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Stock In Nintendo Has Hit Its Highest Point In Four Years

We already learned that stock in Nintendo jumped significantly after the news that the company would be bringing its IP to smartphones and tablets. Well it shows no sign of slowing down as it’s currently at the highest point its been at in four years. The stock hasn’t risen this dramatically since Nintendo slashed the price of the Nintendo 3DS due to initially sluggish sales.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

79 thoughts on “Stock In Nintendo Has Hit Its Highest Point In Four Years”

  1. Wow this is good to hear im tired of hearing all the negative even though we all know the trolls are getting on ship just to troll this any moment now

      1. It was only that high because of the Wii and DS. The Wii and DS were freaks of nature and 74 was the peak. So 24 is not low, its just average.

          1. My Wind Waker Is Bigger (I.A.B.A.B)

            Yep you know all high and mighty that fucker was. To bad he wasn’t as boss as me. He self destructed after Nintendo went mobile. I told him to do that long ago but nope he had to wait until his feelings to get hurt to do so. R.i.p commander ass you surely won’t be missed.

              1. My Wind Waker Is Bigger (I.A.B.A.B)

                I Hope so, but that fucker posted video of dark samus being born so I highly doubt that he will be gone for long. I have a strong feeling that he’s gonna come back fucking worse. Maybe anti-nintendo who knows?

        1. You’re not him cuz when you guys just met, you were pissed at him telling him that he just sits behind a computer cuz he cant get a piece of ass in real life.

  2. You can chalk this up to stock-holders being ignorant or stupid.

    They all think they’re gonna see the NES Mario Bros and Pokemon Red and Blue on phones, when that’s not what’s happening.XD

    1. I think stockholders know they aren’t porting old games, if they actually read the article about NX and DeNA and stuff. And since they got the info Ninty was going mobile from that same article…

  3. But Nintendo keeps shoving Bowser into products its ridiculous. He is the best mk wii character. He will destroy stock and and consumers, so over powered, strongest mk wii character with the best items

    1. I’m putting away my fan cap and my consoles down and buried forever. This is the death of Nintendo as we all know it. Well, those fucking hypocrites and haters have finally won. Nintendo is as good as dead in just 5-10 years from now…

      *walks away*

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    The future is nintendo and steam.

  5. This is great news. Hopefully Nintendo’s stock will rise even higher after they reveal their new ” dedicated game system ” at E3 next year

  6. nintendo has been dead like forever. if you are serious about making a living off stock market, i highly suggest chinese firm stocks

  7. i, the troll, is going to peace out from this website for life. bye bye everyone. it was a fun moment. please feel free to block me and delete all my comments.

  8. Good for me…I bought 320 shares at 13.94, and now it’s at 22.15! :D

    If they have a good E3, I’ll be rolling in $$$! xD

    1. Wouldn’t you rather pull out now, since you’ve already made a profit. What if Nintendo disappoints and stock goes back down?

      1. The stock rose because of a major policy change. It’s the new normal.

        This year is the peak of the Wii U. Splatoon, Xenoblade, Star Fox, Zelda, and Mario Maker have yet to have their big promotional pushes. In addition, Amiibo still has room to expand, QoL is just around the corner, and the specifics of the move to mobile remain to be detailed. Not to mention that the New Nintendo 3DS just hit the west, and needs software that takes advantage of it.

        The earliest I would want sell is just after E3. If I wanted to gamble, the latest would be just after the 2015 Q3 investors meeting.

        1. My worries here are that 2014 saw MK8 and Smash and we didnt see significant stock increase…i dont see StarFox, Splatoon and Zelda (if it even comes out 2015…) having greater than or equal commercial appeal. Also, “big promotional pushes” are not quite synonymous with Nintendo (at least in the West). Also, new hardware announcements dont always equate to stock surge (see Wii U), esp in nintendos case…where concepts usually push boundaries. Its hard to say the QoL project will be met with praise at this point. In short…Id sell half. But thats me and Im the idiot who didnt buy a few weeks ago. Cheers, brother…and congrats.

  9. I really don’t like mobile games, but thats more due to how alot of publishers react to them(and the idea that they are the future of gaming) then the idea itself, that and the quality is usually pretty low on them. But i’m interested in what ninty does here, especially since they said it’s more to compliment the main consoles then to be as big a focus, and the fact that they are makin these games with smartphones in mind rather then craming games onto them sounds good, if anyone can make good use of smartphone controls it’s nintendo.
    Plus this whole NX thing sounds very interesting, i’m hopin for the combined console that is being heavily hinted at, though i’m hopin for some gamepad and wii remote intergration, them two ideas especially the gamepad have been so severely underused, it’s annoying as they are fantastic ideas and there’s so many games that’d work well if them ideas that are’nt due to the (imo mostly uneeded) negativity surrounding the last two consoles.

    Who knows this whole idea could crash and burn or it could turn out very well, regardless it’s awesome that they are willin to take this big a risk, nintendo may take a long time to try new things but when they do they usually aproach it and succeed with it more then their competitors.

    Also pokemon snap Iphone may very well be the first iphone game I every buy XD.

    1. The hybrid console is something I fear will happen. Hybrids very very very rarely work out, usually they are just bad at everything.

      1. Well, there’s really no benefit to nintendo keepin both their platforms seperate, for one the consoles are more popular in the west and handelds are moreso in Japan, considering the lack of third party support they have to continually juggle the two themselves, and if it works it’ll be a very innovative idea that people might not bitch at for once….nah they’ll still bitch XD.

        I think we’re at the point in technology where they could do something like this and get away with it, and considering they merged their game divisions and alot of other hints, not to mention nintendo tends to mix things up every gen, it’s not far fetched.

  10. Just wait, if Nintendo is successful, their stock will skyrocket even more.

    I wish I had money to invest. :( But, sadly, I am in college and all my money is needed for books, food, classes, gas, etc.

  11. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

    That’s because of the NX. Wii U couldn’t do it because it’s not powerful. This should tell Nintendo to make a powerful console. WeAK consoles dont make revenue. Only powerful consoles sell.

      1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

        What the power? Have one OS to work Gamecube, and Wii tittles. Use the power to make Wii U controllers work GameCube and Wii games. Have 4 wii u gamepads Work and multi task. Have the gamepad work more than 25ft away. Faster OS when turning the console on. GameCube adapters work more than one game. Better online. That’s what the power can be used for. record more than just one game on Youtube. Be able to do DLC for arena stages on MK8. Wii U is too weak to handle Arena stages. It’s easier for Wii U CPU to handle just racing stages. If it was powerful it could play Pikmin 3 online with 100 pikmin and 3 characters.

        1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

          Also if it was powerful it could bring custom stages online for everyone not just friends and have the custom stages handle 8 players. But it’s too weak to bring 8 players online. That’s what you use the power for. GRAPHICS? Wii U proved it could be on PAR with PS4 if they wanted to so that doesn’t matter. Power matters.

  12. Gah! my father in law literally asked me last weekend if he should buy some Nintendo stock and I said wait a little longer. DUMB

  13. What impossible commander is gone who will now lead our empire we need a new leader dam you commander for letting these fan boys get to you

  14. And then the company is gonna crash and burn thanks to the fucking mobile in another 4 years from now. Start counting down their doomsday clock folks. The end of gaming is coming…

  15. It may fall hard when the 3DS fails and they need to shut down half of the company… Because people will ask, why buy a 3DS when you can play mario on your phone…

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