the shit-fested eShop indie stream would stop, or at the very least slow down. Who ever took over obviously knows what their doing so thank you Ninty, slow and steady but you’re surely improving.

  6. Have Don’t Starve on PS4 still getting it for Wii U. That off TV play and screen item management is too enticing.

  7. It is kind of fun having a ton of indie games on my Wii U menu. The Wii U really does have a distinct advantage over it’s competition when it comes to indie games. I have a Ps4, and I love my Ps4 no matter what any Nintendo fanboy says, but I enjoy playing indie games on my Wii U way better. I think it’s a shame most Sony and Microsoft fanboys will never realize the awsomeness of the Wii U.

  8. Will buy swords and soldiers 2,first one is an awesome multiplayer game.

    Problem with most of this list is I got most of these in humble Bundle or steam sales or even Olli Olli 2 on ps plus. Why bother buying them again at a higher price point except for offline multiplayer?

    1. still nothing from telltale games. :(

      was really hoping wiiu would get walking dead or game of thrones…

  9. Don’t Starve on the Wii U, has got to be my announcement of the year. Have played so much on the pc, as well as my 7 old daughter we have put in over 200 hours. Will buy again for Wii U day one, running lovely and smooth with gamepad integration XD

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