N64-Inspired 3D Platformer FreezeME Coming To Wii U

Rainy Night Creations has confirmed that it is planning to bring its upcoming 3D platformer, FreezeME, to Wii U. Designed to resemble platformers from the Nintendo 64 era, the game’s main distinguishing mechanic is that its protagonist can take pictures and temporarily freeze enemies and objects. Its plot follows a character known as “R” on the trail of her best friend, “M,” who has been kidnapped by an evil cat whose aim is to create a world without dogs. FreezeME is scheduled to launch in the summer.


  1. I’m so happy there’s so many people out there that also love the classic N64 collectathon platformers.

    After those Naughty Dog platformers on the PS2 it felt like everyone just copied those instead and we’ve been stuck with linear 3D platformer games with forgettable levels for the longest.

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      1. Silence, human knowledge means nothing compared to a higher intelligence…

        Your measurements are only based on your own misguided “intelligence”…


      2. Good ol Cattle Commander, being a Tool all day every day. You calling people out on bullshit you do to? And fyi, cats are dumb a fokk.


  2. I can’t figure out why so many people act like the Nintendo 64 was SO great (many even calling it their favorite console)?

    Sure, back in the day, I thought it was cool. But judging it now, those polygonal, dark graphics and horrible controller is too much for me. On nearly every N64 game (except Super Mario 64 and other cartoony games), I have to turn the brightness way up on my tv because the games are so dark. And even that doesn’t help the blurriness. The controllers were incredibly awkward and felt (and looked) more like cheap toys. I also hated the controller paks (and the fact that all of mine got corrupted for no reason and erased my saved data).

    The N64 also had less games than any other Nintendo console. Surprisingly though, some of my favorite games began on N64. Such as the Mario Party series, Mario Golf, Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, and my favorite WWE game EVER….No Mercy (to this day, that game is still the funnest wrestling game, aside from Shut Your Mouth on PS2 and the Day Of Reckoning Gamecube games. You’d think THQ, and now 2k Sports, would get a clue and bring back that same gameplay and options. FIRST BLOOD AND QUICK MATCH SUBMISSION ROYAL RUMBLES. YEAH!). It’s hard to believe how awesome I thought it was back in the day, and how crappy I think it is now. I can actually tolerate NES and SNES graphics more than the Nintendo 64.


    1. Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, and DK 64 my favorite games of all time are on it. The reason it was so popular is probably because it had something for everyone to love, rather it was one game or ten in it’s library. Sure it didn’t have as many as other systems, but that alone speaks volumes. It didn’t need an extensive library. Back then, games were more about fun.


      1. “It didn’t need an extensive library.”
        Yeah, because it TOTALLY isn’t the third worst selling console in Nintendo’s history…


      2. Even if it is, it doesn’t change the fact that the people who actually bought it took something away from the experience, which as I’ve noticed, has mostly always been positive. I don’t care how terrible it sold. That can’t take away that to the ones who owned one, some of the games they experienced on it were gems in that day and age. To those that catered to it’s horrible sales, they just missed out. *shrugs* I can’t care about people who just never gave it a chance. That’s just stupid. It won’t change that to this day, I personally pull my own out to play games on it.


    2. i really loved how you criticize the console for graphics by today’s standards and have no clue why it should be anyone’s favorite, but then go into excruciating detail about how some of the series you love started on the console. Clearly people don’t consider it that great of a console because of the graphics, and you have just proven that. But thanks for the comment, gave me a chuckle.

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      1. Even back in the day, I wasn’t crazy about the graphics of N64 games. I remember how unimpressed I was the first time I played Super Mario 64. Yet everyone else always had the opposite reaction. It’s always that way with me. Even with the small handfull of games I loved on the N64, I still always referred to it as my least favorite Nintendo console. The Gamecube had SO much more better games.


  3. Just yesterday I was complaining about how Indie developers only make 2D games and how it was getting absolutely boring – and my complaints have been answered!! Day 1 buy!!


  4. This looks like a very interesting throw back to N64 3D platformers. Definitely keeping an eye on this one. I still can’t wait to see what Playtonic Games cooks up as their Banjo-Kazooie successor.


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