Nintendo And DeNA Form Business And Capital Alliance To Develop Game Apps Featuring Nintendo IP For Smart Devices

Nintendo and DeNA today entered into a business and capital alliance to develop and operate new game apps for smart devices and build a new multi-device membership service for consumers worldwide.

Leveraging the strength of Nintendo’s intellectual property (IP) and game development skills in combination with DeNA’s world-class expertise in mobile games, both companies will develop and operate new game apps based on Nintendo’s IP, including its iconic game characters, for smart devices. The alliance is intended to complement Nintendo’s dedicated video game systems business and extend Nintendo’s reach into the vast market of smart device users worldwide. Under the alliance, DeNA will also be able to strengthen its gaming business at a global scale by leveraging Nintendo’s IP. To ensure the quality of game experience that consumers expect from this alliance of Nintendo and DeNA, only new original games optimised for smart device functionality will be created, rather than porting games created specifically for the Wii U home console or the Nintendo 3DS portable system.

In order to create completely new game experiences for smart devices, all Nintendo IP will be eligible for development and exploration by the alliance. As these consumers enjoy the unique kind of gameplay found only with Nintendo, they will have the opportunity to explore even more premium experiences on Nintendo’s dedicated video game platforms. Information on upcoming games and availability will be forthcoming.

Nintendo and DeNA also plan to develop an online membership service that is accessible from smart devices, PC and Nintendo systems, such as the Nintendo 3DS portable system and the Wii U home console. The membership service, which is targeted to launch in the fall of 2015, will be built on DeNA’s extensive experience and capabilities in online membership services.

As part of the long-term relationship and commitment by each company, Nintendo and DeNA have also agreed to form a capital alliance. Under the capital alliance, Nintendo will acquire 15,081,000 of DeNA’s treasury shares, which corresponds to 10.00 percent of its total outstanding stock, for a total of approximately 22 billion yen. DeNA will simultaneously acquire 1,759,400 of Nintendo’s treasury shares, which corresponds to 1.24 percent of its outstanding stock, for a total of approximately 22 billion yen. The payment is due April 2, 2015.


    1. Lol reading the comments is hilarious. Already all the fanboys that said Nintendo is too good for smartphones and would never make shitty phones/sell out IPs are now praising Nintendo’s decision. Oh and they are obviously bitter because they are saying ‘shut up pro phone people’ when none of the trolls have even commented yet.

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      1. Well I never said they’re too good for smartphones. In fact I was embracing the idea of them making games on smartphones so they could promote their IPs since most kids nowadays only play on smartphones for gaming. What Nintendo is doing now is exactly what I wanted to do.


      2. Shut your dumb ass up. That’s just like when Sony fanboys was teasing Microsoft fanboys about paying for online and the Xbox 360’s lack of quality exclusives and they teased PC fanboys for being too dependent on indie games but look at them now….smh. My how the tables have turned. Nintendo will most likely be making original casual games for smartphones and tablets so it’s a smart business move on Nintendo’s part

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  1. Can those that complained that Nintendo isn’t embracing Smart phones, shut up now? Anyway, I”d rather have Nintendo try and fail, then not try at all. It will be interesting to see what Nintendo can come up with…


  2. This is the best news Nintendo has released in years all at once.

    Not only is Nintendo developing a new game platform to ‘join’ the 3DS and Wii U, but they’re also making new membership services and exclusive smartphone games with DeNa now, too.

    Pinch me, I must still be dreaming… 😂

    Seriously, though. Expect Nintendo’s stock to seriously skyrocket now to where they were with the Wii, probably even more, if everything they keep doing continues to be success-after-success.

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      1. Answered you in a reply above.

        In short, no, it really wouldn’t because both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS should be experiencing the end of their life-cycles around the time that console releases as well.

        The issue that it ‘could’ cause is longer development times if they do intent on keeping all three lines of hardware running alongside each other at once with no increase in staff for their in-house development teams, but it wouldn’t be as much an issue if they can manage to make a console modern enough to appeal to third-parties and gamers alike this time around.

        If Apple has proven anything, it’s that one could easily create new platforms that run alongside each other if each platform runs on the same OS and shares content with other devices seamlessly. If there is a purpose to owning each device and each device is supported, then Nintendo can turn its fortunes around.

        But the company needs to further expand its development teams in order to focus on three platforms at once. It’s entirely possible that this system could also end up replacing both the Wii U ‘and’ Nintendo 3DS as a next-gen successor to both, meaning game development would be much easier if everything is focused. I think the latter is not very likely, though, because it would be a stupid business decision to abandon two systems for one…you would lose money.

        That’s why the chart they showed is so important. It is clear that that is not their intention, and I’m positive their teams will be expanded to make development of new games across all platforms much easier.


      2. Let’s get real. Despite what Nintendo says publicly, it knows the Wii U is a dud, and it can’t ditch it fast enough. The NX will make its debut in in 2017, because ditching it any sooner would anger those who invested in the console. However, before long we will see Wii U support slow to a trickle, and it will soon be RIP Wii U.

        It’s a fine console–10x better than the Wii in my opinion. I honestly think its Nintendo’s best since the SNES, although I know not many will agree. But Nintendo has really tried to turn it around and make it a gamer’s console. Unfortunately, the world just hasn’t taken notice. Their fuckin’ loss.

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      3. Seriously. The Wii U is still leagues better with its game library than the Gamecube and Wii were and it’s only been two years and a couple months, really.

        It’s a pity Nintendo marketed it so poorly and people undermine a console they never even gave a chance, but you’re absolutely right. The Wii U was a dud due to marketing mistakes and Nintendo still trying to focus on reclaiming their lost casual audience, and what made its position worse was that the console’s architecture is leagues behind the competition. This partnership will hopefully put all this mediocrity to rest for a new image of Nintendo.

        I can say that the Wii U served its purpose still in creating a bridge towards the business avenues Nintendo is going with now. Before, I think they were just being way too conservative with their games. It will be interesting to see how these next few years pan out for Nintendo’s strategies.

        I agree worth everything you said, Noah. If anyone is a gamer and Nintendo fan and doesn’t own a Wii U this gen, they really don’t know how much they’re missing out. I haven’t been able to find one game that has made me think of the PS4 or XB1 as a must-have. I can name four on the Wii U off the top of my head: Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Zelda U, and Super Smash Bros. That’s sad, really.

        The games that are coming to the PS4 and XB1 are also coming to the PC…so why get either of those consoles if you have gaming PC that does everything those consoles do and thensome?

        This wasn’t an issue last gen. I owned every home console and portable system because there were stellar games on each device…this has been the most tepid generation ever since the DC/GC/PS2/Xbox era to me. The only two systems worth owning to me has been the Wii U and 3DS because I get every other game that doesn’t come to those platforms on PC.

        If more people were just unbiased in the companies they buy games from, we wouldn’t really have this situation.

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  3. Its gonna be great when its all brand new ip’s and not mario and zelda lol people will bitch and cry because new ip’s! Lol


    1. IDK man, I think the mobile Sonic games like Sonic Jump or Sonic Dash are pretty fun for what they are, and help with interest in “real” Sonic games. I think some mobile game formulas would lend themselves well to Nintendo IP. Infinity Blade style Zelda. Sonic Runners style Mario game. Top down/side scrolling shooter Star Fox. Maybe something like Dead Space Mobile for Metroid. Kirby style Angry Birds game. Some kind of Yoshi puzzle game etc.

      Nintendo themselves said they would develop some of the games, and I’d assume any games that they aren’t developing, they’ll have some sort of supervision over at least, so we don’t have another Zelda CDi on our hands. I think it could work well.


  4. Well, I think it’s smart to keep “core” Nintendo games on Nintendo platforms. No legit ports of say NES games on smart phones is a bummer, BUT it does make sense. I could see some sort of Pokemon infinite runner game, or an Infinity Blade style of game featuring Zelda characters for example, helping boost interest in what they called “even more premium” games, like your standard Pokemon game or Zelda game, thus causing an increase in demand for things like the 3DS or Wii U, when people are introduced to Nintendo IPs on phones/tablets, especially younger people who don’t own a Nintendo console. A great way to develop interest in your hardware, without taking away from them at all.

    With that said, once you’ve convinced people to purchase your console in order to have that “even more premium” gaming experience with your IPs, you don’t want to have “sticker shock” at the price of games, especially older titles. Now, with purchasing a console, they should understand that new games are going to be in that $50-$60 range. But, when they see a game like the original Super Mario Bros, as amazing as that game is, seeing it for $5, when they can get $1 or free “clone games” on their smart phone, might be a bit of a deal breaker. I think they should start matching your “standard” pricing for mobile games. While I’ve bought plenty of $5 NES games and $10 SNES games, I think those are far over priced, and I can’t imagine someone new to console gaming would disagree. I don’t think there is anything wrong with $1 NES games, $5 SNES games, $10 N64 games and $15 GCN games, as that would put them in line with standard “mobile” pricing, and I’m sure Nintendo would still make plenty of profit on them, probably PURE profit at that. People are more willing to take a risk with $1 than $5, you can bank on that.

    I think the “payment” for the stocks is pretty funny, though it’s just for legal purposes, as they are basically saying “Here, have 10% of us, and we’ll “sell” it to you for 1.24% of you”. Seems like a nice little trade right there.

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    1. Exactly how I feel about the situation. This could lead to Nintendo getting their IPs more well known to the mobile game market which is good. This is what I’ve been saying Nintendo should do for a while now. But now that it happened, I’m hoping they don’t fuck anything up.


  5. This is a sad story for me because cellphone games have ruined gaming in my opinion and brought upon the dark ages of micro transactions


  6. This is a smart business move on Nintendo’s part. I’m glad that have reignited their focus on the casual gaming market. They’re gonna make tons of revenue off of this because many people have been clamoring for Nintendo to do this for quite some time. To people who are expecting to see Zelda, Star Fox, 3DS ports of Pokemon games, Smash Bros, etc…..DON’T….because Nintendo has already reiterated that they’re only making original casual games that will be best suited for smartphones

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  7. I hope Nintendo doesn’t go the whole micro transaction route. Games like Pokemon shuffle where transactions aren’t neccesary and freebies are given out are the better way to go rather than “you need amount of gems to unlok item y.” At the very least Nintendo’s IPs will be well known, and hopefully Nintendo advertises their real consoles throughout the games.

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