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Nintendo Says New Hardware In Development Which Is Codenamed ‘NX’


Nintendo has confirmed today during its press conference with DeNA that it is busy developing new hardware. The news was announced by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. The new hardware is currently codenamed NX and the company wouldn’t say anymore regarding the matter. It’s not apparent as to whether this is a home console, a portable console, or a fusion of both, which has long been talked about. More information about the new device will be revealed in 2016.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

95 thoughts on “Nintendo Says New Hardware In Development Which Is Codenamed ‘NX’”

    1. People said that at E3 2013 about the 2014 release window for Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. And at E3 2014 about the 2015 release windows for Zelda, Starfox and Splatoon. to name a few. The wait wasn’t too bad, so hopefully the wait won’t be too bad for 2016…

      1. True but this time feels so much longer because we have so many more games to wait and hype for.

        And I think the new console might be a sort of portable home console. Similar to a laptop i guess. :)

          1. It might also be some form of a tablet console created to give the best experience for these new mobile games.

    1. Including, but not limited to the completely absured remark, that Nintendo is ditching the Wii U. Well I got news for those people, ditching the Wii U, would be company suicide, because they would lose consumer trust, just like Sega did, with the transition from the Saturn to the Dreamcast being only 3 years. Nintendo is not stupid to do such a thing…

        1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

          Well Sega was stupid because when Dreamcast was in R&D they played dumb as if Sony wasn’t making PS2 in R&D as well for Nintendo too. If they thought about the Nintendo Revolution back in 1999 and not making it just more powerful than the N64 Sega would still be making hardware today.

      1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

        It’s not suicide if they make it comparable to PS5 in horsepower. But would be suicide if they are focused on making it more powerful than PS4. Who the hell would buy it if the specs was a tad bit better than Xbox One. That’s why Wii U sales suck now. Too dumb not to think Sony was working on PS4 in 2008 too. And only thinking PS3 was the idea console to make better.

        1. Comparable to PS5? That statement is ridiculous. Nintendo are going to announce this new system in 2016, so it’s easy to assume that the system will be released in 2017 or (at the latest) in 2018. Sony’s PS4 is doing so well that a PS5 probably won’t even be announced by that time. How would Nintendo make a console that has as much power as a console that’s released a few years later?

          Aside from that, NX won’t be the Wii U’s successor. It probably won’t even be a console. That makes it even less reasonable to talk about processing power at this time.

      2. Yup! They’re not ditching the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS.

        This is a new dedicated gaming console that will release and function alongside the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS for the foreseeable future.

        If everyone wants to experience the brevity of Nintendo content now, it will be Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and the NX that they make games for. DeNa is only a licensed developer of apps and games that use Nintendo IPs on smartphone devices and Nintendo will be the one who publishes said games and apps on the smartphone. Nintendo intends for those games to ‘push’ sales of their consoles and dedicated games, not vice versa.

        So, don’t expect ports of existing games. You’re likely getting spin-offs of existing titles for the smartphone to play. But it is not a business that will cause Nintendo in-house development teams any man hours to prevent them from working on newer titles for Nintendo devices. That is their intention.

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  2. This might be the Nintendo Fusion console that there were rumors about a while ago. Maybe to be released in 2017 or 2018. I’m happy with this, as long as Nintendo don’t try to cash in on the Wii name again. If the ‘Fusion’ is what Nintendo is refering to, then I hope that Nintendo offer an option for people to buy them both separately and as a bundle of both. That way, those with a tighter budget, can buy one or the other first and if they want the full experience, they can buy the other at a later date. And those that want both parts together, they can have it so that it is at a slightly lower price, to give incentive for consumers to own both at the same time…

      1. Me too. But as it’s a codename, like Dolphin(Gamecube) and Revolution(Wii) so unfortunately, this won’t be it. I would love it though…

    1. Yep, people think it’s a portable but it’s a bit early seeing how Nintendo already released the New 3DS into the public.

  3. I think it’s actually the N(intendo) Cross (the X being the cross) which indicates it crossing handheld and home console together

    1. … and there is three N’s in Nintendo….


  4. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

    Sad. Already telling us about a next generation console because Nintendo was stupid not thinking of 2015 in 2008.

  5. I’ve already seen a lot of people freaking out saying that the wii u is dead and that this is proof of that since nintendo is releasing a new console so soon, but nintendo systems have always had a life span of about 5 years, the nes (1986), snes (1991), n64 (1996), gamecube (2001), wii (2006), wii u (2012). everything is right on schedule

  6. AMD was making a x86 chip-set OR a mobile chip-set for Nintendo. As far as my knowledge goes, AMD isn’t strong in ARM processors or equivalent stuff. Mobile for the are usually their APU, the combined CPU and GPU chip, which is too big for smartphones, but rather Windows Tablets and other heavy duty tablets. I think the x86 chip is meant for Nintendo (the chipset used in PC, PS4 and Bone), so I’m guessing a TV-console. But something like a portable tablet is possible I guess.

    1. I’m thinking something like the Nvidia Shield brand from your comment.

      A tablet that can also turn into a console

  7. I really doubt it will be a home console. We have games coming in 2015 and then we have a teased unique Mario game and Metroid for 2016. But hey im not an analyst. On the contrary, if this IS a new home console that is some sort of fusion, then id be pretty happy with its name being Nintendo Fusion, after all the name is pretty badass and is beyond straight forward so anyone who cant understand the concept can be considered stupid (cause like, you know, the console is a fusion of handheld and console and named Fusion… so… yeah)

      1. I think it will, think about it
        Gamecube really only had 6 years on the market before the Wii was confirmed.
        Wii had about 7 years on the market before the Wii U was confirmed.
        So really the NX being announced next year and released the following year as a console is pretty high chance.

        1. You’re actually wrong. GCN had about 4 years on the market when Wii was announced.
          and Wii had about 5 years on the market when the Wii U was announced.

      1. who said anything about soon? we won’t hear anything about it til next year and it will be at least a year after the announcement before it will be released

        the 3DS is already 4 years old, so a release 2-3 years from now would fit… and no, the new 3DS isn’t a new console, it’s a refresh, nintendo has done those before

    1. If that was the case then it’d be suicide of Nintendo to do that as the New 3DS was just released, not to mention Miyamoto already said time and time again they are working on the next gen HOME CONSOLE.. they only do things one at a time.

      1. “they only do things one at a time” is just an assumption by you, and a false one. Nintendo would be stupid to not work on multiple hardwars at the same time. And the only reason why Miyamoto said that is because Nintendo are permanently working on new hardware. They have been working on a new console since the Wii U was released, just as they have been working on a new handheld since the 3DS was released.

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  9. Uhhhh….a new dedicated game system, and somehow it’s not going to compete with the Wii U? I’m highly skeptical. Remember when the DS was the “third pillar” alongside the Game Boy line and their console line? Yeah, that worked out great for the Game Boy.
    Let’s be realistic here – even if Nintendo says it’s not going to compete with the Wii U, does anyone honestly think that’ll actually happen?

    1. Scanning…

      Morphology: Codename NX
      Purpose unknown. What little is known is that it
      will be the third pillar of Nintendo devices, an attempt previously made with the Nintendo DS that knocked the Game Boy out of the market and will likely do the same with the Wii U.

  10. Almost certainly console and you folks will be eating crow next year.

    They are not going to ride out the pitiful sales turd known as Wii U, they’re moving on and the Wii U has not a schedule in sight for 2016. Follow the money.

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  12. Nintendo 3DS launched on first quarter 2011, that makes it a 4 year old console to date 2015.

    The NX will be announced next year (2016) and probably released on 2017 so that would take 6 years of Nintendo 3DS and of course Nx has a big chance to be Nintendo 3DS successor.


  13. I do think the ” NX ” will be shown off next year’s E3 but it will most likely turn out to be the rumored the handheld/home console system because the last letter ” X ” usually means ” cross ” but then again it also means 10 so we’ll see. I think it will have all of the trimmings from X86 architecture to a efficient but brand new ” next-gen ” GPU. I read a rumor somewhere that the new system will be backwards with multiple gamepads so I hoping that turns out to be true since I love the gamepad. I just hope that Nintendo markets and advertises this thing in the same way that Apple often does their next IPhone. 2017 will be the year it releases…..mark my words

    1. With AMD announcing the R9 390x early it might mean this new console could feature the R9 390 chip set meaning it’ll be able to do 4K and 1080p games no problem, plus, with the new HBM memory which replaces the DDR format in the new R9 390x Cards, we could see this next console turning out to be a beast compared to the PS4 and Xbox One.

      I don’t see Sony or Microsoft releasing another console until 2020 so this is a good time for Nintendo to get a move on.

      1. lol yeah, Nintendo’s going to randomly through in a new 700+ dollar GPU with massive power draw in a console launching within the next two years.

        I see the fanboy hopes and dreams have already started, and they’re an eyesore.

        1. You’re just mad because Sony is about to go belly up….LOL!!! Cry some more faggot and make sure you throw away your tampon you sensitive whore

          1. It’s amusing how Butthurt you are that you can’t even compose factually correct sentences. Sony had a net profit three times that of Nintendo’s.

            And your insults pretty much confirm how old you are, lmao

    2. Two words– Nintendo NEXT! 2017 is gonna be a fresh new start for Nintendo as we’ll be ready for generation nine.

  14. Let’s hope this next console will be able to compete with the other onsles. Nintendo fans may not care about the specs of conoles, but for the spec-ulators they’ll look for every flaw in Nintedo’s cosoles. And let’s hope they ditch gmmicks and simply bring a normal controller with a bunch load of games at launch including third parties.

    1. But NX does sound like the fusion device everyone has wanted. The N stands for Nintendo and the X stands for a cross, which would be the cross of handhelds and home consoles. Not exactly sure what that would mean for gaming, but sounds great. :)

    2. I will definitely be looking for every flaw. Nintendo really disappointed me with the Wii U and I’m not even thinking about purchasing another Nintendo console until they get it right. The fans really need to stop accepting everything they do and speak up for themselves. And Nintendo needs to stop being so stubborn. They could’ve made the Wii U successful if they actually payed attention to what people asked for.

      1. They could have had, but like I said Nintendo fans will buy a console for the games and not the specs. Yes, I would like pretty graphics, surround sound, and be able to have 3 apllications up at once, but at the end of the day I will buy the console without those things because I want to play new games. However I will try my best not to buy new consoles as soon as they launch, because I refuse to sit through game droughts. The 3DS was like that at first, but quickly picked up after a year. The Wii U has had a drought since launch, and still has one now.

        1. It isn’t just about droughts. It’s also because the third party support is nonexistent. Nintendo can release all the Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon games they want, but it will never fill the void left by third party. Another reason why Nintendo systems don’t get third party games is because Nintendo gamers don’t even buy them. You know some Nintendo fans are so dedicated to Nintendo that they won’t even buy some third party games no matter how good it is? A third party game releasing on the Wii U around the same time as a Nintendo game is basically doomed.

          1. This is also true, and I can admit that third parties don’t do well on Nintendo consoles, but this is why we need to bring other kinds of gamers to Nintendo’s systems so that they will support third parties. Now Nintendo consoles do have their regular third parties that sell well such as Natsune, Marvelous, Atlus, and Sega, but they don’t have the third parties that are huge like Activision and Ubisoft. If Nintendo made a system that was powerful, had AAA first party titles, as well as major third parties they would win every gen. That also means they’ll have to bring in new people to the system though, because as you said most Nintendo fans won’t even look at third-parties. You shouldn’t blame all Nintendo fans, because I for one will play what is fun and most of the games major third parties put out aren’t all that appealing to me. That means that most Nintendo fans won’t buy third parties not because they don’t want to support them, but because they don’t appeal to them.

            1. And that’s the sad part about it. A third party game gets released on the Wii U and you buy it to support it. But not many others buy the game. And you end up not getting the next game because of poor sales. *facepalm* No one supported the game and everyone went straight for the new Mario game. I’m assuming that’s exactly what happened during Wii U’s launch. Everyone ignored all the great third party games and choose Mario. And it was a 2D Mario game that wasn’t even that great. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding Nintendo fans. *sigh*

              1. Yes a lot of people may not have bought and supported that game, but at the same time people aren’t going to buy a game they don’t like and waste money. I received Bayonetta for xmas played it like four times and haven’t touched it since, and instead have been playing my othr first party games along with games from some of the stronger Nintendo third parties like Atlus. I’m glad I supported the game and gave it a try, but I wouldn’t buy Bayonetta 3 and waste money. Even with MP10 I won’t buy it bc $60 is a lot to waste especially when there are Indy/eshop games I want to try. There are people who will buy, try, and support third parties to continue to get their support, and hopefully bring or bring back people like you who aren’t content with ONLY Nintendo titles. At the end of the day though most Nintendo fans will buy what they like (1st parties) instead of buying third party games that they either don’t really like anyway or for the sake of supporting a game in the hope that they’ll receive the next installment in the series. Most Nintendo fans buy a Nintendo console just for first parties. There are some games like Skyrim that I may have missed out for a lack of another system, but never has that made me rage against Nintendo/third parties, because I know what I expect from a Nintendo console. Now does that mean I don’t want third parties? of course not, because they help gain people to Nintendo’s systems. At the same time I’m sure a lot of Nintendo fans as well as myself don’t mind the lack of the popular third party titles, because we mostly want to play Ninty games. One problem I do have is the lack of games still. Nintendo can go full first party for their console if they wanted to, and that’s fine to me, but they need to have more games per month.

                1. Well, I hope whatever console they bring out next fixes those problems. This next console should be on par in terms of hardware to Sony and MS systems. It should have a good online system. It should use a normal controller. It should be advertised well. And it should have Nintendo games AND. third party games. It can launch with a brand new Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, and Metroid put together, but no third party support is an automatic fail. Not everyone cares about those games. It has to have games that cater towards everyone. And right now, the only people that are getting satisfied with the Wii U are it’s own fans. (People who would’ve bought the Wii U anyway and didn’t need to be convinced) The Wii U is in a difficult situation. It doesn’t appeal to casuals like the Wii did and it does not appeal to core gamers either. I used to be a die hard Nintendo fan back when I had a Gamecube. But everything just fell apart with the Wii. I tried to support the Wii U but I just decided to give up. I got tired of seeing every game I wanted to play go to the other platforms and I got tired of Nintendo’s decisions like region lock, still no universal account system, and not bringing the standard New 3DS over here. I only really stuck with it before because the games were good, but it has gotten to the point where I don’t care anymore. I am really hoping that with this next system, Nintendo finally realizes the mistakes they’ve been making and get it all right. And they can gain me back as a supporter… :(

                  1. I’m sorry to hear that, and I do hope you return back to Nintendo’s platforms. I do hope the next console has all those things and more, so that we can pull in more people like you rather than just us usual dedicated Nintendo fans. :)

                    1. Well, it’s nice to see someone that understands. Even though I don’t play on Nintendo systems anymore, I respect people that do because not everyone has the same taste in games. And yes, I’m hoping they fix the problems with the next console. The Wii U has some great games but I can’t see myself buying another one anytime soon. :P You should look forward to the future games like Zelda and Splatoon though!

      2. To be honest I think the fans have spoken. With their wallets. Nobody has a Wii U. I have one but none of friends do and they don’t care about it either.
        So nintendo better get it right or sure as shit won’t buy one. I’m a huge nintendo fan. I own every console and have bought every handheld. I will not buy one day one this next time unless I’m certain they got it right.

  15. well it’s not a new console but a device which allow cross plateform from the picture. Personally I would not put it more than 1 year before the release as it give enough time to the competition to develop the similar product

  16. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

    I hope they are thinking of 2021 when currently developing this system. Otherwise they are still stupid.

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  20. Nintendo NX? Nintendo’s 10th hardware?
    1. NES
    2. Gameboy Series
    3. Super NES
    4. Virtaul Boy
    5. Nintendo 64
    6. Gamecube
    7. Nintendo DS Series
    8. Wii
    9. Wii U
    10. Nintendo NX (Nintendo 10)

  21. hi there this is the master chief i hope nintendo will power future game consoles with unsc trans light fusia engines

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