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IronFall: Invasion Update Now Available In The US

Those of you in North America who have a copy of the action-packed IronFall: Invasion will be pleased to know that the 1.1 update is now available to download from the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The latest update brings a number of notable improvements including the ability to cover during a mad sprinting session and a four second invisibility after respawn in the multiplayer mode. Here’s a detailed log of all the changes available in IronFall: Invasion version 1.1.

Improvements (Paid version).

Campaign and Multiplayer:

  • Magnetization on the Y axis when entering aim mode.
  • Ability to cover during the sprint.


  • “Quick Online Match,” new option.
  • “Demo ON/OFF” and greater variation in arena selection.
  • “Free For All – Don’t bet,” players earn credits when they finished in second place.
  • Four-second invincibility after a respawn.

Improvements (For All)

Campaign and Multiplayer:

  • Possibility to use much faster settings for the camera and aiming.
  • Easier to turn during a sprint.
  • U-turn easier to achieve


  • Weapon balancing (Grenade Launcher, Explosive Rifle, Shotgun).
  • Improved efficiency of the “Shock Gun” weapon.
  • “Free For All,” player’s score canceled if leaving the current session, (alternative: score canceled when the player leaves the current session.)
  • Version number detection.

Thanks, Kallum

10 thoughts on “IronFall: Invasion Update Now Available In The US”

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            It also works with youtube videos. I’ve never tried SWF files though. but let me try.
            What do you know, it didn’t work after all. Oh well, it’d be really noisy and trolls would probably go ham posting really loud music. So props to either Sickr or wordpress.

        1. After this update, i can now proudly say that this is the best game i ever played on 3DS!
          The faster aiming/camera speed was all it needed for me, but other updates are welcome too!
          Going play it till tomorrow once my work shift is done today!


          1. C-stick on the New 3DS is so sensitive. No idea why you would want it any faster than it could already go. If you can aim with it any higher than it could reach before, then jeez. I had to turn the sensitivity way down, cause I couldn’t aim for shit with it higher.

            The characters move pretty slow in this game also, so it isn’t like you really like you even need fast aim.

            Sadly I’ve found the c-stick is not accurate enough for FPS, it is all over the place with higher sensitivity settings. It isn’t so bad on lower settings, but it still isn’t as accurate as I had hoped.

          2. Nice to see a game getting so many updates this early. These guys are a pretty impressive team, it shows they care about the game and the community who play it.


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