Nintendo Says E3 Will Just Be Focussed On 2015 Games

We all heard the news yesterday that Zelda has been delayed and won’t be shown at this year’s E3 event in June. A Nintendo of America spokesperson has clarified to IGN that the company is only focussing on showing 2015 titles at E3 this year. We still don’t know if it’s going to be an E3 themed Nintendo Direct or alternatively a traditional stage conference. Anyway, here’s what the representative told the publication.

“As Mr. Aonuma announced, The Legend of Zelda game for Wii U is no longer targeted as a 2015 release. Rather than sticking to a specific schedule, the team wants to make this the most complete and the best game it can possibly be. The new launch timing has not yet been determined. Because we’d like to focus on developing the game, we aren’t planning on showing it at this year’s E3, where we will be highlighting games launching in 2015. We will let you know when we’re ready to share more specifics.”


    1. I guess this means that there will be nothing for 2016. except for Zelda. People wanted Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Metroid, New Mario Galaxy Game, Fire Emblem, F-Zero…but I guess people will be content with anything Nintendo makes since they are just that damn pathethic at this point. When you only own Nintendo, you either have to like everything they make or buy a game every half a year. What a great company!

          1. no problem, son. I see you made your points with your comment.
            Anyway, i do nt see why you forget your pills if you do not take them. Just saying.
            take care :***********

        1. More like u r overdosed. Cuz seriously I’m not happy with every decision thats going on around Nintendo and Wii U

        2. More like u r overdosed. Cuz seriously I’m not happy with every decision thats going on around Nintendo and Wii U

      1. >>>You are forgetting Nintendo Directs as they have announced several new games in them since they started with it>>>

        1. Yeah, I don’t even have to mention how stupid it would be to do that. It would be much better if they actually had an hour and a half long E3 conference where they actually do all of the things. That makes sense, but Nintendo is just cutting corners everywhere.

          1. It makes more sense for trailers to appear the moment they are ready, instead of postponing or rushing their reveal for E3 ;-) Rushing is never good, (except when you’re a lifesaver or something like that.)

            1. Well, then Nintendo has been doing it all wrong.
              X shown January of 2013.
              Zelda shown June 2014.
              Bayonetta 2 Shown June of 2012.
              SM X FE shown January 2013
              Pikmin 3 shown June 2012
              Yoshi’s Woolly World shown January 2013

              I won’t even mention older games.

              I see right through your damage control attempt, but you can’t win against me.

              1. Read my comment again ;-) I never mentioned Nintendo, and I never claimed they where doing it right. I’ve just stated the obvious fact that no company should postpone or rush a trailer ;-)

                  1. READ THE ARTICLE. They never said they’re ONLY focusing on 2015 games. PLEASE WTF IS GOING ON HERE!! Why doesn’t read the actual article and quote anymore? This is just click bait that you guys fail for! Please dude just read the quote and you’ll see what I mean.

                    1. No, but it’s implied that it’s going to be their focus. And your focus on E3 should mostly be new games. These older ones should have a minute long gameplay video, date of release and an announcment that they’ll be playable on the show floor. That’s it. Not their primary focus. Not to mention that we already know enough about them for those games to be released. There isn’t a need to focus on X, Yoshi, Mario Maker and on whatever the fuck. Only Starfox and then new games that we haven’t seen before. But knowing Nintendo they’ll show 10 minutes of all of thoes games, announce something like a SNES Remix, maybe a few more eShop games, have a small trailer for Animal Crossing or something and that’ll come out in 2016.

      2. E3 it’s just a nintendo direct,they will have future directs that will focus on 2015-2016 i m sure of it.

        1. Yeah and that’s as stupid of a thing as you can do. E3 gets the most people to watch it. Directs don’t even get near. They should announce everything on the E3 and maybe later just give further information on directs, but who am I to speak what Nintendo should do since they’ve done great with the Wii U so far, right?

          1. I m not saying you are wrong,i m saying to not worry.If they abandon the wii u then their loss i wont support them ever again either.Gonna go full sony and give up on nintendo for my entertainment.

            1. I’m buying an Xbox one this next week!
              Which is weird a year ago I wouldn’t even spit in their direction. Ever since amiibo that’s when I think I really felt like Nintendo didn’t give a dang about their loyal fans. Im just sick of there being so litttle of everything to go around for all of us who stuck around in their darkest time. And they’ve shafted us and think we all just stick around through it all.

                1. Its not such a bad thing. If you ever get tired of playing the same games, I suggest picking up a 2nd console. Maybe a PC.

                  1. >>>A PC is the only logical choice which I have, Xbots are unacepptable and irrelevant for all eternity>>>

                    1. Well that way you can get most if not all of the XBO’s games in PC. Either way, going multiplat is a MUST for gamers right now. A drought is coming and its hitting us all. At least pre-E3, let’s hope it changes after June.

                2. You are on of the most pathetic fanboys Ive ever seen. At lees Xbox will have games thought out 2016, what will wii u have, just Zelda?

                  1. >>>I don’t care what they do, they are evil garbage that must be destroyed by all means, and I have a PC to play as well and I’m not some impatient cretin like you apes are, now get rid of yourself>>>

                    1. Looks like we have a Nintendo fag who can’t accept that Nintendo is pulling a Sega. I hope this bites them in the ass.

                    2. >>>Nowhere did I mention anything a long those lines, the empire is so not doing remotely close to anything the Segans did>>>

                      >>>Anyone using the word “Fag” is irrelevant by default, thanks but your existence is now proven invalid, go away and rot Xbot>>>

                3. i’m not an xbot I’m a gamer! I go where the games are at, nintendo owned last year but this years list has turned pretty lackluster with just xenoblade and starfox leading the way, but you can call me whatever you like, but you know better.

              1. You’re a fool to think Xbox One has any significant reason to invest unless you’re a damage controlling retard accepting DRM and faulty console design to be shoved up your ass like a prostate examiner raping you.

                1. I’ll get it and have fun playing borderlands handsome collection, masterchief collection, arkham knight, dragonage while you enjoy playing your only nintendo titles, id be happy playing nintendo only titles if they made enough games or if they didn’t continue to do extremely stupid things like no online multiplayer in mario party or no voice chat in splatoon and showcase a game in 2014 that they knew wasn’t coming out till 2016, or their ridiculously tough to get not to mention pretty pointless amiibo. and then release both versions of their new handheld console for japan and Europe but not u.s or canada because why? because nintendo makes great games but are just bad businessmen. im not a fool the foolish thing to do would be to buy a ps4! hahah the most sane thing to do would be to get a pc but i enjoy playing with my dad and brother.

                    1. lmao not a chance I enjoy the people on here and am still planning on getting xenoblade and possibly mario maker, if and when they ever come out!

                2. The same way you are accepting a weak ass inferior console that not even Nintendo give two shits about quit being a fanboy and face reality retard, the Wii U is dead.

                  1. >>>Even so, it’s still better than anything the Xbots and the entire Microsoft Realm has been doing, are doing and will ever do, collaborating with NSA and the rest of the deluded mongrel apes makes them irrelevant forever>>>

                  2. Says the fool who probably wants their games on a smartphone, a more expensive and technically inferior platform like Xbox One. Good try on hiding your hypocrisy.

                  1. >>>Yes because you should believe their words once they utter them, no wonder that Xbot infected territory has the most pathetic ones as well>>>

                    1. Well let’s see…

                      -puts in disc in Xbone-
                      -downloading ENTIRE GAME-

                      Yes, it does. Oh and lets not forget.

                      -downloading several gb update
                      -unusually med-high chance of disk error
                      -5% chance of exploding

                      Exciting huh?

                    2. That downloading part, IS part of their BS DRM system they tried to fully implement in 2013. All they did was sweeping 85% of it “under the rug” so IDIOTS wouldn’t notice or choose to not notice because of their one track fanboy mind said so. They’re gonna pull a fast one and bring that shit back and I swear to god they will. They are capable of fucking consumers over so what’s stopping them from doing that again on Xbox One?

          2. 1. Since nintendo started doing the directs I’m sure more people have been watching what they have been doing
            2. Of course I don’t know how many people are watching the directs compared to how many people are watching Microsoft and Sony and past nintendo presentations but at least they are there and still promoting their games etc etc
            3. Wait until e3 to swe what will happen instead of making all of these crazy assumptions lol
            4. There may be a few of several new titles including some new games in already established franchises and for the past I don’t know how long you have been bitching about nintendo now of course they rarely make a lot of good decisions but we don’t know what the hell is going on internally inside the company to make the decisions that are said to the public
            5. So just wait and see and obviously buy the games you do like and shut the fuckin up everybody knows nintendo is messing up in a lot of ways
            6. Nintendo could be prolonging the wii u’s life by a few years maybe to 2018 or 2020 who knows so they will continously delay and or announce big titles for the next year or years they are shown who knows lol

          3. It makes more sense for trailers to appear the moment they are ready, instead of postponing or rushing their reveal for E3 ;-) Rushing is never good, (except when you’re a lifesaver or something like that.)

          4. You’re right. People need to understand that many of those who watch Nintendo Directs, are already Nintendo fans. Most outside of that are not tuning in for them.

            E3 covers everything in gaming, so it’s a much better platform to work the masses and gain new consumers with.

          5. they said they were focusing on showing off 2015 games. that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to announce future games.

            it irritates me that people like you cry “where is (f-zero, animal crossing, paper mario, etc)” one second, but then the next crying about how nintendo just rehashes old franchises instead of making new games/IPs

            they can never win

            1. Don’t generalize, that’s bad for your health. It’s not the problem that they use them often, the problem is that they are always the same. Like Pokemon or NSMB.

              They can never win against everyone. They’d be a fool to try and please everyone, but they can try and please their fans. That’s the only thing they have left. Casuals are gone, kids are grown up. The only thing left are fans and fanboys. Fanboys you can please with everything, but fans….They won’t buy whatever you put on the table, and Nintendo should target them. That is why you always see a huge boom in sales when a big game comes out, but….that happens like twice a year. Not even.

              1. Pokemon isn’t made by Nintendo and NSMB has just 1 game each console, and all are with something unique

                1. Pfffff, HAHAHAHAHAHA! Wow, what argument, goddamit, you are such an intelligent person. Pokemon isn’t made by Nintendo, so it’s ok, and the other one has something new each time. Wow, yeah and CoD, Battlefield, Fifa… never have anything new. The point why people dislike those franchises (at least not the ones that just follow the hate train) is because they are too similar, not because they come out every year, you fucking moron. And NSMB games are as similar as they can possibly be.

          6. So, this is what Riuk wrote in his Death Note:

            Yagami Light, dies after becoming a 10-years-old-minded angry bastard (caused by his lack of testosterone) and writing the most stupid anti-Nintendo arguments in a site dedicated to the company.

      3. Yeah, it would have been awesome if a new Animal Crossing for Wii U came out this year. But I know THAT won’t happen. (- _ -)

      4. Lol m8
        We got
        Hyrule Warriors
        Pikmin 3
        New super Mario bros U
        Nintendo land
        Captain toad
        Lego city undercover
        Kirby and the rainbow curse
        And DKC tropical frezze

        And soon

        Star fox U
        Xenoblade X
        Yoshis wooly world
        Coming very soon

        1. Wow, I’m impressed. Especially since you count literally every game they made. Kirby, Captain Toad, NSMBU, Yoshi…all small games. Don’t even.

          Looking back it may seem like a lot, but it’s not.

            1. English please! Small games aren’t considered small because of the lack of hype. They are considered small because they have smaller budgets, they usually have a lot less content, worse graphics, worse gameplay…. All in all, they are lesser games.

              1. its the internet not an essay stop correcting people to act smart cuz as far im aware your not small games matter as well and those small games like toad and kirby actually have good graphics and gameplay

          1. what’s wrong with naming every game? it’s still great variety and is much more than what’s out on competing 8th gen consoles. ther is nothing wrong with small games either.

            you seem to be irrationally biased against anything nintendo is doing, just because it doesn’t make YOU, personally, happy. get over yourself man

        2. rayman legends and zombi u are pretty great games too to add to the list

          and you forgot devil’s third and mario maker with the upcoming list

      5. ‘I guess this means that there will be nothing for 2016. except for Zelda.’ Zelda has already been confirmed to not be shown off at E3. Besides, the thing that plagued many people at Nintendo’s last 2 E3’s, were that most of the games were coming out the following year. Also, Metroid could take Zelda U’s place for Nintendo’s holiday title…

        1. OH MY GOD READ THE QUOTE!!! READ THE QUOTE!!! THEY NEVER SAID THEY’RE ONLY DOING 2015 GAMES!!!! Holy shit!!! So much people don’t read the quote anymore!!! Come on dude. Do you HONESTLY think they’re only gonna have Zelda Wii U for 2016?

      6. Oh yeah because Sony is so much better with their greedy corporate customer service that won’t refund money if it’s stolen from you from one of their millions of hackers that also DDSO attack their servers.

        And the way today’s AAA games are made, you’re pretty much buying a game every half a year anyways because 90% of today’s games are shit and not worth playing. People like you are why companies are afraid to take the risks they used to take in the 90s. Go fuck yourself.

        1. Great, another arbiter of what’s worth playing and what is shit. I won’t even mention Nintendo’s Youtube policies. I don’t care about Sony and what they do. You idiots always love to point out bad shit that other companies do once your favorite ones are criticized.

          Oh, Nintendo really takes a lot of risk with all these Mario games.

          1. you’re a goddamn idiot. look at codename steam and bayonetta 2. when nintendo takes chances, they sell like shit. you can’t blame a company that is currently struggling for doing what works, and even in this state, they are STILL putting out new, untested IPs like steam, splatoon, captain toad, devil’s third, bayonetta, xenoblade

            1. I could point out at the Wii, N64, OoT, Wii Sports, Mario Galaxy, Zelda Wind Waker, Yoshi’s Island, Majora’s Mask and more that were all either extremely well recieved or sold like hot cakes. In most cases both, but I won’t…oh wait.

    2. There will absolutely NOT be a Metroid game. You really think Nintendos been secretly working on a Metroid game thats only a few months from release? No way. The odds of that happening is 0/100. Sorry man. I’ve lost all faith in Nintendo after the stunt they pulled with Zelda..

      1. I agree, Nintendo can kiss my ass they should just sell Metroid to a company that would care for it b/c they clearly don’t.

      2. while it hasn’t been outright confirmed, speculation shows that 2 metroid games (console and handheld) ARE in development. they were hinted at so. watch this video to get a better idea of where it’s coming from

    3. did you even read the article? are you seriously dumb enough to think that a new metroid will be coming out within the next 5 months?

    1. Nintendo’s E3 will be only focusing on games that will be releasing this year? Damn……it looks like Nintendo is getting ready to shift their focus on the NX. The rumors about a NX version of the new Zelda title are starting to become very believable at this point

        1. They’ll have the same thing they’ve always had, four or five overwrought announcements/talks about games and thirty minutes worth of indie rubbish.

            1. Exactly, like, if they want to make and indie direct all power to them, but they just keep using indie stuff to pad the shit out of the E3 directs, it’s annoying as fuck.

      1. If they abandon wii u,i m not getting the other system or actually ever a nintendo system ever.wii u still has posibilities and it’s still new.

        1. You certainly won’t be the only one. There are going to be many mad consumers at Nintendo including myself. I admit that I would probably still get the NX, but certainly not anywhere near launch like with the past two generations.

          1. I understand but this is a normal pattern for Nintendo home consoles. Nintendo normally releases a new home console every 5 or 6 years so if the NX does come out in 2017 it would be right on schedule, I don’t think they’ll release the NX next year seeing as that will make the Wii U have the shortest life span for a Nintendo home console

            1. I do agree that it will come out in 2017, but it’s still really soon. Especially with the whole New 3DS ripoff that came out not too long ago. It’s just not right…

            2. I think you guys are being extremely optimistic by saying the NX wont release until 2017. So why isnt Nintendo announcing 2016 games at E3? They ALWAYS announce next years big titles at E3. For them no to do that this year is ver suspicious.

              But i’m with you guys on one thing. If they give up on the Wii U, or half ass support it for the next two years, I will NOT buy their next system. Period.

        2. I think we are all in the same boat. If they shift to the NX that quickly, everyone who bought a Wii U is going to feel completely burned. Honestly most the people now who bought one, already feel burned, or just got rid of it.

          What worries me is the fact they felt the need to announce they’re releasing another console so early on. When we aren’t even in the full third year of the Wii U.

          Instead they need to be talking about what they’re going to be doing with the Wii U to make it more appealing, not another console already. It makes you feel that even they have lost complete faith in their own system.

      2. 1. Stop making assumptions lol and wait until e3 because you know as much as I do when it comes to what nintendo will do which is nothing
        2. Now going off of past decisions and things that may have happened maybe what you said can happen but now since Zenda is pushed back to me nintendo are trying to make the wii u last longer and of course come out with many more games
        3. Now I don’t know obviously how much longer it seems they are trying to make the system last it could be until 2018 to 2020 or longer of course depending on what games come out for the system which we don’t know

        1. 1.-Stop policing what others say or do.
          2.-There’s no logic behind this, it’s just your sugar-coated wishful thinking.
          3.-The system is dead, NX is being released as soon as possible.

          1. 1. Nobody is policing what others do I’m saying don’t make these outlandish predictions for e3 when I’m sure several people on this website have seen the directs and were surprised whether it was good or bad and have seen multiple directs and e3s that’s dumb to me because they were most likely proved wrong
            2. All because you don’t know anything about something doesn’t mean what you say is fact especially based off of nothing
            3. When have people on this site gone off of what anyone says when their name isn’t shown this spokesperson could obviously be misinformed of lying or just pr talk
            4. Of course the system isn’t dead it’s still getting more triple a games who knows for how long what about metroid etc etc we don’t know the other games that will come out for the system

        2. The Wii U will not last until 2018. That is not an opinion, thats a fact. And the did not delay Zelda to extend the Wii U’s lifespan, or to make more games. Zelda was never meant to release in 2015. They only told us that to hype the system and sell consoles…

          But hey, at least investors are happy..

          1. 1. You obviously don’t know that and I don’t it was just a suggestion and since I war a just recently said the wii u still has more games now how many games who knows
            2. Since everybody knows that Nintendo take years to make their games it could possibly happen like a new metroid game etc etc unless a lot of big games from Nintendos 1st party are coming out this year which we don’t know

            1. 1. I think that it is an even bigger assumption, thinking any gaming company period, delays games to extend a systems life. That sounds so ridiculous, it isn’t even funny. I’m not complaining so much about the delay itself, but this idea of yours is out there.

              The fact they felt the need to announce a new console this early on is a bit weird, don’t ya think. If they wanted to extend the Wii U’s life, why even mention another console already? Feels as if even they’ve given up on focusing on the Wii U. Yes, we all know R&D starts early, but you never see this type of behavior. People announcing a new console when their other console hasn’t even been out for a full three years.

              Extending the life of the Wii U would be as simple as giving fans what they’ve been wanting on the console since it launched. Delaying games can actually hurt the system, and I know quality is important, but at the same time people aren’t going to wait forever. As you can clearly see here, many people aren’t happy with the news of Zelda being delayed.

              2. I’m patient, so it doesn’t bother me too much. Only if this years line up is not completely barren, and there aren’t anymore delays on the other big titles we should get this year. The problem is you can’t guarantee those games are releasing this year, anymore than the people assuming there will be no games this year. You could’ve said the same thing about Zelda last year, but you would be looking foolish now.

              I do have a bad feeling we might be hearing about more delays though from Nintendo. Which isn’t anything new honestly, delays from Nintendo, but the Wii U is in a bad situation for people to be this patient with it. Nintendo botched its launch, and pushed peoples patience enough as it was.

              Just like many others around here, I haven’t played mine either in some months. :(

              So I really can’t blame anyone who is disappointed in what Nintendo has been doing lately.

        3. why would they try to make it last longer, im curious what you’re thinking they’d gain from that.

          1. 1. Who knows just a guess because I’m sure Nintendo made certain or possibly all of their handhelds and consoles last longer by delaying games whether it was on purpose or not
            2. All because something will be talked about at e3 obviously doesn’t mean it will come out that same year or the next two years who knows when the Nx will come out its all guesses and isn’t that console focusing on fresh newly made mobile games

            1. no its not focused on mobile but theres beleived there could be some sort of deal for new club members on their mobile products. Me personally I feel like we got one really great year out of wii u, they tried their best last year to up sales but it just feels like they’ve given up on it since then.and really why would you announce already that your best game wouldnt be coming this year? I’m sure the thought of that game wouldve upped their console sales in the coming months, the things they do from a business standpoint as of late just don’t make sense!

        4. I smoked a blunt while playing Wii U and thought I could jump,
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          Word! …. I dunno. I’m bored. And thought u might like to read some video game rap. Since u know. Yer eminem.

        1. Captain Toad? Pshh, I’d zip my fly if I wanted Captain Toad. I could even change his height!

          1. Yes, and it wouldn’t be a bad thing if this year looked good. As it seems now only a few games are coming out this year and the one huge game that they tooted to be the HUGE title for 2015 got delayed already.

    2. More? Sure, Splatoon, Codename STEAM, Smash Invitational and Mii Fighters reveal, Yoshi’s Wooly World AND Starfox were all dissapointing, jesus…tough crowd.

  1. That means there’s nothing really to show for 3DS besides some games we already know. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, we can still learn of some new Wii U games has Nintendo usually keeps them a secret until a live broadcast. Because it’s Wii U maybe we can learn of some big games, we don’t even know much of the games already announced like Star Fox

    1. 1. Thanks for having common sense
      2. That’s exactly what nintendo does lol they show you a game and give you one or more teasers and progressively tell you information or nothing at all until the game is done or almost done
      3. From what nintendo has done in the past and from the January firect they will definitely have surprises

      1. 1.-“Thanks for taking it in the ass so easily”
        2.-That’s what all companies do, retard.
        3.-What they’ll have is either overly long talks about the few games launching this year or announcements of games that won’t launch in at least 12 months.

        1. 1. What are you talking about Nintendo obviously have secret games like for example another handheld fire emblem game now people may have assumed another game was coming but didn’t know when and now we do know
          2. I am talking about what Nintendo does since I have been keeping up on them but yeah Microsoft and Sony do the same
          3. That can happen but I will wait and see to confirm just like always

      2. They probably will have some suprises, but to get yourself overly excited or even slightly optimistic over E3 is foolish. Nintendo has just let me down too many times. It seems like for every amazing announcement, or amazing reveal Nintendo has, they have three let downs or disappointments.

        1. 1. Thanks for saying they will have surprises shit maybe show game footage of shin megami X fire emblem
          2. I am never excited I just watch the direct and if there is something I like then I will get it when it releases
          3. Yeah that’s true but that all depends on the person some people may like all of the games Nintendo show and release while others only like a few which is me

  2. >>>If there are no new games to be announced that can be released during this year then just kill off the Wii U now and release the NX at full force once it’s done while giving out 2-3 free Wii U games as a promotion when you buy it for your insolence High Command>>>

    1. i prefer they take their time with the NX. remember how they released the original 3DS, the eshop was included with an update, and remember the big update for the Wii U!
      so, i would like they release it as it should be: with all the features included from day one!!!

    2. Yea, or they could just send out a Nintendo rep to every WiiU owners’ place to punch them right in the face, because for the consumers, that probably is a feeling equivalent to what one would feel after having Nintendo kill off their newest home console less than 3 years after its release.

          1. 1. Nobody is lol and that is a huge assumption because no one knows when the no will come out and isn’t it do far as we know focusing on new mobile games done with nintendos ips
            2. Get off ma nutz son

        1. What assumption? Did you even read the comment I replied to? Maybe you should read the whole conversation first before commenting.
          But it’s ok, I forgive you. :)

            1. …Did you read *my* comment, though? lmao.
              Because, well, I haven’t said a single word about any system that hasn’t been released yet. So yes, I suppose you are right, I indeed don’t know when the system will come out, because I don’t know which console is even meant in the first place.
              The only system I mentioned was the WiiU, and considering that one’s been out for 2 1/2 years now, I assume it would be sort of impossible to predict a release date that has already passed. But yea, just an assumption. :)

      1. LOL. By far my favorite comment from you, made me laugh so hard just imagining it.

        Someone needs to make a comic of this happening. Like the one with amiibos, and Nintendo just burning their stock.

      1. >>>Yes but I want them to announce at least 2 new games for 2015 that we haven’t heard about before or this will be the death of the Wii U no matter what>>>

        1. With all due respect Tetrarch that is illogical. The Wii U is a fine console and has a nice range of games out for it now and coming out for it soon. Also E3 has lost much of it’s quality and luster as it is now a place for gaming politics rather than just talking about games which Nintendo does for their directs and did excellently during the Treehouse last year. Just in their last North America Direct they teased at Project Treasure, a new game being worked on, and the new Fire Emblem game. They didn’t even use the E3 presentation to announce Star Fox , Project Giant Robot, Project Guard, or Code Name S.T.E.A.M.

          I understand everyone’s worry and all that, but we need to tone it down. The Wii U isn’t dying, on life support, or dead. It is the only console of the three that has a large library of excellent exclusives to the console that are worth owning the console for in uniqueness and actual quality. It already has a nice array of planned games for this year that we know about and definitely has a couple of surprises for us this year and some early next year.

          It’s silly to assume this is a make or break year especially after how the end of last year ended and how full this year is looking to be. Dead? No matter what? Even if the known games that are coming out are excellent the Wii U is dead? Splatoon, Mario Maker, Devil’s Third, Yoshi’s Wolly World, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Star Fox U, Lego Jurassic World, is almost a game a month for the rest of the year for the Wii U. And it’s likely to get more lesser titles and indies that I just cannot think of at the moment. And yes, I know, nothing compares to the majesty of a Nintendo game, but the Wii U has plenty of those and I’m willing to bet there will be new announcements for this year for it as well.

          1. >>>The Wii U might not be that bad but the face of the empire gets worse every day because of the impatient infidels>>>

            1. Well screw the impatient infidels! I game because the empire brought me in, taught me what gaming was thereby having me get a NES, SNES, Genesis, Saturn, N64, Dreamcast, Ps1-3, (begrudgingly) 360, GameCube, Wii and Wii U after my first game of Mario Bros. I’ve gone years with just getting 3-5 games that whole year tow own and rented a shit ton of games and was grateful to have that. Last gen and this gen was when I started actually getting enough games per console to actually have something of collection for a console.

              People who have run from the empire all because they need more games now fasterfasterFASTER can violate themselves in their piss pipes with their PSBox paper weights that are from companies who buy games from other companies who whore themselves out for a buck. So confident is the “AAA” industry in their games that they dare not try to compete with the empire’s works on the empire’s console. Hell Sony and Microsoft can’t get their own first party to put out a fantastic game on their consoles.

              The empire’s face is not tarnished, the cattle merely consume whatever is in front of them is all. Which is why the empire spiking the waters with Nintendo brand to clear their minds is quite the devious and much approved up tactic to mine eyes.

              1. >>>All I want is that they never defile Metroid with mobile garbage or milked Call of Duty nonsense and I’ll continue to be loyal>>>

                1. I genuinely understand your worries and doubt that would happen. But remember, mobile is the drug the… less informed go to to game and it is the well that all consumers, gaming and not, have. Even if it is a mobile game, a Metroid on the phone that is actually pretty good, followed by a more robust, fleshed out and detailed one coming out for the Wii U or 3DS (preferably both >,>) then what will the masses do when dosed once, but cannot scratch that itch of more to play? People wanted Nintendo to advertise after all.

                  1. >>>The thing is, the cattle vermin are so corrupted these days that they’ll settle for anything>>>

                    >>>But as ong as High Command continues to deliver true games, specially Metroid, I will always be loyal>>>

                    1. lol That’s kinda funny coming from you Commander. The cattle may be too corrupted to join the ranks, but they have uses. I’ve turned too many enemies in my life to allies and pawns to not appreciate High Command making use of them for the empire via their own ignorance

                      Of course Commander, your loyalty to the empire and gaming would never be questioned.

                    2. >>>Certainly, they are the slaves that works for the empire whether they want to or not>>>

                      >>>You are my new personal sub-tetrarch>>>

          1. >>>Playtime is over, it’s time for the Wii U to rise and the empire as well, I cannot wait for the coming war any longer>>>

            1. Of course not. The fact Nintendo managed to sell up to over 9 million units with just their software is really impressive. They had no help from 3rd parties yet it managed to get this high. This is something Sony and Microsoft can’t do. They NEED third party support to sell their consoles. If they got no 3rd party support like Nintendo did, they’d be dead no doubt. Nintendo did handle the Wii U terribly but also did it well at the same time. I’m very impressed. Shows just how much exclusives are still relevant in the industry.

  3. Well… E3 pretty much just died for me then. Unless Nintendo has a surprise release to announce to fill the holiday slot, I’m relying solely on Square Enix announcing stuff about Kingdom Hearts 3 to save E3 for me now.

    1. 1. Yo dumbass should know nintendo almost always if not always has surprises on their nintendo directs and obviously at e3 for good and or bad
      2. So wait and see until e3

      1. -Yo, fucking wigger, why don’t you stop ordering people around and telling them how to feel, let others speak, fagot.

        1. 1. Nobody is ordering people around I am giving a suggestion they will have to do regardless of me saying it or not
          2. I don’t give a fuck how they feel lol why would you say something based off of nothing with no evidence or facts now if they said based off or going off of somethin
          3. Anybody on this website can say whatever they want and do whatever they want I’m just giving a simple suggestion to wait and see what your decision or decisions may be instead of being negative and maybe missing out on something you want to get
          4. Kid get off ma nutz lol

        1. 1. Wait to see what will be shown at en instead of making baseless assumptions unless you are going off of past Nintendo practices but as a lot of people on this site should know Nintendo has changed a lot the past 2 years so new things have happened and can obviously continue to happen

    2. Is Zelda the only thing that excites you? Of course they will announce new games for this holiday to replace Zelda.

  4. Wow Nintendo likes shooting themselves in the foot.
    If this NX is actaully the next home console, they better do something for all the people who’ve bought the wii u day 1 and on like a discount. Because this is just ridiculous.

    1. No discount. If you can’t afford to spend money on a console, you don’t need to be spending money at all.

      1. Do you expect consumers to support you when the system is 2 years old and already abandoned?
        So if NX is 400 euros,i should just toss it out and then in 2 years get other? fuck no

        Sony did also with ps vita which i m sure people will not support sony handheld at all because of ho they handle it.

          1. For me that isn’t the point. To me it is more about their lack of confidence in the Wii U. They wouldn’t have announced another console so early on if they were confident with systems future. People pick up on this.

            Yes, yes. The spiel about how all new consoles usually launch around that time. We know. They don’t announce them so early though.

            As I’ve said, they’re more worried about keeping investors happy, rather than the people who buy their products. It’s just weird to promote a new console, when your other one hasn’t been out for longer than three years, and still isn’t perceived all that well by the general public. Not that I care what the general public thinks, but as a business, you kind of have to.

      2. If you support a company’s console not because of durrhurrhurr third-party but because you want to actually support the company, the least you deserve is respect from them.

        1. They can get all the respect they deserve but if the kill the Wii U this soon, the won’t be getting any if my money anymore. I’m also pretty damn positive that I’m not the only one that feels this way.

  5. How about we actually wait until June to find out what their plans are? You guys need to chill a little. Sheesh

    1. If people don’t blow off steam now, just imagine what everybody’s reaction would be, come Summertime when they find out (worst case scenario) no new games are announced. Pretty sure their rections would be 10 times worse than this.

    2. How about you stop trying to dictate how others should react.
      Geeze, these fucking feel good fascists are just pissing me off more.

  6. Please be Star Fox U, Paper Mario U, Mario Maker, sneak peak of Metroid U, U U, and F-Zero Uuuuuuuuu!!! (Disclaimer: I don’t ever hope that there will be a game called U U…)

  7. Alright, so let’s put this into perspective. At e3 2015 we will see:
    -Star Fox
    -Yoshi’s Wooly World
    -Fire Emblem 3ds
    -Devil’s Third
    -Fire Emblem X SMT (maybe?)
    -Square Enix Music Games
    -Rumored ps4/one port
    -That weird rock em sock em “game”
    -Last minute 2015 games (this year’s captain toad)

    Pretty sure Mario Maker, Xenoblade, and Splatoon will be out before the event.
    This is looking rather grim…

    1. Xenoblade will probably get pushed to end year to make up for Zelda, which is what pisses me off the most, I don’t give a damn about Zelda being delayed, but now, thanks to Nintendo giving in to Aonuma’s childish whims we have to put up with delays for other games.

  8. I wonder if Pokemon will make a main series game in 2015 and show it at e3. I am still looking forward to see what gets announced at e3. I think they should announce some more Wii u games at e3 because sales this year probably won’t top last years.

  9. I hope NX is a peripheral you can plug into the Wii U usb port and suddenly you can play PC games on Wii U. That would destroy Sony and Microsoft consoles.

  10. 2015 Wii U games? What’s that? Nintendo has 2015 games? That’s news to me. Funny thing is I go to the store and see the same shit as last December. Kirby and MP10 are just fillers.

    1. 1. Well there is devils third, splatoon, xenoblade chronicles x, ps4 port, Namco bandai free to play game, yoshis woolly world, indies, surprise e3 announcements, star fox and I’m sure others I’m forgetting
      2. If you don’t like any of the known as of now games then o well and this is just for the wiI u

  11. And the hype train for e3 has suddenly slowed down. We don’t know what games Nintendo has under there sleeves, but knowing they only release so many games per year and seeing the route they are currently taking their games I feel worried. Of course we won’t know anything until the actually e3, so maybe they’ll surprise us.

    1. Duh lol thanks for having common sense nintendo has continually surprised many people for good and or bad during the if directs so we have to wait and see

    2. Funny how the hype of E3 died because of ONE game we have already seen, to me E3 is all about the NEW awesome games announced, no Zelda in 2015 means some new mysterious game will take it’s place in 2015.

      1. Thanks for common sense since nintendo will announce most likely several games we don’t know about and maybe a few we do know about but didn’t get enough information about em

  12. I want to give it the benefit of the doubt because a lot of the titles mentioned last E3 will be released right before this E3. Maybe with luck there will be new titles.

  13. Well let’s not forget that Super Mario 3D World was announced during E3 and was released the same year .. also .. I think that they will announce at least one game for 2016 .. but the focus goes to 2015 games ( I see Devil’s Third and Xenoblade X and FExSM ) ..

  14. Note they said HIGHLIGHTING 2015 games. I don’t think this means only 2015 games, just mostly 2015 games.

    1. 1. Why are you making that assumption since Nintendo has said nothing about metroid lol
      2. Miyamoto said they are working on a new metroid for the 3ds and wii u last year
      3. So once again wait until e3 or after to find out more

  15. Nintendo had an amazing 2014, the best E3 2014 presence and has currently the best rated games on the market. Yet somehow you people are bitching that Nintendo has lost it and that the year is dead? What a bunch of pissbabies.

    1. Well, you cannot deny that the first half of the year has been a bust. And it was supposed to be the Wii U’s strongest year?….

      Nobody knows if StarFox is coming out in 2015. Nobody knows if Xenoblade is coming out in 2015. To assume they are is foolish…

      And honestly i’m only excited about one of those… The other is gonna be slap full of gimmicks and gyro controls. Miyamoto has already told us this.

      It’s pretty safe to say this year is not gonna be as good as 2014, or maybe even 2013.. This year depended on Zelda..

  16. Many things will be shown at this E3, or shortly thereafter, already has many games announced and not to mention the undisclosed or with little information that has a high probability of being launched this year. E3 last year was saved by Nintendo, or people have short memory?

    Seeing some comments, it seems that certain “fanboys” buy a Nintendo console only to play one game: Zelda, forgetting that there are several other coming around.

      1. Obviously Zelda is one of the reasons to have a Nintendo console, but it’s not the only one. Star Fox and probably among other games will take part of the show and compensate for the “lack of Zelda game”, how I love the Star Fox franchise, will be so good.

        And want to compare with the other consoles is too much, many of them has most of the games planned for this year consisting of remasters/port, if it have two exclusives are many, can be assured that from here to the end of the year the Wiiu will have much more.

        1. 1. Thanks for having common sense lol the people on this website can be repeatedly stupid at certain times of the year and it’s funny to me
          2. There will be much to play on the wii u this year without the surprises that will be shown but people still act like there will be absolutely nothing or a very small amount of games to play but that only depends on what games you like so that’s their choice

  17. 1. I have been reading the news on this site for a few years but never commented
    2. I was expecting people to be getting butthurt because it happens every e3 lol
    3. I will wait to see what Nintendo show at e3 and then see how the situation will turn out
    4. yall make too many assumptions and I have seen it again and again
    5. So far from what everybody on the site knows or should know is that Nintendo has surprises so fuckin wait lol
    6. I’m surprised people are going off of what a Nintendo of America spokesperson is saying since many people say wait to see what is shown

    1. I think the worst thing that Nintendo did was show the name “NX” in that announce only to deflect the idea that Nintendo would be going for the mobile business, this created an obsession in some. Soon after the launch of a new console , Nintendo always start planning another behind, this is nothing new.

      1. This is the case for every console and handheld out there. The difference is Nintendo felt the need to announce it so early on. We all know that R&D for a new product starts shortly after one is made. The thing is, there was no need to announce another Nintendo console so soon, in my opinion.

        Especially when they haven’t even gotten the Wii U fully situated yet.

        It is blatantly obvious Nintendo is doing everything they can to keep investors happy. They aren’t happy with the Wii U, so announce another console to peek investors interests and that they’re going mobile.

        Easy to see.

    1. 1. You have been one of the few common sense people a good amount of time you have posted something but this post is stupid lol
      2. Stop making dumb assumptions and wait and see what will be shown at e3
      3. You should know there will be several surprises
      4. Nintendo could be prolonging the wii u’s life by doing what they are doing with Zelda which can also be done with other big titles
      5. Maybe the system will be around until 2018 or 2020 who knows
      6. I’m not so much disappointed with the Zenda news but I’m sure millions of people are now I am a fan of the series but have rarely played the games I like to look at speed runs and just watch people beast on the game
      7. for example one of the biggest games in question is shin megami X fire emblem since so little was shown and talked about people have been making stupid assumptions out the ass and the last amount of information was during the reveal of code name steam and the person said the development is going as planned so until more news is said guess what people will have to do lol wait until more information is told or shown
      8. What if the game is shown and many details are talked about at e3 or later all of those people who said all of this dumb shot will have looked and sounded stupid as he’ll over nothing dam people don’t have patience
      9. Now I think it should be shown at e3 but who knows

      1. Most of the titles that were shown at last years E3 direct weren’t big titles, and those little titles aren’t the reason why some of us pick up Nintendo systems. Believe it or not, not all of us bend over to a company and when bullshit is said by their representative we take it ass bullshit, we don’t sugar coat it.

        Also, why do you have to number everything? Just say what you have to say, this isn’t a fucking shopping list.

        1. 1. Duh Nintendo fans pick up Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games and maybe some 3rd party gems
          2. I’m not talking about small titles I’m talking about big titles
          3. No one said you had to bend over but just wait until the facts are said since Nintendo is more talkative these days
          4. No one should believe pr talk in the first place lol
          5. I do this because it’s easy for people to read and because I feel like it and fuck the whiny bitches who have a problem with it

      2. We keep making assumptions b/c it seems the rumors about Nintendo silently killing off the Wii U is true no offence. With all this talk about mobile, pc, qol, and nx I’m really scared that this will be the case. Why isn’t Zelda being shown at e3 this year this is very suspicious.

        1. 1. It seems lol a person make assumptions all they want but shouldn’t you wait for the facts
          2. Who knows why the game is delayed it could be to keep the wii u going with other triple a first party games coming to the system and or that there are going go be several games we don’t know about that are coming out that are going to replace that game during that time frame

    2. I wouldn’t say pass, but I’m definitely not excited for Ninty’s keynote this year, at all. Specially if it a direct again.

  18. Is “focussed” like a British way of spelling “focused?”

    Also, I’d like to remind everyone here that the NX is merely a codename, and that for all we know, the next console is going to have some measure of “Wii” mixed into it. I really, seriously hope it’s not, unless they manage to creatively use it this time, but you can’t put much past Nintendo these days; their range of decisions apparently stretch into the horrible decision spectrum as well.

    1. hope not wii was amazing the industry didnt do shit with it wiiu could have been the the wii for all the core experience we wanted

      i think nintendo is playing the long game time to creat these new ways and trying to break down the consumers ignorence to them

      having to explain wii remote mouse pointing and gamepad shows the average consumer is brain dead

      but lik moths there attacted to a meaningless silly lightbulb on a dualshock

  19. This doesn’t bug me. A focus on this year means that they will predominantly talk about what’s coming out this year during E3, but not that they will exclusively do so. Also, if they have another tree house event then they could talk about what ever is coming in 2016 there rather than during the conference since they get to be more hands on and the devs can take their time talking about it over three days rather than trying to scrunch that up in about an hour.

    They can also utilize Directs to talk about what next year has to bring in small bites over this and half of next year and get back to the standard was of E3 or keep up doing new things. I don’t quite get the negative attitudes one something that isn’t verified to be bad yet. Different isn’t bad as we say during last years E3 when Nintendo hinted about Star Fox during the Robot Chicken skit while also showing they hear the voices of their fans even when they sound very very whiny.

    I just hope this year’s E3 for Nintendo is at least as fun as it was last year

  20. All I can say is there better be some surprise announcements for games coming this year. Because I have little to no interest in the games I do know that’s coming this year. When on earth is that Mario Maker game coming out?

  21. I think this is suspicious. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hid a game or 2 that they know everyone wants (new Metroid for example) to surprise everyone….

    1. All I know is that they better not push X to cover up for Zelda (Which was obviously coming in Novemeber) or I’m going to be fucking pissed, I will not wait for the game another full year when the japanese version is releasing in less than a month.

      1. I definitely want xenoblade chronicles X to come out soon because I will be playing that game non stop I’m going to guess I will put in 500 to 1000hours into that game lol

      2. Still hyped about X? Like you said, it comes out in Japan in less than a month. The game will be 100% completed and then spoiled all over the net before we even get a release date. With X ruined, Zelda was a very important title for Nintendo in 2015. Don’t worry though it’s only Nintendo that’s coming to an end, not the world.

        1. 1. If I chose to watch other people play the game will be ruined for me lol no it won’t shit by watching a playthrough especially if I needed help or wanted to find a rare item
          2. I also watch speed runs for games I and do not have to see people beast
          3. I will most likely do everything different from the play through anyway like I said I will put in at least 500 to 1000 hours into xenoblade chronicles by at least staying 5 to 10 levels ahead of where I’m supposed to be with playable character which is a lot, make connections with as many people as possible, customize everyone to suit there original class or change the class to my taste and possibly experiment with each class to see what fits best, customize everyone’s armor, weapons etc etc, explore as much as possible on foot, explore as much as possible in the air and any other way, find as many secret passages and maybe do a lot of side quests and much more
          4. I go above and beyond in any rpg I play
          5. I can’t believe the producer of whatever beat the game in 300 hours he must have been doing basic things
          6. I grieve With The Zelda fans But O well And I Am A Fan Of The Series But Have barely Played The Games
          7. Of course if is a person’s choice whether to look at a play through or not anyway

          1. I don’t remember asking you anything but I can sense some tough times ahead for you when you get a little older. Have you ever tried weight lifting? You could make a game out of it!

  22. There better be a lot of games announced at E3 otherwise since I am finally getting a job placement (ON is rough), if there is nothing to buy at the later half of this year I’ll have to find another alternative. Two games are considered must-haves on my list out of the first half of this year. I certainly hope they change my mind on that.

    Their handheld is something I desire for a number of titles though and I’ve yet to get a portable gaming system so I’d probably just get that instead.

  23. Why are people so blind? They can’t finish games for the Wii U in time what makes you think they have the NX ready with a full force of games? The NX was just announced so people didn’t start talking about Nintendo going 3rd party. The NX will be out until like 2017. It will be stupid to kill the Wii U and put an 8th gen console out when Microsoft and Sony are still in the current gen. What if they just delayed Zelda because he’s telling the truth that they want to make it bigger and better and that’s it? And none of this NX killing the Wii U shit. Plus no other games are expected for these holidays other than Star Fox and Xenoblade, which means there will be new anouncements for 2015 games which means new exciting games. Is Zelda everything to you losers? ‘Cause that’s pretty sad that it’s the only thing that interests you. If Nintendo isn’t ready with Zelda U, I don’t think they are ready for anything NX. Killing the Wii U and releasing the NX while the PS5 or Xbox Two are nowhere near can make Nintendo look dumb. Plus, most games like Yoshi and Splatoon will be out before E3, which means new games will be announced at E3 for the 2015 holiday.

  24. Look on the positive side. The Iwata and Reggie tumors might be removed sometime this year. I’m sure there are some influential people that are getting tired of their incompetence.

  25. As far as Zelda being pushed back, doesn’t surprise me: OoT, MM, WW, And TP were all delayed atleast a year. More time in development is a reasonable expense for a better experience in my eyes.

    Some of ya’ll may suffer from aspd. Or you’re just young and angry.

  26. I’m only interested in seeing what they have coming to the 3ds anyway. Metroid and Advance Wars, please. WiiU abomination can rot..

  27. So this is the result when a company makes a product just a little bit better than what’s already in the market instead of thinking of next generation competition products. Kia just released images of a redesigned Optima. Also Kia Motors has a AWD version of the K900 coming soon and a 2017 Kia GT. The Kia GT is made to compete with the 2018 BMW 5 series not the 2015 5 Series. Kia knows by the time the 2017 Kia GT arrives BMW will have a more powerful 5 series out. Nintendo would just a t like their isn’t a 2019 5 series in BMW’s R&D and just make it more powerful than the 2015 series.

  28. Uhhh….that’s a really bad decision. This isn’t going to build any confidence in the Wii U or give any owners of the console comfort in knowing that they can look forward to games in the 2016.
    Good grief, I know Nintendo likes to keep things under wraps, but this is ridiculous, especially for a system that’s been out for 3 years….especially considering that there can’t possibly be a huge amount of games they’ve not announced that will be coming in the 2nd half of 2015.

    1. If Nintendo thought about giving the Wii HD when the Wii was in R&D, it would have Givin them nearly 10 years experience working in HD and Zelda would had come out in 2014. But was too stupid not to give Wii HD when it was in R&D. Let alone stupid thinking Wii U needed a little more power over the PS3.

  29. Wait. Where in the quote did they say “We’re only focusing on 2015 games”? All they said is that they’ll be highlighting their 2015 lineup. Plus did Nintendo ever ONLY talk about games coming in the same year as E3? I bet this isn’t the first time they said this and they ended up talking about the next year’s games. Seriously guys read the article.

    1. I hope they announce something to replace Zelda Wii U because they’re in desperate need of that. And again guys, if you read what they said in the quote like you’re SUPPOSED TO DO instead of just reading the title they didn’t say they’re ONLY focusing on 2015. This was probably just click bait. I’m saying probably because it was sickr who did the article not Alba (because if it was alba it would no that doubt be clickbait XD) But yeah seriously guys, don’t be stupid. There’s an article for a reason. There’s a quote in the article for a reason. If everyone just decided to stop reading the actually article, the only thing sickr, SSF, and alba would have to do is just make the headline… (btw fuck am i late to this article XD)

    2. Yeah they said nothing about showing only 2015 games…

      Just think how stupid strategy it would be anyway.

  30. It does not say they’re showing games scheduled for 2015 only… They’re talking about Zelda.

  31. Personally, I think the delay is a good thing as we live in a time where 3rd parties stop giving a shit about making quality products

    While i myself don’t care much for Zelda aside of Hyrule Warriors, The delay can be beneficial if you account the results the game provides as result of delay when it comes to Nintendo

    Gamers should calm down as we still have Star Fox, Xenoblade X, Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Wooly World and Splatoon to look forward to
    Plus, There’s 2 3DS games to support: Project Mirai DX and the Puzzle and Dragons twin pack (Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition)

  32. I don’t understand why are the same who are upset about Zelda being delayed into 2016 are upset about Nintendo focusing on 2015 games this E3. Pretty sure they’re going to announce completely new games that will come out this year, isn’t games that come out this year what we wanted?

  33. Brief summary of Donko:
    -Cries and bitches like as if Nintendo killed his family.
    -Superiority complex
    -Complains about small things, probably cries over his milky getting spilt
    -Calls himself ”God” lol wut?
    -Only hears what he wants to hear
    -Insults you then claims he never made and insult
    -Constantly uses the strawman argument
    -In reality he always loses an argument always

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