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Amazon Spain Lists Splatoon With May 29th Release Date

Remember that accidentally leaked Nintendo Europe release schedule? Well it might have been bang on the money as Amazon Spain is now listing Splatoon with a May 29th release date. The release schedule also mentioned that Yoshi’s Woolly World will be coming to Wii U this summer. Guess we shall have to wait for the next Nintendo Direct presentation to find out for sure.

Thanks, Xabi

14 thoughts on “Amazon Spain Lists Splatoon With May 29th Release Date”

  1. WOW Europe said the same date too! Looks like Amazon is confirming the dates before Nintendo even does it XD. And I’m SO MUCH looking forward to playing Yoshi’s Woolly World once I have enough for a Wii U!!

    1. You know you can buy a refurbished Wii U that includes Super Mario 3D World and Nintendoland for $224.99 along with a 1 year warranty here in the states from Nintendo’s own online store don’t you?

  2. Why not just say June? I hate the deceptive advertising. It’s two days away from May 31st. Nintendo has it listed as a May release to look better and to fill the massive holes in it’s 2015 release schedule.

      1. I can see Friday the 8th or 15th being a good release time for May, not the last Friday of May with two days left till June. Deceptive advertising. They did the same thing with MK8. A May release date turns into the last couple days of May. (30th)

  3. I think Splatoon will hit the states first on May 22nd then maybe Europe a week later on May 29th. Noticed how only European retailers have the game listed for May 29th? Hmmm…….suspect?

  4. This Is one of the best games of Nintendo this year, Is a complete new ip. If you like Nintendo you must buy It, so Nintendo can make Other new games.

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