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Nintendo President Says He Never Ruled Out Making Games For Smartphones

I’m sure you’re all up to speed now on the acquisition by Nintendo to acquire DeNA and create smartphone titles based on Nintendo IP’s. During a corporate briefing Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said that the company never ruled out making games for smartphones and tablets and had never dismissed the idea.

Of course, Nintendo will utilize smart devices as communication media for Nintendo IP. In addition, so that our consumers will be closely connected with them, we will deploy a game business which takes advantage of Nintendo IP.

Quite a few of you must be wondering why Nintendo, which has never deviated from its cautious stance in regard to the possibility of deploying its game business on smart devices, has now changed its policy.

Please note, however, that I was not dismissing the idea of making games for smart devices per se as I stated at the January 2014 Corporate Management Policy Briefing that a development team of Nintendo would create a smart device application, and please also note that I had not ruled out the possibility of making games when we make use of these devices.

– Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata

17 thoughts on “Nintendo President Says He Never Ruled Out Making Games For Smartphones”

  1. Lol okay. Either way i’m guessing aside from a New 3DS XL and amiibo, i’ll need to buy a couple of different pieces of hardware in the next few years if I want to stay up-to-date- on all the Nintendo games coming out…

    1. Unless Nintendo also releses the smart phone games on their regular consoles, which would be cool. Maybe you could even get bonuses for having the same game on both your console and your phone.

  2. Seems like a wise move as long as we’re not looking at ports of anything, which it doesn’t sound like the case… they’ve been pretty clear as of late about expanding the reach of their IP.

  3. Wow, we all knew that Nintendo has been lying about not being interested in the Smarphone market and this proves it. They were merely buying time to get a deal with someone and they pick a company who hasn’t been relevant in years. I think this was a good move, but it’s going to be insanely funny to see the rest of the commentors backpedal as well. The analysts are also jumping on board and…man, I’m going to really enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day!!

  4. to be fair, Iwata-san was very reluctant to make games on smartphone and I don’t think he was his personal decision but more a push from the investor. I remember that Nintendo did created a smartphone division back in 2013. So I always knew Nintendo will go after the smartphone business one day. What frighten me the most is the fact nintendo will put they core IP and I am pretty sure Iwata-san say he will never put Nintendo’s core IP on smartphone.

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